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RE: Bitshares and Steemconnect

Bitshares - Openledger

Sunday I posted...

The lack of any reliable exchanges to deposit or withdraw steem/SBC (waiting over two month s for a broken gateway on bitshares with a snyde remark in the support ticket which has been closed over and over as if solved, though my money has not arrived in the exchange. I bit my tongue for over two months now. And I am finally, sadly, speaking out.


Open Ledger gateways closed for two months and two days?

Today I receive this and the hundreds of Steem and SBD



On Sunday's same post I wrote:

Nobody has ever asked me for my Bitcoin private key nor my Dash private key. Yet DTube, Steepshot, and Blocktrades Transfers are all asking for the master key or Owner key to make things easier for you.



An active key can be changed if someone gets it, but that only helps if you know your current balance and check it daily.

One Solution

I had a long back and forth with blocktraides who admits it is a bit mad to ask someone do give up the only key that can change the account ownership. Empty it out, and boot out the owner of the account.

I spent the entire day talking to people I have onboarded to steemit asking them if they had used their owner key. (the key that should be on paper in a safe, on an encrypted pen drive and only taken out for emergencies.

I was up late talking to people who were concerned and blocktrades chimed in.


Thanks for taking time...

Remember. Your job is to make sure people know that simply putting it "on the blockchain" does NOT mean that it is on the Bitcoin (or another reliable decentralized) blockchain.

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Dam, having to go through all that BS is unfortunate!

Interesting to sift through the blocktrades back and forth tho. Appreciate you posting that.

I'm pretty unfamiliar with SP Delegation... Would you need to provide a master key in order to delegate SP to another user? or would that still apply to an Active key?


I have never delegated through the steemit system. I don't think you need anything but the active key. If you need the owner key, then it's not worth putting it in.


Oh... I didn't realize you could delegate in other ways. I've never had enough SP to consider doing it lol so I've not looked into it at all.

And Agreed. No one ever should need your Master Key except you!


Güzel bir paylaşım yapmışsın seni takip etmek güzel :) @htooms

This post interesting to me..thanks @htooms.

I have never been asked for my private key, no one is getting it either. Glad you got your money, i can imagine how frustrating the wait was.

So, It's a great relief after a long time.
ThankYou for the contribution.

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Thank you for posting @htooms.

Very glad to hear you have collected your funds after all this time.

I appreciated your post the other day regarding the active key versus the owner key issue.....thank you for chatting with others about it.

All the best.


Finally things are being ordered for you dear friend @htooms, I'm glad you received your money. Congratulations
Thank you very much for your time in keeping us up to date with all this information
I wish you a beautiful week

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Gracias por el dato, @htooms. Si hay algo de lo que nos gusta estar seguro es de dónde tenemos nuestro dinero y poderlo utilizar cuando querramos.


El diero esta en el blockchain y el active key nos da la posibilidad de gastarlo. Ojo con quien compartis el active key.

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Awesome. Always go through to.the end assertively. It helps when you have worled as after sales manager as well :). If need help just shout!

I hope some whale is going to upvote that post - thanks @htooms for the work you do raising the problem with our keys being used here and there casually and and handling it, speaking to the correct people and actually changing things, I really appreciate it, not every one can raise the problem and discuss it in rational manner.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. @blocktrades should add a simple JavaScript pop up explaining the risks of using an owner key. I’m fairly certain @blocktrades has the knowledge to do so but if they don’t I can send over a quick script to display a simple pop up warning(just use the alert command).

I can post a quick code snippet tonight if any other sites could benefit?


Agreed but pop ups are often just closed especially when transferring money. I am not sure it would help.


Maybe a red warning button you must click saying you’re using an active key not owner key? It’s not foolproof but better than no warning at all I’d thing.

Steem really does suffer from lack of exchanges. I’ve had serious issues with a Poloniex, raised tickets which are then ignored. If we are serious about getting Steem wider acceptance we need to resolve the exchange issue.


I read the entire post by @ned and it is on his list. Sometimes I think blocktrades is paying the others to stay "temporarily disabled". Haha

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Openledger processed your transaction. Lucky you. Im over two months now and still not received mine.


I would say open an ticket and then make a post. I like the idea of opneledger being decentralized. I hated making that post. But I did, I could buy and build 100 gateways in the time it took them to maintain one.


you think making the post helped? Okay might try so cos the ticket is open and they have replied with links like they replied to you first

great post.realy good job.

I didn't have experience with these accounts because i am new and i didn't made an account yet but i have heard bittrex is best.and i hope you will get your money back :)


Bitrex held my money and would not let me withdraw any of it without my ID, Passport, Name, Address, Phone, copy of a current electric bill. So I quit them and asked someone to get the money out for me with false documentation. Paid a pretty penny for it but I got my balance to zero.

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