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Now, let's be clear from the start, the Anti-Fa that can't explain why communism is better, and those folks satisfied with half-steps, are two sides of the same coin.

It's ok to be an anarchist, if you still want crapitalism.
It's ok to be in the blacbloc if you are just interested in it's mob aspects.
Neither position offers a valid choice.

Crapitalusts just want to be their own boss, dismissing the inherent negative flaws wage slavery/customer exploitation brings to the table.
You know, like poverty, and human trafficking, et al.

Those corrupting the blacbloc do so for reasons illegitimate to the spirit of freedom from oppression in a certain space that is the blacbloc.

My understanding of the blacbloc has historically been that within it we don't take orders from those outside it, hell, we barely tolerate suggestions from within it.
It exists as a space where everybody can be free from oppressive forces that force us into decisions we otherwise wouldn't make.
If you are looking for a place to say, 'No, I won't.', then you should join the nearest blacbloc.

Ideally it will begin with us in a small space and spread through every freedom loving person to encompass the entire world.
But like all things, individual interpretations will vary.

I can't really speak for what goes on in Germany, I haven't been there since the 80's and the questions I asked then are very different than the one's I'd ask now.
I can speak for my reasons for joining the blacbloc.

Why do you pay for things in the store?
Because if you don't men with guns will hunt you down taking the greatest joy in their lives killing you when you resist.
They were carefully screened to eliminate all but the 'true beliebers', intentionally, by the true beliebing stepping stones that lead to the top of the pyramid.

We don't have to pay for things in stores for any other reason than that you 'believe' that we have to do so, or the sky will fall.

You have been trained from the day you were born in the 'ways' of the 'world', they left out that other options do exist.
Presenting purviews counter to the privileges of your own is not conducive to that privilege.

Were you given a choice of what religion you were presented?
Any more than what economic system you've been allowed to explore?
Hegel has been around for awhile, much longer than any of us.

This all started with the first group of guys that decided it was easier to farm the neighbors than to farm the land.

Rule by force comes with all kinds of perks.
Look at the Bush/Clinton crime family.

Poppy bush got to toss the coin at the super bowl to the adoring applause of dozens of true beliebers.
Hitlery still isn't locked up despite piles of evidence/bodies outside her doors.

How many witnesses for the prosecution have to die to establish a pattern?

The blacbloc is the natural product of people wanting to free of what oppresses us.
When rule by force is rejected by the masses the blacbloc will loose it's motivation.

Just as the two extremes presented by the pro- and anti- positions play into the dialectic, so too does what your parents were taught to believe.
The counter revolution is aware of the multi-generational aspects of controlling 'popular' opinion.
Many of you think that getting driver's licenses, wearing seatbelts, paying insurance, and following orders is just part and parcel of how life goes, because you have never known freedom from these things.

That is not the case for all of us.

Some of us remember when the pot wasn't so close to a boil.

Just as the religions that still are allowed to get your attention play into the hands of those that control by force, so too does any philosophy that doesn't actively resist that fact.
Going along to get along has led us to where we are.
If those that control us can head us off at the pass by setting up two opposing forces they can more easily control the outcome.
You can bet that the families that made Stalin the public face of controlling the opposition still control the paradigm, today.
I hope you don't join in by following their scripts.

The solution?
Do your own thing.
Seek local suppliers of food.
Pay off your house.
Stop passing judgement on folks you've never met.
Live simply.

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Well written.

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I was hoping it would be coherent for others.