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I never bring an uninteresting topic here for you and trust me today. I found a great platform to talk about.

Every project in the crypto space is creating an easy way for mass adoption of cryptocurrency by finding solutions to real life problems using blockchain technology. So far we've gotten blockchain technology, a lot of projects has been trying their best to improve and simplify the usage for mass adoption, most have focused on users experience and providing a hassle-free services all wrapped around decentralization.

Been seeing different great projects doing great things but came across this wonderful project today and which led to this article.

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Everus world is a blockchain technology company pioneering the mass adoption of Blockchain Technology to provide Real-Life solutions problems.
This Blockchain Organisation has created a borderless infrastructure, with the aim of having a thriving, sustainable and global system which will in turn lead to a very wide range of blockchain and cryptocurrency usability to its users.

So, in short term, EVERUS enable so many opportunity in the blockchain industry and also finding ways to accelerate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency and at the same time focusing on the development of Everus World and its users satisfaction.



Everus Token generally known as EVR is the native token of the Everus World.
This is a token built on the Ethereum Network, it's an ERC20 token available for trading on 5 different independent exchanges, aside being an ERC-20 token built on the ethereum blockchain, EVR is available in the Everus wallet and also compatible with any software or hardware wallet that can store any Ethereum Network based token.

So many coins are not known within the crypto space because they are not built on a widely used network, not available nor compatible with any software or hardware wallet. Ethereum network is widely used and this is where EVR is built on, therefore making it available to everyone.

Everus World ecosystem is designed in a way that the only interaction in form of payment with its audience is in cryptocurrency, every product on Everus and services rendered will accept EVR as the prime cryptocurrency which gives EVR its use cases.

This is a brief explanation of Everus World and EVR Token.


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