Evander Holyfield Joins BitShares

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No, this is not your usual celebrity commitment. This is a lasting joint effort to help places like Houston.

Boxing legend Evander Holyfield teams up with Cryptonomex and Arise Bank to raise a billion dollars for humanitarian disaster recovery. Together they will raise a million dollars for the cause and then grow it to a billion dollar endowment by promoting growth in AriseCoin and BitShares in the difficult months to come as Houston, Miami and San Juan rebuild with the technology of BitShares AriseBank and hero’s like Evander.

Evander will ask other celebrities to Accept the Challenge and join the fight in an upcoming event in Atlanta. We are sneak previewing it here for the benefit of our most loyal supporters. Consider it an "informational share drop".

Evander will also be announcing other athletes and celebrities joining the biggest fight in history, in a separate event which is sure to have cross-promotional benefits for all parties, including the Steemit community where breaking news on this initiative will appear frequently.

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Let's hope a competing crypto does not hire Mike Tyson.


Oh, that's inevitable, unless bitshares snaps him up first and launches a "bitshEARs" campaign!! Think of the possibilities!! This is marketing magic!


@bluerocktalk hope you get the more fame loved the interviews :)


Thank you @hamzaatiq!


Do you think you'll be making more interviews like these in the future? I'm loving all of it. You're awesome and a great step-up for the community. Top quality content!


Great one


You're so kind. I love your appreciation. I don't know why it made me feel warm fuzzies inside. This community is great. Love to you and everyone.


Love the interviews Connie, keep up the great work.


Thank you @matthewwarn, I appreciate that.
More to come for sure!
~ @bluerocktalk🖖


yes nice one


Awesome 👏🏻 I appreciate that ❤️


Aaaaaaa I didn't know you could post gifs. This is so great!


Do you just copy and post Gifs ?


Perfect reaction ya


IT IS! Isn't it? Best thing that happened today, it really made me smile.


Hello sir hope you get more fame :)


I'm sure he will. This stuff is so great quality that I'm sure that the fluffs and puffs will put him up with the greatest minds in the world.


Evander is actually the only boxer who never feared Tyson from the hype of the media. I'm glad i got to see this message. Shoutout Steemteam!


Evander even bet a chunk of his ear on it


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Great fan of Evander & the fighters in the day. Will keep my eyes peeled & see how it goes.
Tyson should have at least had a small amount of food before he fought him, as i guess he got a little hungry during the fight. I watched it over & over. Good fight...


Ha ha ... Holyfield never would have beaten Tyson... he was heavily Juiced up (PEDs ) ...we’ll know more fact ... and he beat the tests too. ..he was a great fighter .. but an even greater head butter ..... check Hashim Rahmans head after Holyfield butt ... bigger than a tennis ball


This has been a helpful tool following the trends.


One big hunk worth his weight in gold and love. <3


Funny China fails Whatsapp Indian jokes funny pranks videos compilation 2018 p002


This guy has got a huge tongue


I couldn't resist...I wish I had !!!


Evander 'The Real Deal' Holyfield no way!! I remember watching him get his ear bit on a YouTube post when I was like 5 JK 16 Crazy that he is involved in the the Crypto World #10000000


good, very good


I love Jackie Chan :D


Me too, lol. His movies are so funny. Every time I think of him I remember how awesome China is. I hope they overcome their communism!


nice one there


How to earn money in STEEMIT Please tell me the actual thing!!!!


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sure thank u ....!

hmmm cool idea... Let's see how he goes. Always remember him as the guy who Tyson bit off his ear! haha


Just don't remind him of that if you ever meet him in person.


Frustration cannot be controlled when what you do easily turns hard. Holyfield was a good challenger.... i love the man.


Yeah, but even though we see them as funny people at the moment, in the great spectrum they're very inspiring, especially for the younger generations who grow up admiring these people. All the love! <3

Let's keep John McAfee far away from Bitshares!

I pitty the fool who doesn't hodl any bitshares

Right choice! I’m in Bts for long term as well!

looks cool!))

Wow that is awesome :)

Congratulations Evander and @stan !

Thank you @stan for dropping this here first. We are all excited for what BTS has in store for 2018, thank you for all of your travel and work. I got in months ago and it has made a huge difference so far for my family. I'm HODLing the rest of my stack though! lol

Appreciate the edit and the humility! Great job Stan!


Wow, you weren't joking when you said you were going to be dropping some big names for the Hero Campaign!

I have a question, where do I go to see my free tokens from sharing about the campaign on social media?

Uhh Bitshares is going uppp!!🚀

Super cool! Wish I hadn't sold my BTS at $0.08 :( :(

Holyfield and "bit" shares were made for each other


Any word on when the announcement event in Atlanta will be? I'd be interested in attending.



