Why Blizzard was RIGHT to do what they did!

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This is #oldnews but i still wanted to talk about it a bit.

What basically happened a few days ago is that Blizzard took away the prize money and banned a pro-Hearthstone player for his remarks about the Hong Kong protests. He yelled out something like: "Free Hong Kong" at the end of a interview.
I wont pretend to know exactly whats going on in Hong Kong but thats besides the point.

Once Blizzard banned the player everybody lost their damn minds and the crypto world saw and opportunity. lol

Censorship! Freedom of Speech! bla bla bla.

Look. All that is fine and great but i completely understand Blizzard. If you were to put gaming and e-sports on the same level as pro sports then i have no problem with what Blizzard did.

Politics have no room in sports!

When they do, that leads to a lot of shit. Trust me on that because the war in Croatia "started" on a football pitch.

1848899_screenshot20_lss 1.webp

I mean just look at the Football game recently between Albania and Serbia and the flag that was flown in on a drone and what happened afterwards.


Oh, but LB, they are oppressed in China and it sucks there....

That might be true, i dont know, but that is a slippery slope. If spreading political messages on a gaming/sports platform was ok, then whats stopping someone else from doing it as well? Someone you dont agree with.....
What if it were conflicting ideologies that clash?
Is the ban only bad if you agree with the person being banned?

Everybody should be allowed to say what they want to say!

No. That hurts the blizzard brand. They made a game, not a political platform. Would you want a liberal pro player stand up and preach? How about a white supremacist? A feminist? How about a Jehovah witness? How about a Iranian patriot alongside an American patriot?

They should all shut the fuck up.

Blizzard banning the guy was the right thing to do.
What their motivations were i dont know but if i were them id do it for the above reasons.
I might not agree with the extent of the punishment but there should be no place for politics in sports and those that enforce the rules should enforce them in that direction.

People are dumb and that fact is true where ever you go. Businesses having control over their brand is a must for being successful and keeping the focus on what they created.

But kudos to Gods Unchained for their brilliant marketing response.

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Blizzard was dumb and should have used the "no political activism" clause versus saying that the persons were "offending groups of people and hurting company image".


I think thats basically what they meant with that statement but they dealt with the issue really badly. They should have stated it as you put it.
Their PR team should be fired.



The official statement was pure trash. Using emotive language was also pretty unprofessional.

You are spot on here. Politics has no place in sport, nor plenty of other places either.


That clause should have been in black and white as part of the agreement when parties chose to participate in their events, so it was curious that Blizzard used the "public image" instead.

Bad PR, or stupidly incompetent legal team. Every major company should have that clause in their contracts.

Still the guy won fair and square why not give him the prize money?

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As i said I might not agree with the extent of the punishment but im not sure as to how their prize pool functions. I mean, they could say that its not his until its in his bank account.


Blizzard might as well just limit their e-game tournaments to inside China's borders and let the CCP pick the winners based on how patriotic they are.

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Neither the CCP or the free hong kong movement or anyone else should use a game as a platform for their politics.

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I can see interesting possibilities if they were to boost/handicap players based on their social credit score.

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What did they do?

But kudos to Gods Unchained for their brilliant marketing response.


They invited the player to their game.

Not sure if the guy accepted it, but it's a smart offer.

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