Floyd _not_ killed by Chauvin after-all?

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It now seems possible that George Floyd was NOT killed by Chauvin leaning on his neck, since Floyd complained of lack of breath BEFORE being pinned. This reminds me of fairly common cases I came across in which drugs and perhaps the tension of being arrested led to death even though force that would normally prove lethal was not applied.

If that turns out to be the case, what can we expect from the revolutionary Left?

  1. A big Gilda Radner "Never mind?"
  2. Another day, another cover up.
  3. But Trump's tweets!
  4. Defund Doctors!
  5. Back to the roots of the Cultural Revolution -- attack teachers! (No, wait, we ARE teachers.)
  6. The Jews are poisoning the wells! (Sorry, did I really fall asleep for seven centuries?)
  7. Don't worry. With 700,000 officers in America, tasked to deal with millions of career criminals, drug addicts, lunatics, drunk drivers, and domestic abusers, and everyone with a cell phone, and lots of people with guns and other weapons, there will always be enough confrontations gone bad that we can build a case to convince people who think in cherry-picked, viral images, rather than systematically or rationally, that the cops are evil and what we see around us happening in major cities when criminals and druggies are allowed to do as they please to whomever they please, is just a bad dream.

The nation burns, and nobody -- I mean NOBODY -- asked the most obvious questions, in public:

  1. What was Chauvin's motive?
  2. How could Chauvin have believed that he would get away with the crime, seeing that it happened in broad daylight, with witnesses and cameras?
  3. How do we know that Chauvin knew that what he was doing could cause imminent harm to Floyd?

Chauvin is a married man (married to a Lao woman). Did he just decide to destroy his wife's life that day, and his own? I don't see the MOTIVE. The footage suggests, also, that he was not the first or the main participant in the arrest, and that his involvement was not central until they subdued Floyd and got him on the ground.

All of that does not exculpate him morally, or exonerate him legally, but my Lord, what ever happened to "reasonable doubt"?

I kept telling people, "I have NO opinion on this, because I WAS NOT THERE."

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