I have some BTS in my bag, so i am glad to see this info) Thanks

I prefer Myke Tyson

This is a great decision from the legend for a greater cause.

Thank you so much @stan for making Bitshares growth faster than everyone expectations.

2018 will be an amazyng year for bitshares!

  ·  3년 전

yes i am in same mood with you

well noted, thanks to him and you for sharing

Wow this is totally awesome news, great post and I hope they raise it and above.

yes I like I got me sum bitshares only not that much
what do you think the price is gonna be by end of the year


I dont know but maybe i will look into this & see if it is suitable for me to invest

I have not looked deeper into bitshares yet ... but it is definitely one of the tasks I have to do!

Anyone can win BitShares Billion Hero Challenge.


I love evander holyfied,the guy who beat mike Tyson that the guy had to bit his ear..lol

This is his best quote I love most
People who make the choice to study, work hard or do whatever they endeavor is to give it the max on themselves to reach to the top level. And you have the people who get envy and jealous, yet are not willing to put that work in, and they want to get the same

So great! What a feel good post and I love me some Evander!

wow steady a sturdy youth in thinking limp body well and body healthy, legendary mike tyson three defeats the unforgettable concrete neck.

Be billionaire.

You are a real hero.

Great to hear! A legend aboard BitShares ... Happy New Year!


Is this the best way to contribute/add value to a post about Bitshares and humanitarian efforts?


PLZ consider a downvote for spam and to much selfupvote.


so cool~!

Great post!!

Nice post

Should to take the challenge

Pity Bitshares decided that people outside of US and Europe are not important.
Yes, I have seen the statements about it being global.
No, seeing these statements and claims it did not help.
Yes, I publicly reported my problem at least 3 times.
No, it never caused anyone to help me.
I guess Google, the caring BitShares community and the blockchain are all my friends.


You can join the Bitshares Discord server and they will help you with any issues you have @stimialiti


Keep the Great work

Just wait still Mike Tyson gets a bite out of this. =D

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2018 will be better



this information is great and can real be a game changer for small investor to get real money/profit on early buy now. i am counting on you for more useful tip and timely update. once i made my purchase, i will post it here...and when i will also be selling same, i will post it just to thanks the source where the information came from. thank and i am upvoing you and following you now as well. thanks

exiting news? cant wait too hear it hope it has too do with helping new members get better votes i know alot of people are having a hard time even making 1.00$ on a post! cheers :)

bitshares or bust baby

Awesome venture and great cause!

Hi @stan ! i want to know how to make an interesting post and look good?

This gentleman apart from being a boxing legend, with actions like this shows his greatness as a person, thanks champion

good writing. congratulations

a joint venture that should definitely be supported.I wish everyone was so thoughtful,the world has become a better place..
Thanks for sharing...

Does he still have an ear!???

"...not your usual celebrity endorsement".
I like Evander and I like the cause but lets not forget that he is definitely getting paid for doing this. It is an endorsement. When I read this article my mind immediately goes to, I wonder what the administration costs are for this endowment.

Don't get me wrong, I understand this is for a great cause and from my knowledge, Evander is a great guy. Lets just not give him angel wings for making a business deal. Btw, Great post and information!

thank you @stan! great info, I found bitshares interesting but with a face like this next to it it should get some attention for sure! :) keep up the writing - we appreciate <3

Woww, that's something lokk good, did BTS hit $1?

wow. that is so cool. evander holyfield has always been a big star to me. one of my fav

I like Evander a lot but I don't know if it is a good idea that celebrieties or people from sport are promoting crypto. One side is good that more people will know about that but second side is that he has knowleage about this to explain people this subject? THis are my loose thoughts. No offence

Ohhh yyea baby Bitshares :D

I had a chance to meet Holyfield a few years back. He is a stand up guy. I love starting my New Years with good news.

Excellet work! Love this guy and think this is good for BTS. People need to know about it :) Upvoted and following u :)

Wow, this is great! I saw the updated Bitshares State of the Network post and was like, what is this?

Amazing @stan , you doing well :)

Wow! Good for Evander! The more celebrities taking action like this will really make a change in a lot of ways! Go Evander! Go Crypto! #boxingforbits

SO BAST POST.................

so sad to see the depths that Stan and Hollyfield choose to fall to in putting their names+reputations to this scam, thus causing more innocent people to invest and lose all their money...

Guys, if you haven't worked it out already - AriseBank + Arisecoin is a total 100% scam. Just google AriseBank scam and spend 10 minutes of research (especially if you have any thoughts whatsoever of actually investing in their ICO).


