BitShares (BTS) - Watch Out For Big Breakout Above 8500 Sat Next Week

3년 전

Unless something crazy happens to the cryptocurrency market by the end of next week, watch out for BitShares breaking-out above 8500 sat sometime around the end of next week or in about two weeks from now.


There seems to be strong support on the 61.8% Fibonacci line, so a breakout is likely when the price meets the intersection between the downward resistance trend line and the support line.

Potential profit 2x-3x over the course of a few days once the breakout happens.

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Stan is firing up the HERO campaign next week, the stars may be aligning for an epic BTS pump. Buy now, or forever hold you peace...


I actually didn't know that. Thanks for sharing. My prediction for the price increase was purely based on technical analysis. However, technical analysis is a representation of the information people have about a company so when a big breakout is shown to happen on the chart, it's usually because people also expect some big news coming.

Thanks for your analysis. Its always hard for me to understand or read charts but I am happy to hear all opinions.

Thanks for this analysis man, following you


Thank you for following me!

Bitshares sound like they are up and coming. Profit is good. Thanks for sharing that with everyone!!

Hey Jarexx ive been following you for quiet some time. Keep the posts coming

Quick question... what tool do you use to make analysis's (cryptowatch?)

I concur 👍

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