Donating to BLM is not helping the cause at all.

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To an extent I understand why people buy BLM merch - I mean, you're getting something out of it. It's when people actually talk about giving donations that start scratching my head.

I've donated money to organizations before. My birthday fundraisers have gone to The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) the last few years. I've donated to the Innocence Project. Still, even though I philosophically agree with Greg Lukianoff, I support FIRE because they're active in providing support, including legal help, to people who are having their Constitutional rights violated. If I came to think that my money was just going toward buying Greg a third house, I would cut off my contributions. You don't give money to the Innocence Project so a bunch of people can sit around talking about the problems of sending innocent people to jail and issue a statement or share an article a few times a week. You give money so they can actually do the work in the trenches to get innocent people out of prison.

It's hard to believe that anyone who is donating his or her hard earned dollars to BLM is unaware of the spending sprees the top organizers have been going on. It's hard to see how it costs anywhere near $90 million to do what half my friend do for free every day. It's not even that they do it better than half of my friends. It's not like they have a crack research team that's breaking new stories and finding new evidence. They seem to be even less active than I am in sharing stories of black people who were falsely imprisoned. Seriously, $90 million and they can't find the time or the resources to issue a short statement after it's revealed that a black man who was executed by the state was probably innocent. They're not providing legal representation. Even most people who repeat the words, "Black lives matter!" ad nauseum don't get their news from BLM. You also shouldn't use them for a source for information being that they regularly get facts wrong.

Obviously, I won't shame anyone for getting rich. Ironically, most BLM supporters would. I will put people down for getting rich via false pretenses. I doubt that most of the people who have donated expected their money to go toward buying another house in Topanga Canyon. Almost every person who would donate to BLM would also complain about organizations like Goodwill masquerading as a charity while making huge profits.

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