EWOTH: The Blockchain Dictionary - Alpha 1.0

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Here she is > https://ewoth.org/ . There has been virtually zero pre-launch hype or "buzz" about this project, and this was by design. There were several reasons for this that I will explain, but one is that I wanted humans to be able to submit words on their first introduction to the project. As you can see at the website, you are now free to do so. Please take a quick look at the Help Guide to better understand the submission process > https://ewoth.org/help.php

The first word submitted to the dictionary was of course "ewoth", which stands for "excellent words of tremendous honor" > https://ewoth.org/ewoth . As new words are now starting to flow into the database, I am entering my own as well such as https://ewoth.org/adultproof and the old classic https://ewoth.org/horsedrop . Visit any of these links to see how a word page is displayed...

Definition - a required field when submitting with 20-character minimum (word miners fix grammar)
Usage - an optional field for use in sentence
Blockchain ID - a required blockchain identifier when submitting a word, and where you will receive your $SLANG token
Date Submitted - the proper date of submission will be shown, even if your word takes days to get posted
Date Of Origin - the date adjusted by a Level 3 word miner for "claimed" words (will explain, keep reading)
Mined By - the blockchain ID of the word miner!

DEVELOPMENT: As you'll read on the about page https://ewoth.org/about.php , the current Alpha 1.0 website is a minimalist shell to allow humans to start submitting original words and receiving $SLANG - the reward token issued on the Bitshares DEX that acts as a blockchain identifier and proof of word creation. Protocol automation and further integration with Graphene will occur in the Beta release scheduled by Q3 2018.

BITSHARES: EWOTH in a way is my contribution to the Bitshares community where I have been active since the Summer of 2017. Slightly more important though is the superior tech of the Bitshares DEX and Graphene blockchain that is both necessary and a perfect fit for the scope of EWOTH. Future EOS integration and the upcoming "Bench" project were factors as well.

STEEMIT: I have been active on Steemit since early 2018, mostly in regards to my music business https://steemit.com/@indiemusicplus that I own/run with https://steemit.com/@joejoekeys . Steemit is in the scope for a future "Blockchain ID" option for word submissions at EWOTH, but the current waiting period for new account approval is a hurdle. I have a workaround for this that will be introduced in Beta. My Steemit blog is an important channel though, as here I will release EWOTH development updates, new $SLANG rewards such as "word of the day", and will compile "The Book Of Ewoth"...

THE BOOK OF EWOTH: A promising new Steemit app in Beta called Dbooks https://www.dbooks.org/#/library/All is where I will compile "The Book Of Ewoth". This will be a running compilation of word approval rules based on community feedback that the word miners will follow as their protocol. An example of a word submission rule...

zlxkcjzlkxcjzlxcj - this submission is just jumbled text and carries no phonetic logic, and it will be rejected where no other human can submit it again.

Strange Human Dictionary.jpg

WHY BUILD EWOTH? I will be repeating this answer quite a bit in upcoming interviews I have scheduled, but I can surely expand more here. A complete reboot in the slang dictionary space was needed long before I started building EWOTH in 2012. I'd like to refer you to http://ewoth.com/ for a more in-depth summary where you can also see my background experience in the blockchain/crypto world and the brain trust advisory I have gathered.

My entire life has been centered around Music, Fine Art, and Writing. The first half of my life was more focused on the creation and expression, and the second half on the development of platforms to help others do the same while building their own career. Words to me, slang in particular, are micro-inventions...the smallest form of expression, yet still a noteworthy creation. Until today the most basic form of respect for creating a new word, the indisputable credit, did not exist. I'm proud to be the one to change that.

PRIMARY FORUM: Here is the EWOTH Discord Forum > https://discord.gg/auZMKX6 . This will be the main place to give feedback, claim words, become a word miner, and contribute to The Book Of Ewoth. The rule of thumb is "don't be a jackass"! For those trying to antagonize the community or game the system in some way to earn extra $SLANG, they will be banned and blacklisted from submitting words.

EXCITING TIMES: A truckload of announcements are forthcoming that include new partnerships, media interviews, and the multiple ways you will be able to earn tokens just from a single word! I look forward to seeing the new words that come through the system.

Finally, I'd like to thank Jim Nesbitt for his video testimonial, ha...

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The testimonial is a blast! Good to see another new dapp coming to BitShares ... Recommend we get you on the @officialfuzzy weekly discord show this coming Saturday :)


For sure, let's do it!

This innovation could only be made possible by the Blockchain and the fact that Bitshares has the devotees that it does. All that's left is to Kardashian the crap outta this and make it go as viral as possible!


You got it brother. Nice to finally see you in the network. Steemit rocks!

Well, you know I'm all over this:)

I never heard of Ewoth what a great Idea and plus Bitshares wow!!! Keep up the good work!!!


Thank you kindly, should be loads of fun building this thing out. Lots of big plans in the works.

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