Shareholders: Your Attention, Please

6년 전

For the past few days I have been working on something that has been on my mind for some time.

I want #bitshares to succeed. After the madness of the last half-decade in crypto, these days I really only follow/participate in a few projects.

Bitshares is one of them.

I wish that what I can see in my mind would be reflected in the real world.
All the potential for change and betterment of lives that Bitshares could bring - is slowly bringing - about.

For months I have been consumed with thoughts and machinations about this subject.

A path emerges?

To keep matters separate, I have created another steemit account.

That entity will be centrally involved in a bunch of projects that have been cooking in my mind (and whiteboards). So I chose to post the actual content (the point of this post) with it, instead.

Since there is only one post now, it is trivial to find the content.

UPDATE: Regardless, here is the direct link to the content I would like you to see.


I will keep posting with this account. But more likely than not, the "think bigger" style of bitshares-related posts will no longer show up @karnal -- therefore, be sure to follow the new account if that sort of content interests you!


Note that at some point it will no longer be possible to edit this post. Until it's not, I will post any relevant updates here.

  1. Slightly less than 30 replies so far, but already very interesting results! Help raise awareness of the survey within the community, thank you!
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So where will we see the next big thing? I love your articles Karnal :)


Follow @vericrypto, but it will take awhile for the plot to develop - lots of work to do!

As to WHAT the next big things will be.. that's why I created the survey!

It would be really awesome if we got a statistically significant sample of shareholders to answer. Then I would have good data to present back to you guys.

Could you share more of your "vision" with your audience here? It is very interesting to me to try to understand how people "see" the world and how it could be. It's almost always better than reality--and that's how inventions and innovations are conceived, conceptualized and converted into our real day to day existence.


It will all become clear in due time - creating this survey was an integral part of that process.

I have limited time, energy and skills, and endless ideas, and my aim here is to see where to better "strike" and focus my efforts, as well as sharing the results with others, who may be interested in doing the same.

If bitshares succeeds, we all win. And I truly think it can have a very good place in the ecosystem of crypto, and real value for many types of users, including "normal people".

  ·  6년 전

very good coin Bitshares