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According to research, the global mergers and acquisition industry recorded a huge growth in the 1st quarter of 2018. The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) industry enable big and medium firm the room to increase their growth and add value to their business. Two companies could form an ally to become one. On the other hand, an organization could buy another smaller company and then absorb into the parent organization or even decide to run it as a subsidiary.

These processes and deals usually involve millions or billions of dollars. However, it is still discouraging to know that the current mode of operation of such a big industry is obsolete and has some flaws. A recent study shows that most businesses failed in the first five years of existence, and when this happens, the company also takes down their technologies, technical know-how and human capital and resources. Prior till now, it has been a “hard nut to crack” in finding the right market for buyers to locate sellers or vice versa. Then, major buyers don’t have a stable source of deals outside their network. However, if a seller and buyer quite often find themselves on a rare occasion, the complexity of the process like involving the services of a law professionals, financial advisors, appraisers, investment bankers make it boring and costly.

Another problem of the M & A includes cost difficulty, experts and counterparties are not easily accessible, challenges of intellectual properties, and a high transaction cost. All these challenges have caused many organizations to look away from the M & A process, and it is therefore evident that the current Mergers & Acquisition industry is in need of a total overhaul. Having realized the current challenges, Lexit aims to leverage on blockchain technology to address the current problems in the M & A industry by providing an enabling environment for Merger & Acquisitions transactions and processes. Lexit aims to provide a decentralized platform that will enable the seamless processing of M&A and IP transactions.


LEXIT platform will enable entrepreneurs to make a profitable trade from their copyrights, intellectual property and technology and also help in selling startups as a whole. With the help of blockchain tokenization and appraisement, the match-making of buyers and sellers to allow them to find each other even make LEXIT the needed solution for the Mergers & Acquisitions industry.

How LEXIT will help the Industry

Matchmakers and Global Partners: LEXIT will maintain a program of global partners of influenced players in the technological space. Its partners are equipped to reach out to their huge networks of business contacts which brings together a large number of sellers and buyers.

Providing Great Service: The projects enlisted on LEXIT will be analyzed, assessed, and verified with appraisers of an independent distributed network with the best industry expert. The service providers of LEXIT’s service are of high-quality contractors and screened which are subjected to a reputation system.

Features of LEXIT

LEXIT as a platform aims at fulfilling two main functions below:

Indigenous system: It helps brings an easy experience with the development of the company owns ecosystem in making the marketplace accessible and functional. For instance, LEXIT will ensure the use of rewards such as bonuses and incentives which will be used to encourage the participation on the platforms. It also provides offer the service of Legal Assistance to its user for M&A transactions.

Marketplace Accessibility: It creates a marketplace whereby users can offer their company startups and branches for sale. This is done through an advanced filter mechanism which enables intending buyers the privilege to scan the various opportunities to form an informed decision about what to invest in.

Workings of LEXIT M & A Marketplace

Firstly, sellers make use of the LEXIT web interface in creating their listing. Then a background check will be done in ensuring the legitimacy of the seller’s profile. Afterwards, the buyers will also use the LEXIT web in searching for the assets of interest. Assuming different offers from several buyers are available, the sellers will be open to options in going through the history of the transaction for each buyer; they will now be able to choose whom they intend doing business with.

This juncture, it’s necessary to use the app interface because it guides the sellers and buyers through the process for closing their deal. This can be done through the service of experienced personnel who have knowledge of the workings of things like value estimation, due diligence etc.

In conclusion, if the work is satisfactorily done; the LEXIT platform will enable the closing of the deal through the means of creation called the data entries. This records thoroughly the individualistic aspects of each transaction.

The Lexit token (LXT) will be issued in the form of an ERC20 token. It will function as a multi-utility token that will be used to fuel the Lexit ecosystem.

Total Supply: 160,000,000
Token ticket: LXT
Platform: Ethereum
Softcap: 2,000 ETH (already reached)
Current price: 1 ETH = 1200 LXT
Accepted currency: ETH

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Writer: Ammier
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