Introducing The New lightning community wallet

2년 전

A complete and simple guide to help you get started.

Are you scared of taking the plunge into exploring lighting? Worried about risking your own money and loosing it all?

Well don’t worry we’re here to help we will even help you earn some quick rewards so your not risking your own money.

After reading this guide you should have lighting fast reflects and be aware of just how powerful this technology really is zapping away bills and powering up on payments.

I have documented the basics on how to get started detailing every step involved such as; Making your account, joining the community, getting your lightning wallet setup, earning some rewards to fill your account. You will learn about sending and receiving lightning btc around the world in seconds with almost no fee.

Micro payments work! The future of digital payments is happening now! Don’t miss out!

Free pdf guide available here

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I do not recommend that on.
But you should try Telegram Lightning Wallet :)

Don't forget that it's a custodial wallet!


Please just read the post and make up your own mind based on that we don't ask or recommend you store your btc here.

It's free 0 risk as we give you some rewards and let you play!

I will try the telegram wallet can I get something free to play with or do I have to risk my own money? How do I use it? Maybe you should make a guide bro?!