Crypto-Metals Summit - Press Release

4년 전

Here's a press release that some of my associates are sending out tonight. It's just one of the many exciting pieces of news that may be coming out of Utah in the weeks to come. This is just a small group of industry innovators, not a general public conference, but it could lead to some interesting headlines in the coming year. I mention it mostly because that's what I'll be doing for BitShares next week.


Release Date: Nov. 29th, 2017
Event Date: Dec. 7th 2017
Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Next week a select group of visionary leadership from both the precious metals and cryptocurrency industries will be meeting at the appropriately named Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT, to refine and detail their understandings of what could be the most significant improvement to global commerce the world has ever seen.

This new financial system model hails to bring together the oldest known storage of wealth with the newest digital technologies at a level not yet seen in the crypto-metals industry. The summit will highlight a comprehensive range of available solutions to attendees.

Founders and visionary conceptualists Marc R. Ward & Drew Piacine will address both industries on the promise of their Energy Positive Commerce Model introducing their company Debt to Wealth ( publicly for the first time.

Also speaking in support of blockchain advancements and impact on traditional commerce will be Stan Larimer of BitShares infamy; Girard Newkirk - Clean energy / smart grid tokenization; and Sean Worthington - Quantum resistant crypto pioneer just to name a few.

The United Precious Metals Association (UPMA) will also share insight on using precious metals to settle debts public and private with the convenience of debit cards. Precious metal names like Maya Gold, AMK, as well as state political figures are to be in attendance.

Marc R. Ward, “The first place to start is silver in the precious metals. The financing of metal mines is broken. We present a new financial model to empower miners to get back mining without debt financing. And on a much greater scale manifest equitable distribution of positive energy across meaningful, needed commodities globally.”

Marc R. Ward, “When value can be distributed equitably we will no longer be taking wealth from our future generations. Enabling and distributing energy today to have available for our next generations futures will essentially reconstruct our communities while sending forward energy for communities tomorrow.”

Drew Piacine, “We’re not re-inventing the wheel here. We are introducing something simple and elegant that innately will protect and deliver real wealth freely for literally the first time in recorded human history. And what is great is, by design, its an optional system that people can choose to use or not. This is the first commerce system people can opt-into and opt-out of. It’s not forced upon anyone nor manipulated like the singular global debt-base system everyone is trapped into.”.

Stan Larimer, “The only financial asset better that crypto currencies and precious metals is a real-time, industrial grade hybrid of the two.”

Could it be that this meeting in the beautiful snow-capped mountains of UTAH will be thought of in the future as the Jekyll Island of crypto-metal currencies and the birthplace of honest money?

DISCLAIMER: Author is NOT a United States Securities Dealer or Broker or U.S. Investment Adviser. Sender is a consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the buyer, seller or transaction. All due diligence is the responsibility of the reader. This post and the referenced related documents are never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content. Upon viewing of this document, the Recipient hereby acknowledges this disclaimer. These documents are not from any banking or other Institution. We do not provide securities or securities-related advice. No information herein shall be construed as a solicitation of investment funds or a securities offering in any way.

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bitGOLD and bitSILVER on the Bitshares network could very easily be used for global commerce - 3s transfers, scalability and most importantly... complete economic privacy with STEALTH transactions. The best part is that digital gold and silver can be created without needing a bunch of metal sitting in a vault and trusting some company to back the digital tokens, as all bitGOLD and bitSILVER tokens are backed by at least 175% of their value in collateral by a robot whose only job is to keep honest money honest. This small group of precious metals patriots could change the world!

  ·  4년 전

This could really rock! How great would it be to have the stability of real gold and silver as the core of savings, with the flexibility of crypto for transactions.

Two things that will need to be figured out:

  1. Precious Metals are currently manipulated in the futures markets, keeping their price much lower than it ought to be based on inflation of rent, education, healthcare, etc.
  2. In the same way that people want to control their own private keys for crypto, will people trust that an asset that is backed by PMs really represents those PMs in a vault somewhere? There is a lot of "paper gold" out there right now that isn't backed by actual gold.

More great work by you @stan.

I've been watching videos at night this week featuring you -- trying to learn even more.

Last night I listened to you on the Blue Rockers show (one of many with you in them) talking about how Dan was more interested in computers than when you played baseball with him.


Have a week my friend!!!!

Can't thank you enough for effort. Long live the Godfather.

Awesome Stan. You and Michael are doing terrific. We appreciate your remarkable resilience in promoting Bitshares.

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This sounds very exciting Stan :)

Seems like #Quintric has developed from the post since it was written.

Awesome! I live in Utah. Too bad it's not public, I would love to go and hear what they have to say! Maybe I could say that I am a journalist for ;)

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As our uncle Donald T. paraphrase:

Let make BitShares great again!

By the way, your Doc Brown's series rocks and rolls! It bust my imagination.

Excellent series!!

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See you around!

very interesting, @Stan. I was a huge goldbug before crypto and actually quit my engineering job to help Peter Schiff build his offshore bank, Euro Pacific Bank. If I were in the US, i'd be very interested to join this conference.

  ·  4년 전

Very impressive credentials!