Lady X, the Mysterious Vigilante | WIP Original Character Made in Blender 2.8

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            “You gotta look for trouble… or uh… stumble upon a trouble, is what I mean. If you cause the trouble you’d be the one getting knocked to the dirt.” The man’s eyes fixed to the drinks Hugo had ordered for both of them as the waitress came and put them down on the table. He thanked her with a nod and took a gulp from his tankard as if he’d been completely drained for days.
            “Is she really that strong like everyone says? Can you be more specific?” Pointing the tip of his pencil towards his notebook, Hugo’s apparent curiosity got the man’s attention back to the conversation.
            “I wouldn’t use ‘strong’ for this one, no. Untouchable, lethal, or deadly, is more like it.” He took a quick glance at his surrounding and leant forward, lowered his voice as if expecting trouble if anyone heard him.
            “This one time I ran a pretty good little gig at Onyx Point with 3 of my buddies, just outside of the Whispering Woods when I saw red airships in the distance…”
            “Redbeard’s?” Hugo continued the man’s sentence.
            “Yes…” The man continued after him with a hand gesture showing three fingers. “…3 of them, above Whispering Woods. Our task was to escort this caravan—a trader from the New Capital. We were ready to deal with these scums had we failed to avoid them.”
            Recalling the memory, the man’s gaze shifted away from Hugo’s eyes. With a frown, he raised his left hand as if pointing towards something in the distance.
            “Then I saw her, a hooded figure, leapt out of thin air aboard one of the airships, cleaned out Redbeard’s goons like they were nothing, one ship after another. She fought like a demon, for a moment I thought she was a demon... or whatever lurks in that damned forest.” He lifted his mug towards his mouth, briefly stopping midway only to finish his sentence before taking another drink. “…Took the ships down on her way out.”

            Hugo eyed the man curiously, clutching a pencil in one hand and a notebook on the other, which supposed to be writing down what the man had said. Part of him was fascinated by the story of the enigmatic figure he’d been looking for, but part of him doubted the half-drunken stranger he just met in the Adventurer Guild.
            He brushed away his doubts for later to quickly wrote down all the informations from the man before they distort in his memory.
            The stranger leant back, taking another gulp of his drink before continuing. “Lady X, as they call her, would sometimes appear out of nowhere knocking down everyone that point a gun, a blade or whatever toward the innocents... or her, for that matter.”
            “Lady X?” Hugo scoffed, the doubts he had put away partially came back. This time not for the man’s soberness, rather he questioned the nature of the name he just heard. “Wha- is that supposed to be her vigilante name? Did she call herself that? Or am I the only one in this continent who read books?”
            The young scholar's tone seemed to step on the stranger's foot, as he spoke back with a frown on his face. “Well, then do tell what would you call a female assassin with an “X” on their mask, book-guy? Derek? Little Borg? Dodo the Great?”
            Hugo acknowledged the man’s intent to counter his mockery with a sly smile and a shake of his head. He wrote down the details he needed and finally ready to close his note for the moment. The scholar slipped his pencil between the pages, grabbed his mug which he hadn't even touched. The man was having his fourth drink while Hugo was having his first, they cheered. “Thank you.”

            The scholar was fairly satisfied with the information he gathered thus far. He’d been looking everywhere for clues and informations about the mysterious figure that roams around the continent, terrorizing those who terrorize others.
            Before he knew it, both he and the stranger slowly fell into a stupor. He hadn’t ordered for another drink, and yet the man’s figure blurred in his vision. The sound of the bard’s singing faded away, along with the other noises in the Guild. His senses are closing. He gave up in keeping his eyes open until finally dropped his head on the table.

            Hugo woke up after what felt like half a day with a terrible headache, one can clearly tell from his groan and his hand that clasped his head. The man he talked to was still unconscious right where he sat the whole time. His vision recovered quicker than when it faded away, a fact he didn't notice nor care about when he realised his notebook was gone from his grasp.
            He remembered clutching it amidst all the fuzziness hours ago. "My boo-" Before he could start searching in panic, all he could saw, and felt in his palm, was a piece of paper. Hugo muttered the words written on it as his eyes slowly getting wider in overwhelming realisation. “…’Onyx Point’?”

That was my first fiction writing ever. My stomach aches imagining if I was reading that little piece of a story in someone else’s perspective--someone who is proficient in English and has literature background--because I'm guessing it must be wrong in many ways in their eyes. Well, I tried.

But, the awesome peeps at Steem Artists encouraged me to try to write fiction regardless of my lacking English and literature knowledge, which is great because I might never give it a try otherwise. So thanks, Steem Artists peeps!

That was a little story to tell the audience a little bit about this enigmatic character called Lady X. She is the first character for my universe that I hope I can bring out of my head into a video game series someday. She’s a mysterious character that sometimes appears out of nowhere helping people in danger and the main characters. As far as the main characters and the players’ concerned, nobody knows what she looks like under that mask, who she is, her real name, or her origin.

