Bitshares - State of the Network - 22nd November 2017

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Welcome to the 62nd Bitshares State of the Network (BSotN) report. A weekly report focusing on the changes in the ecosystem and track longer term changes in a effort to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares platform.

Bitshares - State of the Network - 22nd November 2017

The Bitshares State of the Network Reports seeks to combine raw data from a wide range of metrics and combine them into meaningful information to identify emerging trends and changes in the Bitshares network.

Observation from this week

This section will highlight any observations made while analysing the data.

  • The Bitshares foundation has release an announcement this week announcing that Bitshares (BTS) has been listed on the 'Binance Exchange'. You can see the announcement HERE or trade the market HERE

  • @billbutler has announced the release of a new version of the Bitshares reference wallet (v2.0.171121). This sprint has had 25 items closed by 8 separate developer who are being paid by the Bitshares blockchain as part of the Bitshares-GUI worker proposal. This release has seen the introduction of a 24 hour % change field in the portfolio page as well as a fully rewritten currency bridge provided by Blocktrades. This bridge allows a simple interface for new users to buy BTS with other supported currencies without the need to involve a centralized exchange. Find the full details from this release HERE

  • CEO George Harrap talks with Ashe Whitener about why they are switching their established remittance business from Bitcoin to Bitshares. This is a great interview that really shows the value of Bitshares and Market Pegged Assets to a business which requires the ability to transfer money from one local currency to another without the need to prefund bank accounts all around the world. The Bitshares network is allowing this business to expand globally for without the price tag. You can find more details of the interview HERE

  • @Michaelx Taggart has spoken at the Latin American Blockchain Forum earlier this month. His 2x 45 minute sessions covered Bitshares, Steem and EOS and were spread out over 2 days with an audience including University students, investors, bankers and government officials. Sadly the videos have not been made public yet but i will share them as soon as possible.

  • @Dan Larimer has written a great article defending Delegated Proof of Stake in particular the 'delegated' nature of the blockchains using DPOS and the claim that such technologies create overloads. The comparisons are made against DPOS on POW and it is definitely well worth the read. You can find the article HERE

  • PoloniEX's Bitshares wallet still disabled. Annemieke Dirkes reached out to PoloniEX's Tristan D'Agosta but at this stage the reason for the wallet being disabled are still unknown. See the announcement from the Bitshares Foundation HERE

  • Discussions between the Bitshares Foundation, Bittrex and their legal counsel have concluded and the Bitshares Foundation is now waiting for the final results and is hopeful to be able to share the statement with the community soon. More details HERE

  • @ash has managed to take ownership of the 'BTSX' subreddit. He thought that it might be useful option if we decide to rebrand in the future. You can find more details HERE

  • The Bitspark team has released their 3rd update in the Zephyr series with continued development of the Sendy UI in progress, IBAN for Pakistan, Zendesk Integration, upcoming announcements at IMTC (International Money Transfer & Payments Conferences) as well as a potential new enterprise customer in early discussions. Full details and more HERE

  • The Bitshares committee members have voted to change the force settlement rate of BitShares bitCNY from current 99% down to 95%. The forced settlement option parameter will now look to cover margin called positions deeper in the order books. You can find more information and the discussions leading up to the change HERE

  • @Stan Larimer and Dylan Howard have done an interview with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot. The interview covers a wide range of topics and despite only being a few days old has already attracted over 7000 views. You can get more details and watch the interview HERE

  • Last weeks Bitshares hangout ran into some trouble with the record. The following statement has been made in response. 'Due to a recording bot malfunction during our new hangouts, the recording was lost. We will work hard to ensure this does not happen again and we apologize for the inconvenience. We also greatly appreciate your patience in the matter and look forward to seeing you next week!'

  • Current registered wallets/accounts within the Bitshares network is 468796; an increase of 6905 wallets/accounts since last week

  • The last asset registered this week is asset #2392 and it is named 'EASYDEX' registered by 'easy-dex' with the description 'Profit sharing token for the EasyDex Company. Holders of this token will receive regular sharedrops equal to 50% of the crypto tokens acquired through fees for use of our services and referral fees.'.

