The Dangers of Social Media Addiction Explained by a Video Analysis a Black Mirror Episode

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Most of the people I know have a deep connection with their Social Media accounts, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even Steem. It's no secret that these sites can provoke addiction and can lead to a change of behavior and we can even lose connection with the real world. I have suffered from this on a certain level and I know that sometimes is healthy to disconnect from the internet and share the wonders of life with my family and friends in person.

There is a really cool TV show called Black Mirror, I have watched all the episodes that have seen the light, I love how they represent the social problems that we as humans are suffering or that we will suffer in the future. Black Mirror is a sci-fi show that combines technology and human problems, some episodes are futuristic and others are represented in current time but on another universe. This is hard to explain in a foreign language, my point is that Black Mirror tries to show us what we could face in the future, they (the producers and actors) do this with deep and dark stories that make us think in the consequences of technology and social interactions.

The video that I am showing is an analysis of Black Mirror Season Five Second Episode called Smithereens, if you have not watched the episode yet I fully recommend that you do it, you can watch it on Netflix.

The following lines and the video are full of SPOILERS so take caution reading and watching.

The episode follows the actions of a normal guy who lost his fiancé in a car crash. He kidnaps an employee of a company called Smithereens, this is the Twitter version of Black Mirror. This man demands to talk to the CEO of this company or he will shoot his hostage. The problem is big and it showcases the negative effects that addiction to social media can have. I will not say more I will share the video so you can have the full message.

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