Lady X

Whenever some innocents can’t seem to defend/save themselves, she would appear out of nowhere, get rid of whatever unfortunate evil decided to cause trouble that day, then disappear before the people she helped can say thank you.
Part of this character are fiction works, but part of her is inspired by @veryspider. You can also say that this is a tribute to her. In case you’re wondering why, I’ll leave that one to your imagination. Just know that @veryspider is a great artist, a wonderful person, and a better spider.

Lady X has two companions that are just as much as mysterious, skilful, fearsome to bad guys and a sigh of relief to those in need; Lady Y and Mr Z. Unfortunately, they are still in very early stages because as fun and enjoyable designing an original character can be, it is also something that needs some time to finish.

This is possibly the best character I’ve ever made in my 1 year and a half of 3d art-ing thus far and I’m very happy with the result, although this is not the final result.

I'm not a woman or a fashion-guru, but I love women's high heeled boots, among other items of clothing, because I find girls look awesome in those!

Nope, this one is not done yet. She still has more to work on before she’s a “finished project”. You may find the character a bit blank and lacks the detail, but once the **baking** process is done it'll appear and makes my eyes happier. I hope it’ll turn out great. It has to.

So yeah, this character is, in a way, inspired by @veryspider. But of course, some parts that made her the lethal and enigmatic Lady X are fictional (like the murderous nature, for example, although she kills the bad guys, that's not something we casually do in real life, kids!) And you’ll be able to see the spider-ry look more the next time I post about her again, hopefully in her final render.


She will look more intimidating once I finish working on the thing that has something to do with that strange-looking device on her back--something that tells the bad guys to run... or die trying. Mhm, that's not just eye-candy. A little hint about the character; her weapon is not just the dagger.

My universe is a mix of fantasy and steampunk, so, for the most part the clothing in there will be based on Victorian-era clothing mixed and tweaked to get the fictional appearance more rather than the Victorian, with a touch of fantasy on it. I hope I'm not going to be disappointed in myself once she is fully textured.

In her next appearance, I’ll talk about her abilities, who she is as the mysterious figure that roam around the currently unnamed continent (I can't think of a good name) and probably a little bit of a short story like that again. I want to get gud so I’m open to criticism, both for the 3d model and the fiction writing. So feel free to leave a comment below.

Speaking of Steem Artists, you should join the Steem Artists Discord server to hang out with other artists, share your work and maybe learn from each other too. It may not the noisiest Discord server in existence but with all the nice and friendly peeps, it is a fun place to be in. The short piece of fiction above was thanks to someone from Steem Artists that helped me in fixing my English... and in anything else too, really.

I guess that's it for this post, thank you for visiting!


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©2019 Adam Rainite Lawsone

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I give you 3 polygonal cookies for that! :D



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She looks really good, I like the simple outfit and that you did not try to make it all skimpy keeping a proper renegade assasin look, I can see the model working in scifi and even medieval genres, and obviously a woman that will not give a second thought to cutting your asshole throat is always a good thing. Nice work.


Thank you! ^^
I do like smexy badass woman, but eh, for this one I prefer something other than (forced) skimpy. I can't fully picture it but I think her outfit could look a bit more intricate on some parts later, just on the right parts I hope and not way too intricate in every spot XD

The story was fine XP I loved the bit where the poor scholar guy was getting mocked for mocking the simplistic superhero name XD

Oh goodness that character design, it's fantastic!


Thanks, Ry. I was so nervous about posting the story, since there are a lot of expert fiction/story writers on Steemit. But I'm glad that you think it's fine ^^

Oh goodness that character design, it's fantastic!

This isn't even her final form!

Nice model, congrats

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Thank you

This is so cool, your fiction writing is very readable and I wouldn't have guessed English was a second language. And the character design is great, very clean design and she is totally evocative of a swift and silent killer :) Really top notch mate! [oops tried to add some extra love with tipu curate but I see you already got tipu curate'd :joy:]


Thank you very much for your feedback! I wasn't so sure about posting the story I almost removed it entirely from the post, but I'm glad people find it ok, although not great, I hope it's a good start for me. And thanks for thinking it worth to get curated! ^^

It turned out great! I think that inventing a story is the right approach to come up with a unique and interesting design! Well done!


Yep, I do try to keep the character and the story stay true to each other. It would be bad if she's strangely different from what the story has to say about her.
Thank you~


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Very good! I like that you demonstrated several poses - so the people can see you did a good job at the "weigth paint", too. Nice work dude!

(Thank you for the advice with the SteemArtistsDiscord! See you there!)


Weight painting is such a headache! So I'm glad you find it very good, thank you so much!


I'm completely with you! Because this i mentioned. ;-) Steem on!


Wow thanks!