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I wish your mother a lot of health and for this battle to be short and successful. I understand how hard it is as my mother had cancer twice before and she survived bravely, but it is a hard time mentally for everyone around. Just try and make her happy and yourself.
And watching tv shows with information which you will never use is the best. Or just aimlessly watching tv. It's ok to let creativity take second place, it's hard to be creative when you're down.
I wish you all the best for this year. Hanging in there.


Thank you so much. And thanks for sharing. It’s always heartening to hear stories of success and survival during this time when I’m pretty fearful. Best wishes to you, your mother and family in 2019!


Yeah, I know that it's a fearful time, but optimism helps. Wish you and your family all the best for 2019 as well. All the health in the world.

It has been a long time knowing you dear @bryan-imhoff it is good to know a little your thoughts and what you are going through.

I'm sorry about your mother's illness, My regards to her and I hope that over time she receives the treatment very well and can overcome the disease. You are a person dedicated to your art, you also have many concerns and I think that someone who supported you in what you do is because you have it well deserved.

It has been a year where many things have happened, good and bad things but as you say, the road is not easy, but if we stop trying it will be even more difficult!
I admire you very much and I wish you with all my heart
Have a great year 2019 with great health for you and your family, prosperity, love, success and that you can fulfill each of your dreams and purposes.

It makes me laugh that you see food programs and do not cook, I used to see them and I like to cook but the food that they used many times I could not find them where I live, so I stopped seeing them.
This is the good thing about Steemit that people are really people because one interacts with them but knows them as they are and what happens to them and the connection is stronger.
Grateful for the support during all this time.
Greetings, hugs and kisses!


Thank you for the warm words of encouragement and support. It’s been my pleasure interacting with you all this time on Steem and I look forward to more in the years to come! You are one of the gems of the Steem blockchain. Happy New Year!


Thank you very much dear @bryan-imhoff, I am very excited to know that you think that about me, you know that I admire you very much and you are a great person. ;)

I am sorry about your mother's health @bryan-imhoff it is a difficult illness if not expensive to treat as well but you know I think I would trade that for mine which is just a slow death and misery but I am trying to manage with God's mercy.
I hope that you and your Mom could go through with it completely.

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope this year is better than 2018 was.

I took have taken solace in Kingdom Hearts when times get rough.


Thanks man. KH is just the right mix of uplifting imagery and mindless button mashing violence, isn’t it?


KH is just the right mix of uplifting imagery and mindless button mashing violence, + HEART

The unyielding optimism is probably healthy even when it gets annoying haha


Yeah, the optimism is endearing, but some of the dialogue can be cringe inducing!

Sorry to hear of illness in your family but glad you could spend some quality time with her over the holiday season!
I hope the new year brings better news and recovery for your mom and good health and happiness for you!


Thank you! Best wishes to you in the year to come as well.

KH, very nice. Amusing to see you playing an old game as I have be sucked away in the world of Minecraft for the past month or so. This is after not having played any games other than Pokemon Go in quite a while. I am sorry about the piece of shit fucking cancer, I hope your mother puts up a great fight. You should start 2019 by entering every single art contest on Steemit... and as much as you can using only characters from your comics as the focus.

I know this has nothing to do with anything, but I had downloaded that Brave Browser finally. I went through to tip myself some BAT on my domain (I was just checking how it works, but I deserved the tip too), then I went through my feed here to find some Steemians with domains, I added ( also cc : @blewitt ) to my support list. I did however kind of stop using the browser, at least as the main browser, because I am confused how this is being linked directly to that Which I have no doubts is a fine company, but is this not the most centralized thing in the world at the moment? If you do not have an uphold account, as far as I can tell is there no other way to receive any payments using the browser? I was about to refer some people to use it, because hey, free five bucks in a new crypto plus supporting the new tech.. but that part has kind of put me on pause. Wondering if you had used it beyond setting your account up and if you have used it, how does Uphold seem so far?


Thanks for the well wishes and support. And... you actually got me mulling over a piece for the latest Trial by Comics with that little suggestion... let's see if I hit the deadline!

I've been playing around with Brave a bit myself. I've made an Uphold account but not really used it at all yet. I also took the steps to get my main sites (;; set up as Brave Verified Publishers. I see you are too... so I just sent you a tip! I think it's an interesting system with a lot of potential but I've got to explore and experiment a bit more. I actually wanted to start learning and accumulating a bit of BAT tokens with an eye on being able to use them to then purchase some advertising space for my own ventures and comics. I think the biggest hurdle for me has been that the Brave browser is most fully functional on desktop so far, and I do a ton of my surfing on mobile. I'm also just stuck in my ways and haven't taken the time to move all the passwords, bookmarks, and such over as needed. Making a browser change is a big life decision! I'm not worried too much about the UpHold integration. I think with widespread use they'll obviously be able to build out a more robust and varied wallet and payment system. I get the feeling they just needed a simple trusted partner for the early stages here.

It's been on my long and neglected to-do list to learn more and do a full write up on Brave & BAT... consider it eventually forthcoming!

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