Here's some articles demonstrating that it's a scam - it's easy to confirm for yourself that it's truly a scam by double-checking some of the points in these articles:



I'm linking to articles on medium, as it seems like on steemit, they're not so easily to be found, maybe because perhaps voices highlighting that it's a scam get somewhat silenced here? i.e.: https://steemit.com/bitshares/@clockwork/more-proof-arisebank-is-a-scam - also not a great look for steemit in my opinon, but I haven't looked into this side of it in depth, so I don't want to claim anything about the state of steemit here, it's just a side-note observation that this is a little curious ...

You can also simply google 'jared rice and stanley ford' to read about Jared Rice's pat scams - Jared Rice is the guy behind Arise Bank.

If, despite all the evidence, it's not a scam, I'd love to see @stan or someone illustrate why - all I've seen so far in response to various posts highlighting the clear evidence that it's a scam is more FUD (or simply downvoting it appears).

  ·  3년 전

Wishing him the best in his quest to raise a billion dollars, this is a quest for a good cause and my prayers is with him.

Nice for new job Evander

Amazing!!....Can relate to this.:) thanks for sharing @bluerocktalk

  ·  3년 전

excellent, awesome, great.....................................

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I love it when big name atheletes and star lend their name and personalities to causes like this. It shows they're still people and care for others.

Happy new year everyone

😂😂😂 Bit(ear)shares... Tyson joins monero?

Nice post @stan. I upvote your post cause I like this.tq

Happy New Year 2018
If it didn't bring you joy
just leave it behind
Let's ring in the new year
with good thing in mind....

Let every bad memory
That brought heartache and pain
And let's turn new leaf
with the smell of new rain...

Let's forget past mistakes
Making amends for this year
sending you these greetings
to bring you hope and cheer

Thank you for being one of the people
who made this world a wonderful place to live in.
I pray that you’ll be blessed with good health, security, success, peace and joy.
Happy New Year 2018 to @stan and your family

congrats for those who bought bitshares in a very early period!!

So anyone can win this. Great!

one of the noblest deeds ... keep moving to humanity, it's so cool

this is just awesome and thats a great news

beatiful post thanks :)

This is amazing the Blockchain can really change the world !


Yeah, look at Dash, they're using the miner's ASIC power to help all around the world. Truly incredible.

keep up the great work:)

Woww this is really nice, i love evandor too much and his great vision

steady boss, yes good @stan

bitshare is an emerging giant in online market place

wow,great post.
tnx for sharing.

take our place

BitShares wow!!

It's my first time to know about Evander. And he is so hot!

Anything that will help us be more prepared is good for me. We sure have had our problems with being ready for past events. Hopefully, this will help ease the problem.

Great man 🤗

Nice @stan for this info. This is so amazing!

very famous for a deadly punching punch @stan

wow that is awesome

Yeah awesome no words to explain...................

Evander Holyfield is the man!!! This is excellent!!!

More great news for Bitshares. The significant bump up in today's BTS prices was a great way to start the year!

Looking forward to what this year will bring with Bitshares.


Buy the rumor sell the news :) lets buy now :)


Careful not to buy the rumours that push the stocks down!

Nice post

Wow this is awesome,people like Evander showing great examples of love to humanity and others following this footsteps could actually make the world a better place. Thanks for sharing

Wow that is awesome :)

Congratulation. Love it. !!

Realy Great Work.

Glad new year! 2018 will be an incredible year. What an adventure it has been with Steem. We both have seen a considerable measure over the previous year or something like that. This undertaking has shown me to such an extent. The things I have learned are worth more than any measure of cash en route. I see the world in an entirely different manner after all I have learned since beginning with Blockchains. I truly trust the world is moving into a superior place. In the expressions of the colossal Naveen Jain we as a whole should "have an outlook of plenitude". This blockchain can be a device to change the world for good and show individuals numerous things if utilized as a part of the correct way. Information is power and It will be a blockchain loaded with learning. The Steem blockchain is getting more grounded by the day. We have seen some astounding development since this blockchain began and I know this is just the begin. When we have a completely refined item it will have the capacity to do things we cannot envision yet. The expansion of SMTs into the blockchain will intrigue and will change the way we consider the web and what is conceivable. Groups and discussions are a gigantic piece of the web. The conceivable utilizations of SMTs are stunning to consider. With Steemit and Steem we are now rolling out improvements in places that need it and offering assistance to those in require. Envision what's on the horizon for us and this blockchain. We additionally have an incredible group behind this blockchain. That is one of the principle reasons I put my BTC into this task over a year prior in the wake of discovering it on the Bitcointalk gathering and faltering onto Steemit through google look through a couple of times (accidentally hunting down different things). I at that point started some examination and saw @dan talking a couple of times about Steem. At that point saw @ned talking on YouTube and on CheddarTV and knew instinctively then he was resolved to make something extraordinary. Its awesome to see designers as you doing extraordinary things for the eco framework also @exyle with things like Steemify and Blockbrothers. Cheerful New Year again @exyle - Lets take Steemit and Steem to the following level in 2018!

