Black History Month

2년 전

I did a little search to see here in America what companies were doing to celebrate black history month. Notable mention goes out to Fedex, and United Airlines for recognizing two African American females for being the first African Americans to fly planes for the companies.

I'm very happy that some companies are recognizing African Americans but for such an impactful month that shoulders a huge burden on filling an infinite hole in the psyche and history of Americans past present and future, the recognition falls short.

Do these companies recognize any black men for their accomplishments? Very few do. Where are the scholarship funds, and the company outreach to communities with initiatives on hiring from the black communities. The weakest story was from apple. Apple said that they were commemorating black history, through its iTunes platform, offering a 40-song playlist of iconic songs by black artist. The playlist features everyone from Tupac Shakur to Marvin Gaye. How weak is that. A company worth billions of dollars and that's all they can come up with.

I'm boycoting companies that I don't see make a major statement on events that matter to African Americans. Black history month should be a time that we look at the companies that take notice of African Americans accomplishments and contributions to America. Lets see who is silent and who leads the charge in correcting social injustice by recognizing black people. Companies that stay silent I will not support or buy their products.

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Lyft is actually doing something pretty decent


Thanks for looking this up. This is great that lyft is giving back in this way, we need more of these types of incentives. Kudos to Lyft for helping to chip away at 400 years of slavery.