The unbearable stealthyness of STEALTH

5년 전

It is now more than a year since the public testnet for STEALTH was promised.

Roughly three months since the last update on steemit by @agorise.

Zero updates on the official forum, presumably the place where stakeholders go to discuss such matters.

To any casual onlooker, STEALTH looks as good as dead: year-long delays, sporadic updates, zero presence in the official forum.

More than a few in the #bitshares community entrusted @agorise / @kenCode with the completion of this feature.

Now, in February of 2018, and with another summer™ soon™ to come, I ask myself.

Will #bitshares ever respect the rights of the individual when it comes to matters of financial privacy ?

Or is it bond to remain a tool of mass-surveillance and financial control?

At a scale that the legacy banking system it threatened to replace could only previously dream of.

If so, what a shame.
What a shame.

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