Last Call: The First Bitshares Shareholders Survey

6년 전

Fellow shareholders,

Roughly a month ago, I posted a link to a survey intended to gauge community/shareholder opinion on a bunch of subjects related (mostly) to the near-term evolution of Bitshares - basically, an attempt to understand where most of us think we should focus our collective energies to bring the project/ecosystem forwards.

The number of responses remains below 100, which does make me question the usefulness of the data - judging by the recent large exodus of BTS from centralized exchanges in anticipation of the #peerplays sharedrop, surely there are more than just a hundred of us actively hoarding BTS.

The Chinese community

It was brought to my attention that perhaps because the survey is only available in English, the Chinese community was, by and large, not able to participate.

Looking at the self-reported country statistics, a measly 4 were from China.

At the time of this writing, I tried to get in touch with @jademont, without success - I thought he might be able to assist with bringing the survey to more chinese users.

Final call

In about two weeks I would like to distill the results of the survey with the community.

If there is anything you can do to bring the existence of the survey to more shareholders, who may have missed the original announcement, I ask that you do what you can to bring this to their attention.

Thank you.

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Hi Karnal, since I received you private message in, I have forwarded this survey to a few chat groups of Chinese communities. A few of them just confirmed that they have finished the survey. Noting that many of them are living abroad, maybe that's why you mentioned that only 4 were from China. I can name at least 10 of them.
Indeed, English is the main obstacle.
How far away from your target(100 if I remember correctly)?

I think considering that our chinese friends are such a large part of the whole BTS community, its puzzling why the survey is not available in chinese.


The availability of the survey in English only merely reflects my linguistic limitations.

I was unable, at the time, to find anyone willing to assist with the translation to Chinese.