OOOBTC and its advantage

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  OOOBTC is a gateway and a platform for exchange of cryptocurrency. OOOBTC provides a variety of system functions to its users-spot trading, futures trading, trading through the counter, trade through the whole network and decentralized trade.
  This trading platform also satisfies the needs of its investors. OOOBTC has a reliable security mechanism and a reliable base system that provides investors with a reliable and successful trading experience.
  Security is the first place in the OOOBTC trading platform. It offers its users-various precautions-cold storage, two-factor authentication and encryption technology to encrypt the data of each user's personal account, the limit on the withdrawal of funds from Unverified or new users.

These features fully protect user operations.

  • Support of different languages. The exchange supports different types of languages: English, Chinese Traditional, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese Simplified, Indonesian, Russian. These languages unite interested users around the world in one place.
  • Exchange OOOBTC offers access to trade with different pairs of cryptocurrency. The main cryptocurrency in the list are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether.
  • Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Listing of rare cryptographic coins.
  • Provision of own cryptowallets for storage of all coins traded on the stock exchange.
  • Fully customizable trading terminal with interactive charts and indicators.
  • Low commissions. OOOBTC has a low trading commission in
  • OOOBTC has its own OBX token. This token is used to pay Commission on this exchange. This token is represented on three exchanges.
  • Protection against fraud and theft of finance users. The platform uses the "Google Authenticator" algorithm

  The trading platform, though not found popularity among American and European users, but it is successfully used by users from Asian countries. Users love this platform for intuitive interiors, reliable protection system. The platform released its own OBX token in the number of 3 billion and 35% of them goes to the participants of various bounty and incentive programs. These rewards have a fruitful impact on the growth of the number of users.

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