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Many exchanges are facing a lot of problems due to hackers, loss of funds and mainly security. Several exchanges came into existence to solved a target problem surfacing from exchanges at that moment but all the measure steps are not up to our expectation. Today, I will lie to discuss cryptonity, an exchange that aims at solving the problems of security, high transaction fees and others. Firstly, an exchange can be a marketplace where traders trade cryptocurrencies. An exchange can be decentralized, centralized or hybrid exchange.

A centralized exchange proffer limited offers of its traders. The administrators has to spend day and night to ensure the security of the platform.

A decentralized exchange gives all traders control of their funds. All traders are responsible for their loss of fund. This exchange is not handling by any administrator.


CO-DEX is a decentralized exchange that supports different native cryptocurrencies. The exchange is initiated upon the IBC innovation that is created by Cosmo Network. This exchange will allow all traders to trade any tokens from different blockchain.

CO-DEX Platform

As I said earlier, the exchange is built on Cosmo Network,which allow the listing of different token regardless to their respective blockchain. The priority of this exchange is the security, traders will have full control of their assets and they are allowed to transacts any tokens of their choice without limitation.

CO-DEX exchange is the exchange that offered Zero fees of transactions. Traders won’t be charge addition fees apart from the stipulated fees for making transactions. They will be able to transfer, make orders, and transact without charging any fee. This approach makes the exchange one in the crypto community. An exchange with lowest fees ever gotten in the crypto community.

CO-DEX platform will be user-friendly for the users to trade. This interface will be accessible to users with different device. The platform will be compatible for ledger and metamask users. CO-DEX differs from other decentralize exchanges due to its utilization of innovations & features of the Cosmo Network.
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Features of the platform

 NO fees
No addition fees will be charge when making transactions apart from from the blockchain fee for making transaction. Traders are given priviledge to take control over the transaction fee for making payment.

 Multiple order Fulfilment
Traders has three option of setting their orders:

  1. Market order
  2. Limit order
  3. Stop order

 Cross chain transaction
The utilization of Cosmo network makes CO-DEX a neutral exchange that support different tokens apart from ethereum based tokens. Traders won’t have to rely on third-party for the approval of tokens from one chain to another. Cosmo network is provided by tendermint consensus which is more faster compare to PoW.

CO-DEX token

CO-DEX token with a tracker COD1 is the main token that facilitates and fuels the exchange. This token will be used to perform transactions with other third parties of the exchange partnership. Traders holding COD1 tokens will be rewarded with all the tokens listed on the exchange on a proportional ratio.
Token symbol: COD1
Total supply: 250,000,000 COD1
Token type: ERC-20
Initial value: 0.05 USD

Token allocation

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