Smartcoin issuance chart showing weekly change since the start of 2017

Bitshares Referance wallet - 'My Portfolio' screen now with 24H % Change

Simple In-Wallet currency bridge

"There are PoloniEX wallet issues" - At least their hot wallet isn't just empty this time round

Why did CEO switch from Bitcoin to Bitshares for Global Remittance? - Great Interview!

@Stan Larimer and Dylan Howard with Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot

Bitshares Distribution

This sections seeks to analyse the current distribution of the network. We look at the current supply, top 100 hodlers, Orders on the Bitshares Decentralized Exchange (DEX), Reserve pool balance and Income growth.

DistributionBalanceChange W/WChange W/W %
BTS Supply2,602,356,733 387,710.000.01%
BTS Stealth287,477 67.000.02%
BTS in Open Orders (DEX - T250)12096655.83 1,692,636.0016.27%
Reserve Pool998,216,222 -387,710.00-0.04%
RP Accumulated fees191,379 1,086.000.57%
Collateral (top 250) backing Smartcoins423318610 -7,228,468.00-1.68%
Top 100 Total1,194,387,740 -5,606,000.00-0.47%
Top 100 - minus Exchanges491,836,069 15,992,192.003.36%
Exchanges702,551,671 -21,598,192.00-2.98%
Non Exchanges1,899,805,062 21,985,902.001.17%

Profit/Expenses from the Bitshares Reserve Pool

The chart below show historic profit/expense from the Bitshares Reserve Pool where a positive number represents a W/W profit and a negative number means a W/W expense; Bitshares expenses include witness and worker pay and income includes network fees.

BTS Trading

Looking at the most active trading pairs for Bitshares (BTS). Data displayed is a 24 hour snapshot as taken on the date of this report and not a reflection on the week as a whole.

MarketLast PricePrice USD24hr Vol BTS24hr Vol USDVol %Vol % Change W/W
USDT0.14480.1437,055,615.005,363,560.6630.1%First week USDT

Worker Proposals

This section will identify the current approved and pending worker proposals

Active Worker:

Proposed Worker

DEX: Most Active Markets

This section will show the BTS markets within the DEX and seek to highlight the most active markets.

The most active base pair is BTS and the top 3 pairs are CNY, USD and Open.BTC


This sections seeks to analyse the current supply and market capitalisation of the Bitshares Smartcoins.

AssetSupplyPriceMarket Cap BTSMarket Cap USDSupply Change W/W
BTS2,602,356,7330.1272,602,356,733$331,019,776.44 0.015%
BTS Stealth287,4770.127287,477$36,567.07 0.023%
Reserve Pool998,216,2220.127998,216,222$126,973,103.44 -0.039%
Accumulated fees191,3790.127191,379$24,343.41 0.571%
BitUSD4,797,2036.9233,196,645$4,797,203.00 18.445%
BitCNY65,390,4291.04368,202,217$8,675,322.06 35.811%
BitEUR78,7938.12639,799$81,382.45 30.835%
BitBTC5256,7122,949,024$375,115.85 4.628%
Ruble2,701,5160.1162313,916$39,930.14 18.635%
HERO1,5861,1081,757,288$223,527.03 59.718%

Referral Stats

This section will track user referrals, to gauge active refers overtime. The chart below shows in blue the total number of referred users and in orange the new referrals for this week.

