Introducing BitFarm---A bitshares based Simulation Game介绍比特农场--一款基于BTS的农场游戏

4년 전

The first Bitshares based simulation game is about to launch, No ICO, no crowdsale, only free airdrop

Some snapshots:

BitFarm is a game that runs on the bitshares blockchain, and the interaction and social interaction of all data is carried out through the bitshares network. Players can grow different plants to gain different benefits. The more the investment, the greater the income, but the greater the corresponding risk. You can also steal other people's plants after the other's crops have lost their protection. People from all over the world will chat with a chat box, and all the chat records will be stored on the bitshares blockchain network. The official team retained 20% tokens (and lock 12 months), the remaining tokens will be fully open for giveaway. All data will be published in the bitshares blockchain, fair and transparent. There is no ICO/ private sale.

What you only need is to have a Bitshares account

Click to get free BitFarm tokens
Be aware that you need to activate your account by joining telegram group

Asset name on Bitshares : SEED



目前正处于免费分发筹码阶段,只要你拥有BTS 账号,即可获得代币,参与到游戏中。





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Is there a dedicated account we can follow? And what is the timeline for release?


All info will be released on the website. So far as I know, the game is under test and will be open within weeks.

i signed up, but cant grow potoes still.... anyway, use my ref link for registration!=)


telegramm group for confirmation

Where i can get a verification code?


use the link in my post, you don't need a verification code

Wow, very interesting. So will there be small fees for interacting with the blockchain? Just like trading fees? And I'm curious what parts if all this do not run on the blockchain. The website and the game itself is on the web, and all transactions or transfers of any kind are on the blockchain? Thanks for showing this. I will be looking into it just for fun..


The transaction fees are charged by bitshares blockchain.

This looks very interesting i will check it out and maybe promote it under your referral link :)


good news, thanks!!

  ·  4년 전

为什么bts开发好东西,价还是上不去呢,我怎么感觉币圈最悲催的就是bts呢,手里有1400个, 虽然很少,但坚持放着吧。



  ·  4년 전


I honestly hate any airdrop that forces you to sign up to telegram.

nice blog
thanks for sharing it
keep it on

beautifull blog

I have an account bitshares I play




Oh, me and my antediluvian pc...
I bookmarked the link.
Is there any way I create bitShares account without downloading wallet in my PC and running it from there???


You can use web wallet, using the link in my post directly.

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So this is vary interesting. And looking like it is going to be popular. (There were 3,800 signup in the telegram group). So what is the release timeline?


So the rumor was this is not going to be released until march. I also looked into the telegram signups and think there was a bot doing the signups. I suspect about 50%+ of the signups to be fake accounts. I think someone purposes set up a bot to sign up account to make it look more popular than it is.

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