WIP 3d Character Fanart: Carl Johnson

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Not sure if it's just for the nostalgic reason, or because GTA: San Andreas is simply *that* memorable, way more than the all shiny and next gen GTA V that I decided to make a fanart of CJ instead of Franklin or Michael or Profane Philips, or the main characters from the other games in the series too. Like that one guy who keeps getting phone calls from his cousin to go bowling every 5 minutes, for example.

This 3d fanart was made for my contest entry for one of @archdruid's gaming contests, but shit happened and I decided to go bowli-
I mean my computer went broke all of a sudden and I was having a hard time fixing it. But now that I'm back online, I'm gonna share this guy in here. 

CJ hi-poly sculpt

My aim is to make CJ look more stylized, unlike the original model, but still recognizable as the same character--Carl Johnson of Grove Street--wearing the same clothes that he has at the beginning of the game; white tank-top and blue jeans with that cringeworthy sticking out underwear.

So if he doesn't look very much like the same dude who stared at Big Smoke in disbelief as he made his iconic drive-thru order to you, that's because I made him look, well, stylized. But I hope he won't look too unrecognizable once the textures are applied either.

The Props

Then there's this bike, which initially wasn't a part of the plan because I was afraid I won't be able to finish this in time if I add more things. But now since there's no contest deadline to worry about, I decided to make it to give more nostalgic feel, remembering when we took that one BMX parked on an alley where CJ got thrown out of the car to by the d-hole police officer Tenpenny. He was voiced by Sam L. Jackson, by the way. In case you didn't know all this time...

Micro Uzi

I finished hand-painting the SMG. As you can see above, there's not much details there. I'm not gonna make an excuse like "there's not much details so it looks like the old PS2 graphic version".

It's intentional because I decided to just make it quick so I can move on to my other unfinished characters, but still not making it look shabby and lazy. Although, it probably does look kinda crap. I tried my best, okay! And it can be seen by the worn out look which what I was going for.

Almost Done!

What's left to do is baking the hi-poly details to the low-poly model, which, by the time I'm finishing this post it's already been done. Then onto the fun part, which is texture-painting process. Wheee colouring ~

If not for those cartoony muscles I imagine he'd look like a chibi character and his name would be Chibi Johnson. While I'm happy with the overall shape, I have a bad feeling about the slightly tilted foot. I hope it won't pose too big of a problem during the rigging process.

The BMX and the character for size reference

There are 5 more on-going projects next to this one that I'll share later. Yes 5. As if I have all the time in the world. After this guy is finished, next model to post will be the first one that is ready to be posted which I hope will be the one I made for a certain web spinner around here. 

But for now, I'll leave you with this clip to trigger your memory of the good old days a little. Thanks for visiting my post!


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I'd choose your cakes over a number 9 large anytime

I don't recognise character because I didn't play the game XD All the models including the hand painted one are looking all right so shush you XP

All I remember of any of the GTA games is watching my cousins make a tank fly by shooting the ground and also constantly having to uninstall it from the PCYC computers when there was a games room (there were links to child-friendly game sites and also Minecraft but because there are always small kids everything has to be G rated or PG at the most, I don't know whether the older kids wre just trolling or were that pathetically desperate to play GTA that they refused to take a hint XD).


Probably the latter. I used to be like that too when I first found out that there's a game where you can do anything (well, not ANYTHING, but you know what I mean) freely.

Thanks, Ry. ^^ It looks alright to me too, but I just think that I could have added more details.

All you had to do was follow the damn train, CJ!

Great work, I wish I had that kind of skills.


Thank you!
Surely you can have that too, if you're interested in that particular skill, that is :>