BTS Greater China Representative[工作提案][worker proposal][bilingual]

4년 전

Update -- Zicen's Letter to English community

Hi everyone:

I know all of your concern, so, I’m thinking I should explain something more about this worker proposal.
Allow me to introduce myself and the principle members of our crew.

zicen(and that would be me), co-founder and CMO of YOYOW, BTS committee member, the Directly Responsible Individual of And I am also one of the 5 committee members in the media foundation built in China by 25 media organizations of blockchain industry such as and sosobtc.

zhaomu, the diplomatist of bitshares community, I think you all know him from the UI worker proposal.

Alex, PR expert, maintaining good relationship with more than 10 exchanges.

The charm of worker mechanism is the blockchain never appoint anyone to any position. We vote, for those fighters who have the courage, aspiration, talent and capacity to stand out. I choose to present this proposal now, NOT only because I think there need to be one representive in China, but also because I am powerful enough to get this job done.

And first of all , I need to declare:

  1. This representive is NOT “primary” of the whole BitShares team but the spokesperson_CN and marketing in China. We will keep in step with the spokesperson and that’s why I need zhaomu. We need the spokesperson because we have to stand for each other, and the spokesperson need us because no one can know China better than us.
  2. BitCrab and abit will be the escrow and governor of this proposal for besides the fund use and the whole working progress.
  3. All fund use will be openness, transparency, and of course reasonable.

Here are the reasons why I think you should support me.

  1. The whole Chinese community are behind my back. You can make some check with them, bitcrab, abit, ebit, anyone, just ask them a simple question, is this guy a good choice, or do we have another potential candidates that can do better than him. We have different culture between Chinese and English community but we got a same goal for BitShares. I think you shouldn't be sorry if you follow their judge about the Chinese affair.
  2. And yes I got special talent to be under the spotlight. I am good at it and enjoy it. For the last 2 weeks, I already have been in 4 activities in 4 different cities. And guess what is my Lecture topic? DAC, what BitShares brings to us.
  3. The most important part is, I growed, way more fast and powerful than you can imagine. I am NOT only a fan of BTS any more, who was trying to convince everybody to vote for a witness or committee proposal a few months ago. Thanks to YOYOW, I built my own team, reputation, and resources for the past 1 year. And I already become an acknowleged leader, an expert and a mentor. I know you never be in China and don't realize what's going on here but I think you can check from the Chinese community the role I am in this industry of this country.

Here are some examples:
I will be in a blockchain meetup in ChongQing on November 4th. And there will be 4 invited guests, include a professor in college, CEO of a blockchain company, a famous investor in financial industry. And I will be the “mystery guest” to be on the stage. I think you know what this means. Here are their advertising:

Regular part:
“mystery guest”:

A media foundation was built in China by 25 media organizations of blockchain industry. And I am one of the 5 committee members. And you can imagine how powerful this group can be. check it here:

I will stop here because I can get you 10 more pages to prove what I'm capable of. At least give me and my crew a try and see what gonna happen. Just for the record, listing on the costs 20 BTC now. 90k BitUSD for 6 months is a lot of money, but if it works well depends on who is in place and how we use the fund.

China banning ICO and exchanges is the best opportunity we ever had. Don't lose it. And you can count on me.

Vote for me!



























  1. 启动BitShares中国行活动。至少两周举行一次线下活动,在全国各大城市宣传推广BTS,重点覆盖北京、上海、深圳、成都、重庆、南京、杭州、苏州、武汉等城市。
  2. 开展公关活动。加强与其他社区合作,共建优质社区,提高BTS知名度,最大限度扩大BTS影响力。与各大项目组加强交流,寻求优秀项目上线BTS内盘交易。
  3. 加强与交易所和投资人的对接。争取上线更多交易所,并为上架BTS的交易所提供技术支持。
  4. 继续更新各类教程、分析和推广类文案,不断扩大社区规模和质量。

Worker Proposal: BitShares Greater China Representative

Since the birth of BTS, the Chinese community has always been playing a very important role. From the early promotion to the follow-up community building and application publishing, the Chinese community has made considerable contribution and drawn large traffic. Over the last three years, the trading volume of Chinese exchanges have accounted for more than 70% of the global total. Nowadays, about half of the global positions are in Chinese users’ accounts. What’s more, there are 4 Chinese committee members of BTS, and 7 active witnesses from Chinese community.

For a very long time, however, after the leaving of BM, BTS has been misunderstood as a project with “no official team, no operation, no maintenance, and no one responsible “by the ill-informed new users. Therefore, it is urgent to form a team representing official BTS, which is responsible for the project promotion, operation, and activity organization. To solve the problem, the following worker proposal is put forward.

