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Technology is evolving everyday, new innovations bring disruption and replace the old one. Technology has transformed humans from an uncivilized state to civilized state. Thanks to a new revolutionary technology called Blockchain. It's immutable, incorruptible and unhackable nature makes it more superior than any other existing technology. Blockchain has the capability to transform every sphere of our society, that's why the world is giving a very special attention to adopt it in every business workflow.

Indeed technology provides a huge variety of choices in every service that it is being implemented. But it is not easy for any new technology to spread it's legs in every sector in which it has potential capability to transform it. But history has proved that those technologies which had faced huge opposition at early stages are now ruling the entire world, I am talking about Internet; in the similar fashion blockchain and crypto space is on the same track and sooner people can't live without it.

Today internet of things in short called as IoT is about to change our lives. IoT sensor implementation will actively transform our every sector and brings more efficiently. Indeed IoT devices collect huge amount of data for analysation and hence provides very accurate results. Connecting blockchain and IoT will together revolutionize our lives.

Existing problems

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