Current Bitshares Trading, Prices and Volume

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Bitshares is the initial brother of STEEM made on same system. Main difference is that BTS has fees and STEEM has none.
Of course there is more but this one is crucial. Anything done on BTS chain needs payment when on STEEM we can send coins or vote with 0 fees on that.

Lets see how BTS is right now.

Market Capitalization

Currently above STEEM but below Bytecoin. BCN (Bytecoin) is nothing interesting just has loads of coins and is old so has good MarketCap place. You can mine it sometimes on MingerGate - check my post about mining HERE.


China totally drives the volume and price, worth to note that BAE is actually same as OpenLedger account wise, who has Peerplays as main volume. PPY is another brother of STEEM.

Arbitrage Options

Not really, everything is close and other markets have no big volumes.

Volume by Exchange

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Bitshares charges very, very small (think dust) transaction fees and puts them into a reserve pool that is used to fund maintenance and development. Because Bitshares has one of the highest transaction volumes in the world (many days higher than Ether and Bitcoin combined) the reserve fund is now worth over $100,000,000 USD. Bitshares is a sustainable, autonomous, self-funding block chain business.

Steem charges no fees and currently is being maintained and developed by a centralized corporation (Hello, Ned). If the corp goes away, so does Steemit. If the corp stops maintaining and developing, bye bye Steemit. If the corp runs out of money... well, you get the point.

Free transactions are nice while they last, but nothing is life is free. Bitshares is an autonomous company that generates revenue and pays for it's own maintenance. Let that sink in for a minute. :)


This is a very interesting factor to be considered. While the fees may be of an annoyance, the slush fund that is created does give the blockchain more longterm viability and security then most. Valuable input thanks!


This is the tokens that will grow. Proven by solid ecomomists. For the new exchange on October WCX offers a pro experience with 10x lower fees guarantee , Get yourself 50 FREE tokens!!! (10 WCX = 1 USD at ICO price),


It is necessary to try


Great explanation. Thank you!

Thanks a bunch for the information, this is looking good to me.

Namaste :)

hey @kingscrown I dont see many people mentioning arbitrage. Do you have any coins that are particularly good for that strategy? For example at this moment Bitcoin seems to have some opportunities:

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I don't really see the appeal of BTS, maybe I'm missing something. Steem shows a lot more promise.


Bitshares 2.0:
still the fastest blockchain since 2015,
3300+ TPS globaly (up to 100k TPS in single data center)
3 seconds block time (just like steemit his younger brother)
first smart contract on blockchain - (MPA tokens)
free (0%) mortgages – bitUSD, bitCNY, bitEUR, bitGBP, bitRUBLE
Decentralized EXchange
Credit Default Swap on blockchain - USDTETHERDEFAULT (9 type token)
Derivatives on blockchain - (MPA&PB tokens)
8 types of tokens

  • Bitshares (BTS) – Core token
  • User Issued Assets (UIA) – WHALESHARES
  • Exchange Backed Assets (EBA) – OPEN.BTC, OPEN.ETH, (30+...)
  • Market Pegged Assets (MPA) – bitCNY, bitUSD, bitEUR, bitRUBLE, bitGPB, bitGOLD, bitSILVER
  • Privatized Bit-Assets (PB) – BTWTY (fund)
  • Prediction Market Asset (PMA) – ETFBTC
  • Fee-Based Asset (FBA) – STEALTH
  • Formula-Based Asset – HERO

in the development:

  • stealth transaction (zero knowledge proof)
  • Stealth Assets !!!

in the future

  • 0% fee - (code base from steemit)

vs STEEM - 0% fee and PoW powered by bloging


I'd add that BlockPay is using BitShares. You could pay with Bitcoin in a shop and have 8 sec. transactions.


3 sec, afiak


No 8 secs on average for the whole transaction for BlockPay says BlockPay :-)


Maybe the upcoming restrictions in China (ICO / Exchanges) could lead in an increased demand to decentralized exchange-plattforms like BitShares DEX / OpenLedger...

i have no idea about all these cryptocurrency, try to understand.


me too !


I know how you guys feel...there is a LOT of crazy data out there.

My suggestion is to do a basic google search on "what is cryptocurrency" for just a basic overview. Once you get that down you can dive deeper into what each coin offers. There are a TON of junk coins out there, but this website lists most all coins available:

Next, start watching youtube videos from some of the more active youtubers:

-boxmining: Has china connections so he's in the know about stuff over there and keeps his overviews simple.
-Data dash: likes to dive into more TA stuff and explains things very simply IMO
-Suppoman: Pretty funny guy, a little long winded on his stuff, but I like that he focuses a lot on smaller cap coins and tries to explain his positions on things.

None of these guys know the future, but they do try to spend time on research before they speak. There are a dozen more people out there doing what they're doing, but they're some of my main go to youtubers to watch on the daily.

Also hit up twitter or to get more people who like to publish charts and indicators.

In addition to that you can join slack channels or discord groups (even telegram, but I prefer discord over telegram personally) to get some quality data or just plain talk to people and ask questions.

Last but not least you can sign up for daily/weekly crypto newsletters to try and stay in the know faster than the rest.

Hope that helps!


