Shutting down my Bitshares Main and Testnet nodes

2개월 전


I have to inform everyone that I'm shutting down all my Bitshares nodes as of today. Main network nodes will no longer be responding to requests, which served a few hundred users up until today.

The reason is that I'm no longer as active in development of the Bitshares network as I was up to a few months ago. When the UI worker lost support and I had to turn my attention to other sources I also had to decide what to do with my nodes. At that point I decided to make them run for as long as I was able to maintain them. Today came the date that I felt that I had to let these go.

It's been about 3 months now since the UI worker lost support, and with the latest development I can't say that I feel it going the way I was hoping for. I saw a bright future for the network just half a year ago with lots of cool things in the pipeline, and a UI in full development. I started involving myself in the network about 2 years ago and I feel sad that it came to an abrupt end like this.

Hoping to see some change again in the future

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Well, more resources for your Gridcoin nodes then :)


Where can I can get more info on gridcoin
Thx gets sometimes 1-3 commits a day. don't go too far

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