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📌Heavy investments lead to costly products that reduce the availability of the mass.
📌Technology is too complex to develop. You need more money and brains to team up to create a deterrent to entry for new players.
📌Since most research and development is proprietary in nature, there is rarely an exchange that delays progress.

Due to all of the above reasons, the use of robots is still limited to niche segments, mainly in industrial applications.
Regardless of all these failures, there were some who made an effort to make this dream of "a Robot in every home" a reality. One of them was one of them. They introduced the "Ohmni" home robot to connect families through the video "telepresence".
Is Ohmni interesting? You can learn more about the project or order it here.

So, what is Cambria?

To realize the dream of "a Robot in every home", Omni laid the Foundation by introducing an ambitious Blockchain project called Cambria.

According to the Technical paper, Cambria (named after the Cambrian Explosion) can be summarized as

"Cambria is the first block project to create an open innovative platform that allows and encourages cooperation in the field of research and development, production and commercialization of advanced technologies with an emphasis on AI & Robotics applications in the consumer space»,

In simple words, Cumbria will build an open source blockchain, where both developers and manufacturers can benefit mutually by collaborating with each other. All contributions will be stimulated through the kat tokens. Over time, associated with the continuous exchange of knowledge with the platform, it will become a one-stop shop for robotics with a collection of thousands of repositories in any field of robotics.

With the help of this platform
Developers can receive and receive compensation for their contributions
Companies will not need to invest in heavy R & d as they can benefit from a pool of knowledge. New startups will be very useful as they eliminate costly entry barriers.
End users will be able to have their own "low cost" robot»,

For further understanding, let's take a look at the Cambrian ecosystem from the layman's point of view
As you can see, the heart and brain of the ecosystem is a "Codebase", which is written in a modular language, where all the necessary tools for creating a robot are combined. Developers can work with a specific component and send it back to the code base and get rewarded in tokens.

If the developer wants to get the parts, they can use the kambria Alliance service and get the job done from any part of the world. Once the part is delivered, the manufacturer will be paid also in tokens.

Another component of the ecosystem is the innovative market of Cumbria. There will be open competitions and challenges. Whoever offers the best solution will be rewarded with a few tokens. This will accelerate the development of robotics, as the solutions will return to the platform. So any company that wants to start a revolution in robotics should just visit the platform and use the knowledge stored in it, not start from scratch.

Road map

So far, the Team corresponds to the task "Road map". The platform is currently expected to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2008.


Cambria is headed by the founder and CEO of Dr.Thuc Vu. The team is well balanced with a wealth of experience in robotics.

Cumbria is also well supported by advisors with rich experience in the blockchain world, which includes leaders from the Tomochain network, HASHED, Kyber, etc.

Sign of Cumbria (KAT)

Cambria (KAT) is a native token to the Cambrian ecosystem. Currently, marker utilities, based on ERC20, will be sold on the market, Cumbria. Moreover, KAT will be used for other purposes such as a reward for awards management (voting), pay for licensing, etc. Considering the future of the project, there is a high probability that Kambria will also launch its own network.

Partnership relation

Cumbria is well supported not only from the industry but also from the best names in the academic world such as Stanford University, Nanyang University of Technology, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.

Token metrics

📍So far, very limited information about Token labels has been published. Currently available data
📍Purpose of fundraising: US $ 19 million
📍Total tokens to be issued: 5 000 000
📍Type: ERC-20

Cambria is not without competition. In such region there are already projects such as Project PAI Singularitynet, etc. But none of them works in robotics, and none of them is working to create a platform which in future will be a "one-stop shop", giving Cumbria an advantage over others.

For more information, please contact:

✉Web site: https://kambria.io/
✉Technical document: https://kambria.io/Kambria_White_Paper_v2.pdf
✉Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/kambriaofficial
✉Telegram (KOR): https://t.me/KambriaKorea
✉Telegram (VIE): https://t.me/KambriaVietnam
✉Telegram announcement channel: https://t.me/kambria
✉Kakao talk: https://open.kakao.com/o/gcUpSEQ
✉Twitter: https://twitter.com/KambriaNetwork
✉Facebook: https://facebook.com/KambriaNetwork
✉Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KambriaOfficial/
✉Email: info@kambria.io

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