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  Hacking Crypto Purses questioned all the reliability of storage of large crypto assets on decentralized cryptowallets. All this is due to the fact that the attackers are informed that a large amount of cryptocoins is stored on a particular cryptopurse. In this regard, wallets with a large number of coins are at the highest risk of hackers. It is the hacking of large wallets that stops many major investors from taking part in the crypto industry.
  And what happens if hackers don't know what sums the users are transferring among themselves? All transactions related to the crypto assets will be completely inaccessible to third parties. It turns out that hackers and attackers will not be able to physically or technically know on which purses it is expedient to make attempts of hacking and luring of crypto assets of users.

Project Veil – Hides information about transactions between users and makes the storage and translation of crypto coins completely anonymous and confidential.

  The success of Veil Project is ensured by:


  • Using the safest software for blockchain-Bitcoin 0.17.1
  • Technology to reduce the size of Bulletproof transactions.
  • Inability track the transaction to its original node in the network (Dandelion privacy technology)
  • Providing full anonymity at any time, using the RingCT protocol.

Veil Wallet is one more feature of Veil Project.

  You can download the purse here. The wallet has a convenient and understandable interface for the user and contains a list of unique features:

  • Supports work on Windows, Linux and MacOS. It is planned to create purses available for work on iOS and Android.
  • Possibility to use "paper purses", it allows to use the purse without connection to the Internet.
  • Easy start of the Proof-of-Stake straight from the crypto wallet. PoS will allow you to receive a reward for each unit you have found through your wallet. To start mining it is necessary to have at least 10 Veil coins on the purse.
  • Use of unique deterministic control phrases such as BIP-0039 and BIP-0044, to restore the purse.
  • Inability to track the addressees of transactions.
  • Decreases the amount of information stored on the disk. Technology is used to reduce the amount of information stored on the disk. By clipping transactions that do not concern the crypto wallet holder.

Veil is represented on the market only since January 1, 2019 and already shows excellent growth potential.

Veil offers a full list of opportunities to get Veil Coin.


  Veil contains the best possibilities for safe operation in the crypto environment. The project took and applied the best developments from the large and successful crypto coins Zerocoin and Monero. Veil Project is developing so rapidly, because it is an innovative way to store, transfer and mining cryptocurrency. Veil Wallet will not be able to be hacked because attackers will not be able to track its location. Privacy and anonymity are the areas that users are willing to invest in.

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