The Bitshares Quick Reference Guide

4년 전

Hello Bitshares Friends,


I am happy to let you know that I have taken the Bitshares Quick Reference Guide that Aaron/Crypto Fielder and Kevin Messerly/Kimchi King put together and have made it into a website. Please send Bitshares newbies and pros to it. It has a lot of helpful links for just about anything you can think of related to Bitshares. Click on the screenshot above to go to it.


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Awesome work ! can we use this to help our users ? @richg


Thank you very much. Please use use it as you see fit.

Recently changes were made to the original google docs file, regarding the addition of spanish website in "what is bts?" And the link of the spanish dex telegram group. When can we expect this changes to be implemented onto the site? Thanks in advance.


Any updates on this?



Thank you this is really helpful.
I'm having a hard time closing a margin though, even with this tutorial.
It keeps on asking more bitUSD, though I just want to get my BTS back... Any idea how to fix this?

love the design

Thank you! Awesome job and exactly what I was looking for at the moment!

good info resteemit

your post is very useful for beginners, especially like me, happy good luck


Thank you sir!


same we share opinions and mutually comment terima kasih juga.

Wow wonderful photography

Great job! BitShares (BTS) long-term HODL for me.

BitShares is so underrated!

Too bad that EOS is probably going to have a DEX that will outpace BTS... or will BTS in some way be integrated?

This is something that keeps me intrigued... what do you think Rich?

roger that, looked into this before but was not sure

Oh, this is great! Bit by bit I can get bitshares educated 😊.

I've been looking to learn more. Thanks guys.

merci pour le partage