Announcement of the launch of IEO ADAB Solutions on BitForex exchange!

3년 전

Dear members of BitForex,
BitForex will officially launch an event to sell ADAB Solutions’ tokens as part of the IEO on April 23. Users will be able to purchase ADAB tokens which are paired to ETH. The secondary trading market will open until May 25, 2019.

I. IEO details
Date of sale: April 23, 2019 17:00. — April 27, 2019 17:00 (GMT + 8)
Price: 1 ADAB — 0.00057471 ETH
Available volume: 20,000,000.00 (5.8% of the total token volume)
Blocking period: None.
Purchase limit for 1 user: No limit.


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Never miss out such a promising crypto project like Adab Solutions, A project that has a huge potential in the crypto industry.

Deep analysis of the project will give an opportunity to use the tools of Islamic finance for all users, regardless of the race and religion.

The time is ripe the time is hear get some Adab.

This is good news the “first IEO on 5 top exchange in the world” and if the IEO was successfully implemented it will list simultenously on the top 5 exchange. thats awesome AdabSolution will reap the best result in no time.

Bear is over , this is the right time to invest in a viable investment , invest with ADAB SOLUTION , dont miss this great investment opportunity, IEO is live on Bitforex Exchange , join us now

ADAB created Islamic cryptoexchange. It is worth noting that this is the first exchange in the world that complies with all the laws and rules of Muslims.

ICO rating, listing, calendars with details on the top ICOs. Including the ICOs from various industries. All the dates, documents, roadmaps, and the team members are available there

I think you have a better chance of finishing this very quickly. You're strong. Therefore, you will succeed.

I am sure that the project will give you much returns on your investment as it is the best investment platform. It is a crypto exchange designed to provide investment security.

Let's go grab fast guys!
IEO still open till now and you can full your bag right now!

Do not miss this opportunity to take part in the big project, ADAB Solutions. Based in UAE, the project follow Islamic laws and give a complete security to your investment.

As predicted by crypto pundits, the year of 2019 will be a good year for crypto, forcing out bearish trend. This time is perfect to invest and investment in the ADAB Solutions will be a wise idea.

BitForex is a great crypto exchange. i will follow the news further and I want the team to succeed. I have been trading on this exchange for a long time and I think ADAB Solutions tokens will be sold out quickly

Your decision will be right if you invest in the first Islamic crypto exchange. Its goals, team are perfect and there are higher recommendations by the crypto experts for the project.

This project is very important, interesting, exclusive and attarctive. Everyone likes this project. I wish this project would be successful.

I find it so easy to buy tokens from IEO

I am happy to see ADAB Solutions launched on BitForex exchange. Wish you a successful blockchain project by following Islamic principles.

IEO at BitForex will take place in 4 days. I think 4 days is a long time for those who want to buy and hold ADAB - potential token. Hope success will to with this IEO round

That is a great news ! When your project is launch of IEO on bitforex exchange , many people will know you and buy your token as soon as . Fortunately, they will share your friend and ADAB solution must have a big reward for them .

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Adab has very huge potential, IEO is set on five exchanges. Please don't miss this!

Goodluck team and hope that you could have a successful IEO!

the implementation of the ADAB Solutions project will create a global infrastructure, that operates on the principles of Islamic finance, and the community that regulates the development of Islamic crypto-economics.

Congratulations @adabsolutions!
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Competitors will have to move faster, if they wish to keep up with project. I really appreciate projects that have strong & global vision.

Wonderful and promising project ADAB Solutions is the first Islamic cryptocurrency exchange considering Sharia norms!Good luck team!

Here I found the ICO project. We will get acquainted with the white sheet, to be honest, a very promising Bounty, be sure to participate, which I advise you. #adabsolutions #IEO #ICO #ADAB #cryptocurrency #blockchain

Great job for Adab Solutions team. Having an IEO in 2 exchanges is a great move to acquire more investors. These exchanges have a huge market which is a big advantage for Adab Solutions.

This will be the start of success for Adab Solutions. Their IEO will surely help them to raise funds successfully in order to implement their valuable product platform.

Finally, you can buy tokens of such a promising platform that allows you to protect the investments of many people and offers only the best projects for this!

Adab Solutions project, creates a global eco-system. Which is based on the Blockchain technology and is focused on people professing Islam.

I see the value of this token going up drastically after the IEO since their solution is ready and there is a ready market for it especially in the MENA region of the world.

Wow, tokens of a promising platform that allows you to protect the investments of many people can now be bought, This will be the start of something new, Adab Solutions will surely raise funds successfully in order to implement their valuable product platform.

I strongly recommend this project to anyone who is looking for good investment opportunities! The stunning concept of the project and a strong team are the undeniable competitive advantages of this project!

I see that this number of people supports a large number of people, so I am on the right track too! I'm interested in you

This is truly unique and very progressive - the creation of a global infrastructure that works on the principles of Islamic finance!