1. Proposal Name

BitShares Greater China Representative

2. Team


witness.still, Zicen, member of BTS council, a full-time blockchain worker

Team members:

the former HelloBTS team, whose members are all the early evangelists and investors of the domestic blockchain industry. They are also the depth participants of BTS, focusing on the development and expansion of the infrastructure network application based on BitShares. HelloBTS is now running the world’s largest BTS Chinese community, whose products include information center and WeChat subscription. It now owns a more-than-ten-thousand community. After selling all its exchange business in September 2017, the HelloBTS team continues to stay focus on the promotion and operation of BTS.

Once approved, we will build a team of about 10 members, which at least includes the following positions:

Head: 1,

in charge of work coordination, connecting and negotiating between important resources of all circles

Operating Officers: 2,

zhaomu8, Zhaomu, representative of OpenLedger China. In charge of communication between BTS Chinese community and BTS international community.
Alex, responsible for legal supporting and exchanges negotiations

Copywriting Group:

at least 1 editor, 1 UI Designer, and several freelancers

Operation Group:

3-5 online operators, responsible for online promotion, FAQ answering and question collecting; 1 offline operator, responsible for activity organization and site arrangement

Advisory Group:

1 Technical advisor plus 1 management consultant

3. Proposal Details

Total funds: 90,000 BitUSD
Duration time: 6 months
Work Plan:

Combine business discussion, online and offline activities to rebuild BTS’s image. In particular, seize the potential opportunities brought by the current domestic policies to attract users and large funds into BTS.

  1. Launch BitShares China tour campaign. Hold at least one offline activity every two weeks to promote BTS in the major cities nationwide, focusing on Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Wuhan.
  2. Launch public relation activities. Strengthen the cooperation with other communities, co-construct high-quality communities, raise the profile of BTS and expand its influence, look forward to high-quality programs online BTS Dex.
  3. Strengthen communication between exchanges and investors. Try hard to list BTS on more exchanges and provide technical supporting for listing.
  4. Continue to update all kinds of tutorials, analysis and promotion articles to constantly expand the scale and improve the quality of the community.

梓岑 zicen, the BTS committee member


梓岑参加线下活动 zicen in the offline activity


梓岑讲解BTS内盘 zicen demonstrating BTS Internal Exchange773406639.jpg

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Hello. Witness.still(zicen) is the escrow. He receives the payout, manage it and also open up the bills

  ·  4년 전

Zicen is the worker. I think the best escrow for this worker is bitcrab.


I would love to see bitcrab be involved - at least as escrow


Hello xeroc, thanks for your earliest reply! We just discussed with bitcrab and he agreed to be the advisor of this team and will attend some of our offline activities.

In fact, we started to establish an ongoing talk with bitcrab since this idea first came out. This idea was also supported by abit and lots of members from BTS Chinese community.

zicen said, bitcrab is always welcome and has the right to get involved in this team at anytime in any form, advisor,escrow,governor, the direct leader of this team, or any form he thinks is the best.

Another thing that I want to clarify and do not want to cause any misunderstanding is that, we have no intention to fight for the title " the ONLY official team of BTS" with BBF. This worker proposal only focuses on the area of Greater China and we will take BBF's words as the standard when it comes to international communication. We also hope to collaborate with BBF in some form and make Bitshares better and stronger!

I fully support this, will vote for it and hope it gets approved!



  ·  4년 전

Could you also consider to promote the city of Hong Kong and Taiwan?


THIS can be discussed


Hi @lzmlam 我在台灣。一直以來也在關註BitShares。我正在想著或許在台灣也可以做一些推廣的工作。請問如何跟您聯繫呢?


Great! Bitshares has the great technology but needs more promote so that more people can know this!



fully support,wish success! already vote for this in bts online

Do you have any update?
You get your money for your project
Please give information about your progress

Great to see this worker active now!
Did you post updated milestones or reports on activities that I might have missed somewhere else?

i will vote for it. thanks for the effort.

This gets our vote, and we agree with the benefits the market in CN can bring. Will be great - following the fruits of this excellent proposal.

I support this! All the best for the project in China!

Congratulations on having this worker approved :)

I am really happy to see this go forward. As far as i can recall this is the first substantial worker proposal from the Chinese community and hope that it marks a point in time that together we can move the great platform to the glory it deserves!

Wishing you and your team the very best and great success for the future!

upvote and follow done dude plz do the same for me @mdatiqurrahman