Portrait of a Portrait by @mintcoma Painted by @mrblinddraw

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Portrait of a Portrait by @mintcoma Painted by @mrblinddraw

You’ve been #blinddrawn @mintcoma


I zoomed in on this one to draw, this was different than normal and I think it kind of worked. I find that the more detailed work I do, the more cartoony it turns out.

I left a lot to the imagination here by not trying to paint the shapes even that closely to what they appear. Just the general feeling as if it were the peripheral vision or the corner of your eye that sees that. I actually took a slightly flatter approach to this and made her hair relatively monotone and just slightly shaded. Going back, this would have been probably the best portrait I've done if I used actual paint and gold leaf on her hair. It's still, but parts of it feel dynamic. Like the wind is blowing, or you can smell the pine trees around her.


Original Photo

This is an interesting one for me. Her eyes are closed and that allowed me to play with the basics of her wardrobe. Her hair is so beautifully flowing. Golden, and varying in tones. This just feels really sweet and fun. Simple. I feel like you get a lot of what her personality could be just from this pose and outfit.


Who am I?

I am an artist who finds portrait photographs of people on social media, paints them, and posts it. I love the reactions and surprises that it gives people. I think there's a sense of self-esteem boost when someone is painted (even when there are mistakes or it doesn't look identical to them). The goal of my art is to surprise and spread love.

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