The black mans war to maintain his masculinity [Black History Month]

2년 전

Black history month marks a time that we should look at the accomplishments of black people in America and honor their contributions and sacrifices to fight for freedom and equality.But I would like to divert the topic on to a very high profile issue in the black community.

Attacks on black Masculinity:

-White producers suggesting commediants to wear a dress

-The topic of toxic masculinity seemingly focused on black men ( Black men have never been in a position to practice toxic masculinity.

-The prominence of femening behavior in the Rap community. (Puff Daddy, Big Baby.... and others)

-Using politics and a black face to spread the agenda of the gay community to the black community and the world. Barrack Obama travels to Kenya to tell the government to be more accepting of gay people.

-The war on drugs in the 80's and 90's on crack cocaine that was responsible for putting many many black men in jail, taking the men out of the home. This created many single family homes where women were tasked with being the man and the woman. The men went to jail and became feminized because of the homosexual lifestyle that is pervasive in jails in America (watch the documentary turned out). This does not apply to all men who went to jail, but some for sure.

-African American men have to struggle with many ordeals at a young age that other races in this country do not have to worry about. The possibility of being killed by a white cop. The possibility of being put in prison for non violent offenses that a white kid would just be given a warning for and sent home to his or hers parents. 

-The public school system itself is an indoctrination into the attack on masculinity. Pushing an agenda of feminism because 60% of the school teachers are white women in America. Masculinity is under attack by a school system that is under represented by African Americans. By not teaching black history, or teaching a watered down, white washed version of black history the school system itself is participating in a process of white supremacy, and at the same time attacking black masculinity.   

By having your child participate in a school system that does not teach black history you are doing a disservice to your child. Black children are taught at a young age to have low self esteem. Black men grow up unsure of themselves, and struggle with having pride in one another therefore not having respect for other black men and women because they don't see an avenue for having their voices and opinions heard. 

Black people "are taught a history that is foreign to them, by people who don't look like them, about topics that don't relate to them".  

When history connects to identity, and students can connect to leaders who stood for something by people who look like them then the school system is doing its job. 

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