AccountReferralsChange W/W

Vote Proxies

This section will track the change in proxy voting

AccountOpinionsFollowersWeight (M)Weight Change (M)
xeroc31214232.5 6.1
bitcrab6674212.3 -1
still1020187 22.8
baozi236955.2 -5.2
fav2212839.2 -0.7
laomao35428.9 -2.3
blckchnd2273024.4 -0.2
abit4146317 -0.7
openledger2108212.8 2.9

Active Witnesses

This section will track top 25 active witnesses and the changes in support

RankWitnessVotesMissedMissed W/W
1in.abit 1.6.35 839.4705
2 witness.yao 1.6.71 757.635521
3 openledger-dc 1.6.76 754.15911
4 bhuz 1.6.17 7491566
5 witness.still 1.6.69 746.291132
6 xn-delegate 1.6.59 727.62817
7 roelandp 1.6.74 695.527
8 blckchnd 1.6.75 692.38991
9 rnglab 1.6.45 686.82057
10 sahkan-bitshares 1.6.73 674.58901
11 crazybit 1.6.84 6684521
12 delegate-1.lafona 1.6.28 648.928091
13 xeldal 1.6.22 626.122531
14 abc123 1.6.65 549.712721
15 delegate.baozi 1.6.37 534.31470
16 wackou 1.6.18 514.118422
17 verbaltech2 1.6.34 513.83816767
18xman 1.6.64 512.216402
19delegate.freedom 1.6.63 468.748601
20delegate.ihashfury 1.6.26 439.3869
21 elmato 1.6.20 432.74269
22 fox 1.6.16 392.53608
23 mr.agsexplorer 1.6.24 3835725
24delegate-clayop 1.6.27 322.14842
25 cyrano 1.6.21 320.93539

Top 100 Distribution including Exchanges

This section looks at the top 100 rich list and compares account balances, this section will seek to identify changes in ownership which may lead to interesting investigations and early warning signs of upcoming projects

RankAccountBalance(inc orders)OrdersChange W/WChange W/W %
2poloniexwallet228,235,16009,756.00 0.00%
3bitcc-bts-cold94,042,3500-19,150,002.00 -16.92%
4bittrex-deposit61,873,2600-2,580,458.00 -4.00%
5zbbts41,851,273012,497,534.00 42.58%
6yun-bts28,880,6620-2,259,704.00 -7.26%
8jubi-bts24,635,8160-1,050,904.00 -4.09%
10abc.btsbots14,500,04525000-500,001.00 -3.33%
21bts-subscribe7,575,1202687157,394,354.00 4090.57%
23a2dcdf323a8a576408f62604b17a8a527,465,9140-691,775.00 -8.48%
27bts-scotter6,885,2071123,825,900.00 125.06%
30zbsend6,172,86605,172,866.00 517.29%
43btsabc-lclouis3265,101,2880-10.00 0.00%
46the-ae4,893,44304,831,954.00 7858.24%
48binance-bts-14,433,12003,433,120.00 343.31%
52bts-morning4,206,6120-60,043.00 -1.41%
58bitcoinindonesia3,920,4280-2,646,464.00 -40.30%
62livecoin-net3,678,5180-136,739.00 -3.58%
64bitspark-zephyr3,401,1350-21,078.00 -0.62%
65stat-dude3,352,3010-15,534.00 -0.46%
67ajc143,309,55528301622,089,507.00 171.26%
69exx-btssend3,208,35602,208,356.00 220.84%
70codinat3,200,0000-205,001.00 -6.02%
81zhanzhang2,800,22308,697.00 0.31%
93btercom2,449,1110-1,000,000.00 -28.99%
95xiaobing-bitcny2,375,00101,375,001.00 137.50%

Thanks for viewing :)

I value your feedback.
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I love these updates. It's a great way to keep track of all the great things happening in and around BitShares.

The nature of being decentralized can be an issue, but this weekly review is just what the community needs to keep everyone on the same sheet of music.

Keep up the great work.



Hi Kevin, Thanks for the kind comment :)

It is getting much harder to keep up with all the news especially with such an active Telegram channel!

I was wondering if their would be value to have a running 'news feed' of sorts which would allow anyone to add any news they see as valuable; this would also allow the community to upvote the news that is most important/valuable to them and allow me to rank news based on community feedback.. just something i am thinking about..


I like that idea a lot.

Who would be able to build something like that?