@stan wow! i am waiting for his announcement :)

How did he hear about this?? Did tyson whiper in his ear(lobe) 🤣🙉

wow good to see boxers in the crypto world :) thanks for the awesome post :) stan

This is my first time that I discover your posts i'm following you now @stan

@stan - Is Holyfield the first sporting celebrity to be associated with the cryptocurrency world - never heard of anybody else getting associated with the cryptocurrency world? Good gesture by him for a good cause!

I appreciate his struggling for his wrestling carrier
Clapping from my side

Mr Evan Fields, you are the champ!!!

Hello ...please follow me, and I will follow you back

Excellent initiative He always thought that the fame used for humanitarian aid is the best way to thank the support obtained from thousands of people. I hope your project grows. Thanks for sharing this good info.

BTS going to the moon ?

Excelent!!!! :)

He was my favorite boxer. So glad that he joined the project

bitshare is a rising monster in online commercial center

@stan This campaign will probably raise bitshares stocks and its price, its a good time to trade bitshares.

  ·  3년 전

Hold up really?!?!??!

Its good too see some heavyweights put their muscle behind crypto !

Awesome post dear.

  ·  3년 전

Good job

wow this is gonna be crazy..im so excited :)

Real Deal Holyfield is proving that he’s the real deal outside the ring as well by trying to help people. Bravo.

great interview but more needed

You are always on trending what is the technique?

Great post.... Thanks for sharing

He always gets the ear Mike Tyson didnt bite off in the picture

good bro can you follow me or upvote my poste

Love this work! best wishes to you! happy new year and good luck !

Wow incredible, thanks for sharing

this is so awesome. Really great work. It's fun to see it in action so quickly as I know you've been working on this for a little while. Great stuff.

I hope you all are fine i am new on Steemit.
I want to increase my followers please help me out.
Who will follow me i will do the same.
Thank you

He has also endorsed the bank called AriseBank

This is hardcore! He is going to beet you all up and steel your SBD!

Very nice noble work

Evander Holyfield, is the legend u respected.

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Excellent @stan

Enthusiasm on the verge...... waiting for the posts....... Thanks, this info, serves as a greenlight that steemians are on the right path. Holyfield the boxing hero is also impressed.....wow, lovely

I love boxing definitely exciting when we can watch the show

hehe, good to see all kinds in crypto!

@stan this sounds like great news for all bitshares holders

Evander Holyfield filed for bankruptcy.

Definitely not going to inspire me to invest in a crypto

Waw amazing, hopefully more legend will join with us, good job @stan

Happy 2018 From #Australia @Stan! Saw your post on Twitter! Thanks for the Share.

Subscribe & I Will reciprocate.


Thats gonna be awesome

good post. can make me and all readers interested and follow you .. really be an example in writing .. i like your post .. thanks for sharing ...

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Hello friend.
help me votes dong☺

Hero is an awesome group and coin. Exited to hear that the endowment will double! Looking forward to your updates

My hero!

Dear @stan ,
I voted for you as a witness, I have an important question:
for to exchange Steem into another crypto currency we all need an account at a crypto currency exchange. There are 2: Bittrex and Poloniex
Bittrex stopped open new accounts since 15th december, when they start again? Nobody knows.
At Poloniex I tried to sign up a new account yesterday, until today I got no confirmation mail to start the opening procedure!
So what to do?
How can new users exchange their steem? That's the big question and I don't understand why Steemit and the big "whales" not offer any support for that problem, they all have their accounts already.... That makes we wonder, really, because that's the main reason why people join Steemit, to earn a little money, but if there is no possibility for exchange steem, all is useless.
Have you any idea?

it sounds very good news.
I come from aceh, Indonesian.
Aceh was once hit by natural disasters Earthquake and Tsunami
13 years ago.
precisely in 2004.
I ask permission to@stan
may i re-post your writing by translating in my country language post content and share your post. ??
thank you very much..

your are absolutely right!

good post and good job @stan
happy new year 2018..


thanks for posting!

Thanks @Stan, thanks for sharing with us. Also loved your two interviews on C2C recently, and on @bluerocktalk with Connie. Cant wait to hear whats next!

  ·  3년 전

$0.90 :)

thanks for the info Stan

Good post@stan

Great Work Dude,Keep Going Love The Interviews

Eva dre is a great dude, I grew up not far from his old house in Atlanta and he had the best Christmas display ever, my friend held the door for him while we were at the movie theater sand still talks about it to this day! Glad you threw him some spotlight for his character.

  ·  3년 전


  ·  3년 전

What a cool champ he is ! stan : )