  1. Also consider TradingView for free limited graphs to analyse cryptocurrency and also a link to other people's analysis of the cryptocurrencies,
  2. BTS has just published BitShares Wallet on Google Play on 12/9/17.

Yeah I like tradingview and coinigy a lot. Good call @ninjaskillz


Here and just trying :)

Bitshares seem amazing to go with.
The statistical data shows as it is not in pump now, we need to take a raise of the security and as it's drip feeding we may think of one day that goes up to a higher level.

Thank You @kingscrown

Hey @kingscrown.

I was expecting much more from this article. All of this information can be easily found on coinmarketcap by anyone.

What can Bitshares do to list more altcoins on thier exchange? If BTS would increase thier available selection then perhaps they could increase thier trading volume.

I don't know, I have been holding for some time, but I don't see it getting any big pump in the near future :(
Thanks for posting!


Near future? Hold it for at least 10 years.


That's an awful lot of time lol, but yeah I could just leave it there and forget about it for some years :)


Guess you arn't really into bts than, check out hero. The billion dollar challenge from @stan

As more centralized exchanges take the hammer I imagine BitShares will see benefits.

is it possible to make some money over here with in a month like at least 200$

Honestly, I don't know what attracts anyone to BTS other than it has been around awhile. With Steem you actually are buying a product that if you participate in, pays great dividends. Not sure what BTS pays out. Upvoted!


Guess you arn't really into bts than, check out hero. The billion dollar challenge from @stan

Well, with fees it costs not too much :) Why steem is dropping down?

Wonderful content, informative, I like your writing style. Have a beautiful day!

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Useful information about both currencies BTS and Steem....

sir @kingscrown, you shared a valuable anaylyasis and informative suggestions those are very helpful for steemians, your writting skills are great,my fully support with you, thanks

Its really a nice information thanks for sharing

I think it's high time I bought some BTS, I'll wait till the price falls. Thanks for the info.


You are contradicting yourself

Any opinion on Stan's HERO coin?
Long the Bitshares family BTS, STEEM and PPY but not buying the EOS ERC20 token.
Concerned PPY will be labeled a security and potential fallout.

Very good n informative to us and it will help us to decide to invest in cryptoworld and future value of coin

Any idea what could be the price of BTS in near future. Upvoted.

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I would love to see Steem gaining more value in coming days. It has so much worth attached to it when it comes to the beginners in Cryptoworld just like myself. Steem is the reason I'm doing some research on this newest Cartel, lol.

Thanks for sharing the valuable info, buddy.

Damn bro, you remember? That was my Youtube grind back then. I remember talking about bitcoin also, didn't know it was going to be be this big! Following you back bossman!

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most important information for me. Thanks @kingscrown please upvote and follow me.

It's great website and exchange system

Where do you see Bitshares going in terms of price?

Thanks for the information

Thanks a bunch for the information, this is looking good to me.

interesante amigo, gran información

It is very very interesting post @kingscrown

Thanks a bunch for the information.

Great Words to live by!!!!

Thanks for all your arduous work, here's a bunch of token of appreciation!

If the fundamental of the currency is strong then one wont mind paying fees for it and if it is at par with steem them there is no point on going after this currency, one should stick to steem.

Its is worth it to read your post...... thank you for qualitative post....

Nice review... 👍🏻

Too many coins, not enough capital lol

I just don't know what bitshares is doing differently to make it a worthwhile purchase.

Very nice and deep analysis. Bitshares looks promising to me, I will give it a try. Have a nice day and good luck!

Thanks for sharing!

Awesome. The future is green. Go steem ✅✅

Great post! now i understand how it works

hi thank you a bunch for the information, I love your article

Great discussion point. I was about to post a similair post. The biggest group of uneducated investors in mankind get's a shot to determine the price of a crypto. It's an interesting world we live in. Besides there is: This site is really helpful in my coin research. I don't know any other sites with so much indepth analysis. See: For the Bitshares Investment research report.

Zero fees on Steem is a great adventage above BitShares. :)

looking good at the moment holding sum heheh :D thanks for the info.

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hi, welcome to steem platform. lets follow each other.

bitshares needs some hot news to get it pump.


Guess you arn't really into bts than, check out hero. The billion dollar challenge from @stan

Very nice post. Best information. thanks for sharing

how to greate trade, i think you need shared here !

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Thanks a bunch for the information bro :D

thanks for this great information, it is really helpful. but i think steem is more promisable

i bought 4 months ago bitshares for 0.1btc. now it's worth about 0.025. really big drop but i am still learnin'

I've lost money so far on Bitshares :(

I want to HODL but its getting discouraging and difficult not to sell..


don't worry,
learn more about Bitshares
you'll see that technologically difficult to compete with them

I have followed you. 👏

When will be STEEM rise about $5 USD

Great post -resteemed

@kingscrown Thanks for your work as well!

espectacular post

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Great information. I am also interesting in bitshares and yesterday i also write post on why people are love bitshares. Thank you for for helping me to increase some knowledge about bitshares

just keep us on our toes with ur skilled filled data for surge in this part.

Very insightful post sir. I am a newbie here but I look forward to reading more of your content.

Very informative post, thanks for sharing!