I was just thinking of putting it on steem similar to these reports; with its own tag and maybe with the bsotn tag as well.

This report generally gets ~2-3000 views a week (thanks to the social media/marketing team). If we could get the same success on the news feed then it would be a good place for anyone to come and see breaking news not just a weekly update.

Thanks for the support i will look to start this in the coming weeks, i think it will add value and engage members of the community.


Good ideas for this.


@steempower as you said "This report generally gets ~2-3000 views a week (thanks to the social media/marketing team). If we could get the same success on the news feed then it would be a good place for anyone to come and see breaking news not just a weekly update."

I think it a good idea if it offers readers a sort of breaking news and not just weekly updates


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I hope good will continue for BTS, proud to be an asset on it =D


@tatchcapital you right we all hope good times shall continue to abound for BTS, it indeed an asset


I meant we have our TatchCoin (TCN) on bts :p


Good news is always just around the corner. there is some exciting worker proposals which is really great to see.


I also said that @tatch


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Yeah! Always a good read!!


Thanks Rich :)

btw i love your web page designs. hoping we can see them live soon!


Yes, very soon. Thank you, I appreciate your interest.


@richcg to add to that it very informative and a nice piece

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great newsweek!



Thanks Ash, your efforts in the community and work covering the news is a huge help for me each week!

Cheers man!


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Thank you, this is easily one of the best recurring Steemit posts! Would it be possible to add a line chart showing total DEX trade volume in $USD over time? I think this would be a very useful visual representation of DEX adoption/growth - total DEX trade volume is increasing steadily and seeing it graphed would be powerful!


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Yeh Bitshares this update is amazing
thanks for sharing this informative post


As Tony says 'Go Bitshares' ;)

Thanks for the update! Keep the good news coming!

Bitshares is already growing up against the dollar!

Thanks @steempower for sharing these amazing updates of a great DEX platform.

I bought some Bitshares a few days ago on their platform, using LTC and a Bridge. I had over 6% costs? Wow. I guess it would have been better if I had just bought some on Binance. Seems like an exchange that is not decentralised is much cheaper?

Every news is superb except for poloniEX not cooperating.

I just registered with bitshares and bought some BTS with some of SBD!


Good times @reddust!

Good for you.

Re-steeming ⚡for visibility! Nice bitshares update! 💞Cheers!!!

Being a new contributor to this project, it's totally cool to see the features getting pumped out by the team. I handled the 24 Hour feature in the portfolio (my first feature contribution), and plan on increasing my rate of contributions.

If you're a developer with experience in node/react, you should consider picking up a feature or bug. The beauty is that a % of every BitShares DEX transaction funds further development on the UI (and other BTS projects), so there aren't a lot of reasons not to pick up a task and go.

Thank you!

Thank you so much @steempower your post and some comments below was so helpful. Thanks for your post.

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Simply, summarized the entire week activities and updates into one report
This is how I wish to describe your weekly state report friend! Absolutely a great work friend! keep it up!


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I am almost remembering every Wed. now your reports come out!

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This is a great time to be holding BitShares!

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I love these reports. Bitshares and Steem are two of my favorite investments at this time. BTS has wayyy more value than what it currently sits at. The SmartAssets are awesome. Can't wait to keep adding to my BTS portfolio. I'm especially fond of the Bit20 asset too.

To the moon with BTS!!!

sounds promising, i invested some money in bitshares.

Already did my initial little investment with BTS yesterday. I believe Bitshares is the real deal unlike Bitcoin which has gradually become a useless currency.

BTS is one of the blockchains that I am highest upon. I love steem too but am even more encouraged about BTS. I really like the direction of this entire operation and how we are going to see entire businesses and their decision tree automated. That is truly amazing and really going to fit in next decade.

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If you want to watch the mass exodus from @Poloniex just visit this site and watch the live action. Click on the "Activity" tab.

These updates are great, full of in depth info. Thanks for creating them and keeping everyone updated!