Winner Announced for our GBB Ticket Giveaway!

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We are so excited to announce the winner of our ticket giveaway for the upcoming Global Blockbuilders Conference in Austin! Just as a reminder - we have a ton of great prizes available for those who decide to support this project with a Fundition donation. One of the items was that list was a pack of tickets to the event in Austin.

From our team, @coruscate will be a main stage speaker at this event and can't wait to connect with those who will be attending. The event is happening from April 10-13th in the heart of Austin, TX.

Here's a link to the event -

Our tentative soft launch date is March 31st and we can't wait to share all of our hard work with you guys! Check out our Fundition page to see a full list of all the awesome giveaways we are doing for people who donate to our campaign.

Drumroll Please...

I couldn't be more excited to pull @aussieninja's name out of the hat!! He has been a huge supporter of this project since day one and we are so grateful for not only his support, but enthusiasm for the project as well.

He is one of those great community builders here on Steem that can be seen all over the blockchain making content, getting involved in projects, and leaving meaningful comments for many other creators. Thank you for everything you do to make this blockchain a great place to be.

We will be in contact with you on how to claim your set of tickets!

Check Out Our Fundition Campaign

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We are very thankful to everyone who has supported our efforts by donation to our Fundition campaign thus far! As you can see, we've got some great rewards cooked into the program for you too.

We have 10 Donation Tiers with different rewards - including Shirts, Hoodies, Steem Fest tickets, Steem Monsters Packs, Global Blockbuilders Conference tickets and more. For those who want to help us fund the project, the tiers are as follows:

$10Valued Supporter$25Appreciated Supporter
$50Bronze Supporter$100Silver Supporter
$250Gold Supporter$500Platinum Supporter

$1,000 | Diamond Supporter

If you want to donate/sponsor/fund @Steemonboarding, click here to go to our @Fundition campaign

Let's reach mass adoption together!

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NO WAY!!!!!!!

Thank you so much @steemonboarding and @coruscate and @anomadsoul and @blockbuilders! I'm hugely, massively, totally excited to win this! To be honest it's the main reason I jumped up to a silver donation (what can I say, I love me some block building... globally)... but of course, it's wasn't a tough decision because I'm super mega sure that @steemonboarding might become the most important app for the entire blockchain.

Thank you so much!


Congrats!! See you there :)


Thanks JRB! I just went through your posts... and I have to say your license photo might be one of the best I've ever seen. So good! I'm laughing even as I type this.


Oh gawd....that thing...yikes! LOL....

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Hahah after reading @aussieninja’s comment I had to go scroll and check it out.

HILARIOUS!!! hahaha oh man, so good. 😂


woohoo ... congratulations @aussieninja !! truly deserving win !!!!!!


Soooo stoked that you won!!! See you in Austin!


Don't forget to bring my new BFF*!

*Bird Feathered Friend.. obviously


Hahaha brilliant. Oh and don’t you worry! We’ll keep him entertained for the plane ride over - then he’s ready for a little Portland adventure after Austin!


Congrats to @aussieninja! See you in Austin, bro.

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Thank you so much for your support @fundition!!