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  The market of blockchain programs and technologies in a short time became not just a hobby of programmers-enthusiasts. This is already a multi-billion dollar business sphere of large companies and investors.
  Blockchain technology itself implies anonymity and confidentiality, but a multitude of burglaries and thefts of cryptofinance have challenged the security of the technology itself.
  It is these doubts, which are solved by the few popular blockchain products-anonymous crypto coins. But every new development brings something new and perfect. Each new product lowers the older product by 1 step below. And the project Veil is just a project that raised the level of anonymity and privacy to a new level and will constantly support it and only improve.
  Why should we follow new developments in security, anonymity and privacy? Progress and improvement does not stand still, and hackers constantly improve their methods and methods of gaining access to crypto assets. And every new successful project introduces something more modern to the crypto industry.
  Whatever the product is constantly improved, it is required that this product has its own permanent professional team of programmers and developers.

  Veil Project ( is just such a project. Veil is a new stage of ensuring the confidentiality and anonymity of users, with all possible operations with cryptocurrency (purchase, Exchange, storage and mining).
  Almost all products releasing the initial product, do not try to improve it and over time their development loses relevance. But Veil-has a permanent team of developers in its Arsenal - Veil Labs (


  Veil Labs is a team of experienced and successful programmers. Veil software products are not products that can be seen in a year. Veil Labs is a product that will keep up with the times.

  James Barden - is the founder of Exobit, zDex, Veil.
  Tom Bradshaw-participated in successful blockchain projects zDex, PIVX, HyperStake.
  Jeremy Anderson-developer of PoW, took part in the developments of Ravencoin, ZelCash, PivX.
  There are more than 20 programmers and professionals in the team. The full list of Veil Labs is available here. This command will apply the most relevant, new and effective protection technologies for Veil Project.


Veil Project is:
1. Continuous confidentiality: Thanks to the implementation of the Protocol RingCT VEIL is able to provide the user's transactions with a plump anonymity, whatever transactions the user did not do.
2. VEIL was launched as bitcoin and some other popular cryptocurrency. He had no ICO, IEO, Pre-mine-which completely equalized the miners. No one has the advantage of receiving rewards.
3.51% resistance to attack: VEIL has a hybrid POW and POS mechanism that protects against 51% attack in any case. Many other coins are vulnerable to ATAKB 51%, and the beginning of such an attack on them is not much expensive
4.Veil mining is efficient and safer for the network. All thanks to ASIC Stability: X16RT hash algorithm. For VEIL Mining, an improved version of X16R (first presented by Ravencoin) is used.
5. The presence of a hybrid consensus mechanism PoW and PoS. This mechanism gives an opportunity to receive a reward, even the user who lacks technical capacity for PoW. In the plans from January 2020to leave only PoS, as the subsequent issue of coins is strictly limited.


If you want to learn more about VEIL:

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