An Evaluation of Usechain’s Core Professional Team

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The era of digitalization is here with us; and as such, we must move in line with the trend of the time. Part of such digitalized era gave birth to the development of the Usechain project which we are about to discuss below.

You will agree with me that having the right knowledge about something takes you a step closer to success; this is why we need to evaluate holistically the professional team of Usechain project. But before then, below is a brief introduction to the Usechain project.

Usechain aims at building the world’s first mirror identity blockchain ecosystem, linking the real-world identity to the accounts of the mirror world on the chain. Usechain's blockchain will enable the identity chain to attain a huge transaction capacity that will enable it to provide support for multitudes of users concurrently, greatly improve the speed of confirming transactions and block speed, as well as enhancing virtual machines.

Just like the saying that behind every successful project, there are a couple of talented and professional individuals who work hard to ensure the success of the project. It is to this end that I introduce the Professional team of Usechain.


The professional team members of the Usechain project are drawn from a various facet of life. They consist of individuals from the different facet of life which are experts spanning decades on their various roles. Find their list below;

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Henry CAO - The CEO and Founder

Henry holds his PhD at Yale University. He is the founder of the Usechain project. He once taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and the University of California, Berkeley where he taught finance and business related course. He is also a founder of the first business program in China; finance professor at Cheung Kong Graduate business school; Head of the Department of Finance. He has great experience in Trade finance. He enrolled in his early years of education in University of science and technology China gifted class at 13years old.

Baohong SUN- The CSO and Co-founder

Baohong is the co-founder of the Usechain project. She obtains her BS from the University of China and a doctorate from the University of Science China. She was the chaired former professor at the school of business, an Associates dean, Carnegie Mellon University and an excellence chair professor in marketing. She was part of the editorial member of the board in the journals of marketing research unit.

Shengli ZHANG- Chief scientist

Professor Zhang is the Chief scientist of the Usechain project. He obtains both his BS and MS education from the University of science and technology, China; and his Doctorate from C.U.H.K.

Professor Zhang is also a senior blockchain specialist. In 2006, he presented his theory paper on ‘’Physical Layer Network Coding” at the International Mobicom Conference, introducing the idea and concept of network coding. Presently, the theory paper has been cited more than 2000 times, making the research study ‘’Physical Layer Network Coding’’ a hot topic.

Professor Zhang is passionate and committed to the development of our future blockchain. His faith in blockchain has led him to believe that blockchain technology will pave the way toward the next technological revolution.

Feng ZANG - The Senior Financial Advisor

Feng is the senior financial advisor of the Usechain project. He got his BS education from the TSINGHUA and Doctorate degree from UC Irvine.

He has more than 3 decades ample of experience in QHIF worldwide. His experience saw him to the position of asset management managing director at City group. He is an embodiment of knowledge especially in the aspect of finance. He was appointed the role of General Manager in the stock investment department of Bosera funds. Also the managing director for investment at BoCom- Schroders funds.

Erik XU – The COO

Erik is the COO of the Usechain project. He got a decade of experience in the internet and security information. He holds an MBA from Cheung Graduate Business School. He has worked in the time past with several groups such as the member of National Information Security and Big Data group.

Andy ZHOU – The Chief Technical Officer

Andy is the Chief Technical Officer of the Usechain project. He obtains a double degree honours from University of science and technology, China. His has wealth of experience in artificial intelligence and big data analytics; which enables him the former technical director in BEIJING electronics and CHU KONG technologies. He was also a senior engineer in HUAWEI.

Amanda SHEN - Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda SHEN is the chief marketing officer of the platform. She had her MBA from the Cheung Graduate School of Business. With decade years of experience in public relation and marketing, she is the public eyes of the Usechain project. She formerly worked as the marketing manager strategist of FedEx China.

Lin ZHAO - Chief Product Officer

Lin is the CPO of the Usechain project . He has close to a decade experience which spans across the internet and retail sector. He's richly experienced in platform building for horizontal e-commerce. O2O, products that are ecosystem friendly, and service specialist.

He is the Chief Product Manager of the leading O2O E-commerce, Bee Quick.


Usechain is the innovator of the first ever public based identity mapping blockchain. It has evolved to being a publicly built mirror based identity protocol of the blockchain which has such feature of facially recognizing and detecting users they login into the platform.

This great project was put together by a pool of talented and resourceful professionals with decades of experiences across different sectors.

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