Bitshares — New website update (Part 9)

4년 전

Hello Everyone!



Here is part 9 for the new Bitshares website. Thanks for your lastest valued suggestions. Those of you who are good copywriting skills, please keep sending your thoughts and suggestions. We need help in this area.

By the way, we are directing you to a new domain name ( so that you can compare to the previous version (

Here are the latest changes and improvements:

  1. We have done some major changes to the home page yet again.
  2. We have improved the look and wording of the home page as well.

Here's what we will be working on in the next few days:

  1. We are going to redo the infographic, making it up-to-date and modern. 
  2. We will keep improving the wording of the rest of the home page according to your good suggestions. Please keep sending your thoughts.
  3. We are also going to be working on a language drop down button.

Again, thanks for your support and your constructive criticism. Don't forget to follow me so that you can be notified when new changes are submitted.


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I would strongly recommend having the wallet download link on the landing page per the existing page. There are currently a lot of people looking for the wallet and we want it to be as easy as possible to find and download

Nice update @richcg keep it up...

You have been followed upvoted and resteemed for what it is worth from my minnow arse

Looks great, good job.

wallet button could be renamed: Download BitShares Client

I hate to be a bummer but this is a long ways from being better than the existing website. Is this happening for certain? Or is it still to be voted on?

This "language dropdown button" is continuously on your to do list for a long time now. Is it so hard to implement or are you waiting for the translations? How many languages are you trying to support?

progress is good, look forwards to the next update.