BitShares LifeTime Membership Fee Reduction!

3년 전

BitShares and OpenLedger have reduced their LifeTime Membership fee drastically to only 110.8 BTS!


At the current price of BTS ($0.345) thats only $38...the previous cost of a LifeTime Membership fee was 1457 BTS. Which at these prices would cost you approximately $500. Seeing the difference in USD makes it apparent how good of a deal this truly is...Also the price of BitShares is relatively low and in the near future will most likely be worth much more than 34 cents.

For those that do not know BitShares is a Decentralized Exchange that issues their own assets like BitUSD and BitCNY that is actually backed by a reserve of BTS held by the blockchain. Within this decentralized exchange you can also buy and sell coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, STEEM and more...The difference between this and other exchanges like CoinBase or Bittrex, is that with BitShares you actually own your own PRIVATE KEYS. With Centralized Exchanges you are trusting them to take care of your coins!

When you purchase a LifeTime Membership 80% of the transaction fees (which is already very cheap relatively speaking) are refunded back to you. As a strong supporter of BitShares and their movement it is a no brainer to purchase this LifeTime Membership..

If you wanna learn more about this project go to follow up on the weekly Bitshares Report

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I just dont think this is helpful at all for the average trader. It seems awesome for trade bots, or people that just keep on moving and moving great quantities of coins around. The total fees i paid in 3 months is not even in the realm of 0.15 BTS


I respect your opinion. Personally I plan on using OpenLedger for literally a lifetime, so to me it is worth the 110 BTS...If we compared it to the fees places like Bittrex, or Exodus wallet takes 110 BTS for life is a clear deal

Thanks for your perspective


I also want to add that what i, personally, would do is to rise the fees a bit and make bitshares a pseudo-staking coin that pays you back a percentage of the fees pays depending on the amount you hold.

I like your posts , they are very useful . i am following you and upvoted some posts and resteemed them . thank you .