Bittrex Withdraw Limited to 0.025BTC per Day?!

4년 전

The Bittrex crypto-currency exchange lowered their daily withdraw limits on unverified accounts to only 0.025 BTC! In order to increase that limit to the "basic" level of 3 BTC/day they request me to submit my full name, address, and phone number. To increase the limit beyond that they require a passport copy and photo of my face.

My account uses two factor authentication (2FA) and the email address has been verified. I would prefer to keep any additional personally identifiable information off of websites like Bittrex.

Has anyone else dealt with this and are there any solutions or recommendations you can share?

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  • Do business with many exchanges?
  • Work with a broker that can escrow exchanges between people.
  • Craigslist - find people local to you and develop a little trust over time.
  • Fly under the radar...

I have the same problem,and I submit my id card they said not match my basic name,so I can't withdraw any token.there is no answer in help center after one month,anyone can help me?