The project is becoming more popular every day! There is a high probability that the project will become a market leader. Your idea is very interesting and will surely benefit for all mankind!Take a look at this company!

ADAB Solutions is a Perspective Project with a Professional Team, I think in the future awaits him a Big Growth !..

When I learned about this company, immediately decided that this is what I need, and having studied more details and deeper, I realized that was not mistaken with a choice, now I'm a customer and I recommend to everyone as well!

Bitforex Exchange are one of the top exchanges in the world and I'm very amazed that Adab solutions will launch their IEO on this exchange. Best of luck to the project.

I'm sure that we all can earn a lot of money here, since this project has a huge potential for development, the team that works on this company is technically clever people !!!!

Bitforex is a good platform to launch an IEI, ADAB launching on many platforms is a sign of high level commitment by team. They will sure deliver in their whitepaper

Doing IEO means the team is adapting to the changes in the industry and this is a good sign for the future of the project

#AdabSolution Project is a complete Game Changer, they are taking cryptocurrency exchange operations to another great level. IEO is live on Bit-z and Bit-M

Exchangers . Join now and be part of this amazing Revolution. Its going to be very HUGE!!! #ADAB #adabsolutions #ieo #ico #cryptocurrency

Get ready to raise profit from this project, very potential project.

I really like the project and their ambitious concept! I think they have great chances to achieve impressive results in the nearest future! You should have a look at it

Great project, I think this exchange will excel being first of its kind

Now you need to take care of the trust of the community to your team and the prospects of your project.

This is a very necessary project. If the developers manage to implement all their plans-it will be a great success, and we will be part of it.

Get ready. Let's go! ADAB will show high results! Lets see how fast it will be sold out.

The technology that this project beings onboard is highly unprecedented, and to be frank, there is no project that comes close to what it's set out to do. Awesome project it is

On the market of cryptocurrency, because of its cyclical nature, there is always an opportunity for investors to invest at the lowest cost of a particular token! As a rule, there is a growth after the fall, which justifies the costs! Invest now!

One of the cardinal focus of Adab solutions is to provide a financial service that is fair to all regardless of status. To achieve this, Arab solution is deploying a financial platform based on blockchain and managed on the principles of sharia.

ADAB Solutions is the first IEO in the world, which will be held on at least 5 exchanges simultaneously and upon completion will make a listing on at least 5 exchanges from TOP-15 exchanges.

Hopefully I will buy it this time, but why is there no IEO style, first come first serve or evenly distribute it to all participants. And I dont know what ‘’no purchase limit for a user’’ means, I mean is min purchase?

By purchasing ADAB tokens now and participating in a project designed for a large community, you not only share with us the benefits of entering the new fast-growing market of Islamic crypto-economics, but also contribute to the development of a new areas.

The system provides protection for projects from pumps, dumps, margin trading and market manipulation.

For those who appreciate the breakthrough in the industry and the prospects for stable earnings through their investments – be sure to note the solution #ADAB.

#ADAB is one of the most promising options for a decentralized platform to work with. Interesting offers for users and developers, there is every chance for success.

The day we’ve all been anticipating is finally here, hoping the outcome of the IEO would be successful and help Adab gather a reasonable amount of funds on Bitforex to help achieve its goals. Endeavor to participate!

Congratulations, we all waited for it. Excellent selection of stock exchange for this event. I hope investors will support the project and help implement all the plans of the team.

An innovative project with a good idea and a strong team, it has everything you need to succeed

Very good news who engaged with ADAB. Never miss such excellent campaign.

Glad that was part of the team #ADAB. I wish to collect the necessary amount on #IEO, all chances for this really are.

This is great news. ADAB will conduct its IEO on the BitForex exchange; this already speaks volumes, including success. I think that this opportunity should not be missed, but it is imperative to engage in participation.

Yes ADAB solutions technology is very extraordinary compared to what the other exchanges can offer. I'm sure they will be one of the top exchanges in the space.

ADAB developed the first Islamic crypto exchange based on Sharia norms. This is a very important and necessary decision for millions of Muslims all over the world. Opportunity for those who want to buy ADAB cheaply before it lists on major exchanges. A great project.

A good project with practical ideas. I carefully read the information on the website of this project, the potential for success is huge.I am sure that the company wants to take a leading place in the world! I think everyone should join.

Visit the official website of the project and meet the developers of ADAB Solutions. These are experienced people who can be trusted. For the understanding of the concept suggest to read the White paper. Join today, it's a good investment for the future.

I remind you, the last few days of IEO #ADAB are coming – do not miss the chance to become an investor of an ambitious project that guarantees solid growth in the near future.

Does anyone know the limit of investment per participant on bitforex? Is this exchange need kyc as well? Im planning to enter for adab, I prefer bitforex over bit z and bit m.