Interview with Stan, Jared, and Evander Holyfield

2년 전

"Sovereign Hero / Arise Bank Radio Show" with host Art Mobley interviewing Stan Larimer, Jared Rice and special Guest Evander Holyfield.

It will be aired 01/27/18 at 8am Eastern

To listen go to

or go to
or can call in and listen by dialing (712)832-2784 on 01/27/18 at 8am EASTERN

We plan to talk all about our planned work Holyfield BitShares Endowment for Disaster Preparedness and upcoming appearances with Evander.

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i still hodl my HERO.


@kingscrown, can you explain me something?

If you purchase HERO's, I've read somewhere that you get a 5% annual interest rate from it.
But I don't understand it, if someone purchases HERO's, I thought he was contributing for charity, which means that you giveaway your money. You obviously can't have both (giving & receiving), so can you explain me what's going on?


Great to see you're still around @stan ! Are you still into prepping and teaching the Bible?


Keep creating great content like this @stan!

Would be awesome to hear you do something on TRON.

Here's my prediction on it:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.29.55.png


Yes, I figured that you would stick with your vocation.

What times we live in: I just got worried that you might be leaned on by certain so-and-sos because you use the King James Bible.

At least you're not running a bake shop...

(Image credit.)


nrsv is a pretty good version

Keep up the good work!

I am looking forward to Sundays broadcast.

Thank you for posting


I've recently begun using some of my Steemit earnings to get into Bitshares so I'll be very interested to see how this plays out.


Thank you I'm on my way out the door but I skimmed it...I'll take a close look tomorrow.

Holyfield batman!



Now this will be worth listening too :)

Love all your damn hard work bitshares god father!

With all of the news about bitshares and Hero, how can Bitshares not be one of the top coins of 2018? I think it will be. I have so many friends new to crypto who are blinded by all the FUD about Bitcoin. I tell them to forget Bitcoin and load up on Bitshares. So far they have been very happy.

Perfect interview.

good to see these boxing legends

Evander Holyfield
He is the world's greatest boxer oh @stan

@stan Good to see your post and the cause . You are such a Gentleman and always appear with attractive ideas.

Nice info thanks for sharing

a very interesting post to follow, really he is a very phenomenal person in the world of world-class boxing
know from me @stan


this post and this wev still penomenal untill now ,
cryptotoken BHCG abbresive

dont lose too , let's still wacth for more next time.
i want grab but i am not enough more else money . i lose a little crypto cause dump yesterday

Awesome I put a iCal reminder to listen to it live 🤓

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These guys will all be in jail for bank and securities fraud before the end of this year. Do your homework people. You guys should lawyer up and race to cut a deal with the US Attorney general. Most of these guys have records of fraud. Why do you think Stanley Ford moved overseas. will be frozen

Bitshares one of the greatest projects currently cheering for you

Greetings from Venezuela

He is the worlds Greatest boxer after Ali

presentation is great thank you

Will wait for it...

vote me please

@stan You must have the godfather effect. No wonder why Evander is on board. Let's go!

Bitshares have a huge future ahead. Next level projects will continue to enter blockchain and change the outcome of digital space

Awesome work! I`ve re-steemed!
Must be supported...
Thank you for your wonderful work 😊😊


presentation is great thank you

Best times of Holyfield career when he boxed Mike Tyson back in the 1990s. One of the best heavy weight champion of his time.

Intrusting sir


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I remember watching Mike Tyson bite evander's ear off back in the day because he had nothing on him at the time, I was just a kid then. Now I'm in Hawaii almost losing my BTS with a margin position to buy more BTS on the ol' decentralized exchange and listening to radio programs repeat advertising about Mike Tyson as a stand up comic? for the umpteenth time. Weird how time changes things, I was just a kid then, now we got crypto

such a nice job

Just the right person to listen to... Thanks for the information.

bitshares will to moon?

very impression your post, I really like, I want to like you what is its secret?

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The Real Deal! So cool Stan, Evander was always my favorite boxer.

Wish I could see this show here in the Philippines =)

i like your post , you are agenius , keep posting and share the information , you are the best

I been hearing a lot about arise bank lately. I will have to check this one out. Thanks for the info.

postingat yang sangat bagus
sukses selalu untuk mu .
salam sukses brader

Big announcement coming soon about a cryptocurrency conference happening Sept/Oct 2018 with an all-women lineup. Filling a market void.

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a while...

Innovative Post.

This sounds like the "Real Deal"! See what I did there?!?!?!

Nice to see you are still here Stan! Keep it up!

The champ

Nice one but can do better

hola buenas noches excelente publicación, soy nueva aquí

Hey @stan, will check out the podcast, Holyfield is a legend. Also I nominated you take part in the 7 day Black and White Photo Challenge in my last post!

Great job bro. i wanna bee like you

Nice post..


wow this is very excellent information.thanks for posting

I really enjoyed watching Evander. I know he intends on doing a good thing here and the voice he brings that will bring awareness to this growing problem is important. However, life has taught me not to be star struck. I will be skeptical until I see the number at the end of each fiscal year. Until then....I'd be up for a charity Holyfield/Tyson rematch!

Very cool project, I am looking foreword to the future of the the Bitshares platform

I did not know about the interview,I like to hero.Jared Rice and special Guest Evander Holyfield A lot of things will be known from them

one of the best boxer in history. love him

Looking ➡ Dashing bro

How did this go? Did it get recorded anywhere?