SCAM WARNING! for all Bitshares traders!Read this and save your money!

3년 전

If you are trading on you probably have this markets by default:

Be extremely careful with "BTCCORE","ETHERIA" markets,i won't mention ECASH and EPESO,that's obvious.
Here is why:"Bitcoin Core is a bitcoin-pegged asset which can be converted into Bitcoin upon request via TC Gateway".

The same thing is with "EHTERIA" market.
They are "pegged" to my ass!
Someone created this markets and they are farming money from naive people.
Look at the orders on

First sell order is by Bitshares account: btccore-mm

As far as i can tell,this is a BTCCORE selling bot.
Look at the second order: "btccore-mm wants 17.3 BTS for 0.00702 BTCCORE"
Ok,let's see; 0.00702 BTC = 97.37526240000001 USD
17,3 BTS = 12.7280010008
wtf??How is this pegged to BTC??
I own some BTCCORE,and when i try to sell it,then this bot comes "alive" and he always makes a lover bid than me.It goes as low as 1000 BTS for 1 BTCCORE.
So..what's going on here?SCAM is what is going on here!
Let's go further..look at this transaction on image above: "btccore-mm sent 41.9 BTS to bit-box".
Let's see who is this "bit-box"?

Look at the transactions..this looks like "collector bot".This account collects all earnings from probably hundreds of bots on all assets on Bitshares network.
Something is going on here,and it's big.
What this two accounts have incommon?I guess owner.Both accounts were created recently,and as it says on the left: "Vote as"............. "Abit"
Who is "Abit"?Let's see...

"Abit" is big WHALE.
And probably owner of "bit-box" and all of the trading bots.
Still not convinced that some scam is going on?
Then go back and inspect open orders accounts on BTCCORE-BTS market.There are more of them that are going back to this "Abit" guy.And few other whales.
So..the thing here is,someone created this BTCCORE and ETHERIA asset,and now it's selling it for anything that can get out of it.Same thing is with ECASH and EPESO.The difference is that even new traders like me know that this is just another user created asset that is worth nothing.But BTCCORE and ETHERIA are real scams.Some of the less informed traders can be easely fool'd by this assets,and think that they are buying BTC and ETHER,but instead,they are only making whales richer.

If im wrong,please comment below.This is my opinion on what's going on with Bitshares market now.

Resteem this post,if you think that is helpful,let the people know what's going on.Maybe we save some money for someone.


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BTCCORE can be converted into Bitcoin upon request via TC Gateway. According to the asset description. Any idea who owns the TC Gateway, or does it even exist??