Bitshares New Website — Last update before it goes live!

4년 전

Hello Everyone!



Here’s the last update before the Bitshares website goes live on the domain. Thanks for all your valued suggestions. It’s never too late to send more suggestions and constructive criticism.


Here are the latest changes and improvements:

  1. We have redone the menu system for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. Please check it on all your devices.
  2. We have done some major changes to the home page, yet again.
  3. We have improved the look and wording of the home page as well.

Here are a couple of things left to do:

  1. Redoing the infographic. Making it more up-to-date with a more modern look and feel.
  2. Work on a the multilingual buttons, featuring English, and Spanish for the meantime.

Again, thanks for your support and your constructive criticism. Don't forget to follow me so that you can be notified when new changes are submitted.


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Looks good @richcg. I was thinking, maybe it would be good to add a few more companies to the partners section:


Good idea

Looking good! Thanks for sharing these new features with us. All for one and one for all!

Namaste :)

Looking good man :)

Header - Needs to be redone from 0 to HERO! Why ? Hamburger menu with full of random data that is not even organized properly and current stats at the bottom visible only on click ? Come on, why sudden change ?

My suggestion: Header + Top Header - Remove Hamburger

Header style Fixed + Sticky on scroll.

Top Header
Left side - Can have stats such as current price BTS/USD , Market Cap, etc... separated by |
Right Side - Enter Exchange | Support

Header - Make stable menu with few useful dropdowns where Hamburger is replacing that menu on responsive only. If you need someone to do Items Management/Organization we can talk in Telegram on BitsharesDEX where im following you from last 4 posts.

Footer* - Add bottom footer with signature of Bitshares Network 2017 - Graphene Based Blockchain Powering First Decentralized World Exchange. (can ask @britcoins for super polish native english and professional content - he helped you earlier on some post).


Please replace current backgrounds for something more slick and corporate. All website from top to bottom is slick with royal blue and white, somewhere in variants but still clean look. This patterns in the middle of it, not fit. Great for reducing number of it to fits all the resolutions.

No upvote this time. Unfortunately somehow you've completely moved away entire concept of your work just before LIVE ? If i was being asked i would not be approving this just for sake of UI/UX usability in that menu and missing header and footer if this was corporate decision.




While I do really like the new design I agree with many of Luci's concerns!!


Appreciate it, sorry for late reply, it was a lot of non-social days due to heavy dues on some projects :)

I loved new design since first time seen it! It was fresh, modern, with a concept and until this post it was near perfection.

I have to say here, that @richcg approached me in Telegram, accepted some remarks and worked on it within less than 48 hours in order to polish it. Admit there are not many fellas around being so collaborating/open-minded to take a professional hit here and there, definitely @richcg is a guy to be hired for a freelance projects if ever anyone needed!



We should be accurate, "Confirms transactions in just one second average" average is actually 1.5 seconds

  ·  4년 전

Looks great, but note typo: "Minimal transfer fees, less than a nickle"

  ·  4년 전

and here: "self-sustaiing"


Lots of people don't know what a nickle is, I would change that to cent

@richcg I was thinking the title could be something like this

"The World's Safest and Most Trustworthy Exchange"

"First public exchange where users maintain ownership of their assets"

Since every transaction and operation is registered on the blockchain it keeps all parties honest.

All of the current centralized exchanges are black holes. If they happen to be executing some sort of market manipulation there's no easy way to tell.

This can't happen on the BitShares DEX because everything is transparent.

If these centralized exchanges go under people will be looking for something they can trust and they get that with the BitShares Decentralized Trading Platform.

What do you think?

Looking a lot better from last time but my main criticism is that it feels a lot like all the other crypto websites. The floating dots tangle structure is SUPER played out. BitShares is original - not a copycat. The online exchange button in the upper right is redundant, no need for two. The text "The freedom to trade assets in a decentralized global exchange means greater opportunities" could be eliminated. "YOUR DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE" could be changed to "YOUR WORKING DECENTRALIZED EXCHANGE" with WORKING highlighted. Also for the text that changes can you use a more digital sci-fi looking font?

This is awesome.
The gui is cool too.
I just wish steemit gui can be more friendly, cus this is 2017 and not 2007

Hey, @richcg, I have a suggestion, but it is up for discussion, because i'm not sure if it's a "bug or a feature": in the infographic, i would suggest to omit the part where it says, in fine print, that bitcoin doesn't need trust and bitshares does. We pride ourselves so much for removing the need to trust a third party on the dex, but the core, more important consensus system relies on trust. I think that can confuse people.

The second suggestion is to try and add the support for russian language. There is a guy here on steemit that translates the state of the network reports and his russian is pretty high level
Edit: the guy's username is @blockchained


This is very important. Don't feed the FUD trolls please! That can be very misleading. The natural intelligent state in crypto is to trust no one.


@blockchained is a good recomendation, I second that thought. Also to add more languages, particularly Chineese. I know that isn't likely to happen quickly, but it is very important IMO.

Haven't been keeping up with all of your changes, but do agree consistency and ease of use are top priorities. Glad we have you talking this redesign on.

Fantastic =). I just bought more and more BTS while it's quiet low. Happy to be part of this great project ! =)

Is it just me, or does the "View our Infographic" title sound a little... buzzwordy?
Perhaps "Take a Visual Walk-through"

I would comment, but yesterday I was called a troll and banned from the bitshares chat channel. The bitshares rep stalking me there is named tbone and is so powerful that I was banned within minutes of trying to defend myself and my reputation.

So I am much less enthused about bitshares, sadly. If I were to say anything truthful about bitshares, however constructive, I now expect to be stalked and slandered as a "troll".

  ·  4년 전

referral program talks about annual accounts, but haven't these been removed -- so it is only basic and lifetime accounts now?

  ·  4년 전

yes, annual membership was dropped and should not be present in the new website

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It looks good! Congrats on the change, keep up the great work! - Crypto Market Analysis, Screening, Investment stats & Price Predictions

Awesome. Keep up the good work :)

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I will definitely cheek this out, thank you for your work.

thanks for sharing keep it up

great work!

As far as the visuals go I really like it.
I've got one major and one minor gripe only.

Major one is the alignment of the hamburger menu on the top right with the rest of the header (bitshares logo & exchange link) before you scroll down .(once you scroll down the rest of the header pops up and the alignment is fine)

Minor one is the footer links which I feel could be a little bit stronger/pop out more...maybe a clearer distinction such as different background color or a light top border...(especially evident in the pages where the main content is white background and footer is also white. Like the infographic page)
Maybe links text size in the footer up to 0.8rem from 0.75.

Just some thoughts

I will try to diversify my portofolio of cripto money.

i like it better than the current site but there are too many blues for my taste. They clash to my eye.

  ·  4년 전

any relations between bitshares and openledger lifetime memberships?


They are the same thing.

add: fees less than 1 cent, no withdrawal limits, iOS and Android apps

There's a growing number of things we can do with Coin.I'm really looking forward to it.

Bitshares for all! Thanks for your post. You have a new follower, also.

I like what I see. Great job @richcg.
I did not know about your existence.
Upvote, resteem and following.

Good Work!

gimme gimme

Sweet! Great work man. Now we just gotta get the exchange updated and looking smooth and silky

Great work richcg, you can add BitGate as a partner as well :)