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Hello Steemians!

I found something New today!

There's this network that have solved one of the major problem we face on Blockchain and crypto space as a whole. The uniqueness of every Blockchain project is the new thing it brings in terms of the problems it's able to solve for us. I personally don't appreciate any project that is created with no aim of solving a particular problem or without its own uniqueness.

I found a network which was created to simplify interaction between Blockchain Users and Decentralized world. This network has put in place everything needed for Users to interact with the Blockchain without worrying at all about the complexity of the system.
I am more than happy to announce to you that the issue of slow block confirmation has been solved by this network and users can have the best experience.

This is what brings us to talking about 👇 👇 👇


Matic Network ensures Scalable and instant blockchain transactions. It brings massive scale to Ethereum using an adapted version of Plasma framework with PoS based side chains. The main solution Matic provides is FASTER AND EXTREMELY LOW COST transaction which will be finalised on the main chain.


I will take you through Matic Features.


Scalability - Matic uses Decentralized plasma operator mechanism which will finally be completed on the main chain. This way scalability is possible

High Throughput - On a single Matic chain, up to 65,000 transaction per second which means it can scale to millions of transactions on a side chain tree architect.


User Experience - On Matic, you can have the best user experience as it has smooth UX abstraction from main chain to Matic chain which also supports WalletConnect.

Security - Matic chain operators are the Stakers and they delegate to POS system within the Matic Network.

Asset Interoperability - This feature is a coming soon feature. Assets on sidechains across various Blockchain will be interoperable by Matic Network.

One Stop DeFi Platform - Multiple protocols enabling extensive decentralized finance applications can be hosted on Matic Sidechains.

For Developers - You can also integrate Matic into your DAPPs with simple steps so your users can have smooth, fast and secure experience. Payment is settled on the Network anyday, anytime when needed. Read Doc



Having introduced Matic Network to us. Let's talk about Matic Staking Investment

Do you know that the most recent and newest trend in the crypto space is Staking. Many people have cultivated the habit of HODL because we want to hold coins we believe in for a very long time. But Holding coins for years with no ROI is not so wise. This is why different Blockchain networks are rolling out staking features for their users to get returns on the amount of coins they are able to invest their money whole they HODL for long term.

To join the Matic Network Staking, there are some important things you need to know. Important terms which needs to be understood if at all you want to join the staking and get rewards from your investments.

Firstly, you need to know who a DELEGATOR and a VALIDATOR is. Let's go 🚀


DELEGATORS are token holders, someone who has bought Matic token and is willing to stake for rewards but can't run a VALIDATOR Node of their own. To be able to get reward from staking, Delegators will have to delegate their tokens to a validator and get part of their revenue in exchange for their delegated tokens. This simply means Delegators get part of their validator revenue and on the other hand, since they share profit with their validators, they also share risks too.

Delegators are very important in this system because they are responsible for choosing a VALIDATOR and this way they are able to be part of the staking mechanism to help secure the network and earn rewards from staking.

All VALIDATOR take a some percentage of Delegators staking reward as commission which stands as their own gain since they are running the Node of Delegators behalf. But if you are a DELEGATOR and you delegate your token to Matic Foundation Node, you may not pay a percentage of your earnings as commission because they won't charge for commission.

Becoming a DELEGATOR in Matic Network is no big deal, there's no rules to become a DELEGATOR, all you need to do is get an Ethereum wallet and stack up some Matic token in it, even as low as 1 Matic.

How to Access and Log into Staking Dashboard

To become a DELEGATOR, you have to navigate to the staking dashboard, Here is the Testnet Link you can try with.


On the homepage there's a list which contains network statistics (total validators, total Matic token staked on the Network and rewards distributed so far) and just beneath will be a list of Validators you can choose from.

The delegation process will only begin after you connect the Ethereum wallet where you have the Matic you want to stake. This can be done in 2 ways, it's either you connect a mobile wallet (Matic Wallet) or you Connect to your meta-mask if you have the Ethereum wallet on your meta mask.


After logging in successfully, you can now begin your delegation process.

After logging in, you will have to return to the homepage and at the top, there's a description or banner saying, Become a Delegator. By clicking on this, you will get to the validator list on the homepage where you will see all list of Validators on Matic Network together with some other important information you need to know like commission rate, total Matic staked with each validator and other useful information which can be seen if you click on each validator to see. Beside each validator, there's a DELEGATE button.


After checking thoroughly and selecting which validator you'd like to stake with, you can now click on DELEGATE if you are on the homepage where all validator is showing or "DELEGATE NOW" if you are on Validator information page.


After clicking, you'd be taken to a page where you are required to fill in some information, such as the amount of Matic you are willing to stake, by filling in the amount of Matic you want in the "STAKE" field, you will be able to see the projected reward per checkpoint.


After doing this, you should click on DELEGATE NOW, after clicking, two confirmation will be sent hi your wallet for signing, once you sign and your staking is successful, you will get a Congratulatory message for confirmation.


This is to confirm that your are now a Matic Network DELEGATOR.

Your dashboard will display your some important information, your Matic balance, your staking and the rewards. You can stake with more than one Validator using same address and it takes 12 confirmation for your staking to reflect, so do not worry if it doesn't reflect immediately.

Claiming Reward as a Delegator

At a point in time, you will want to claim your reward, either to withdraw or restake rewards. Firstly, you have to click on "MY REWARDS" on the homepage, this will take you to the reward page where you will see the list of validators you have delegated to. This page will also be showing your reward from each DELEGATOR with two other options which are:

  • Withdraw Rewards
  • Stake Rewards


Your reward history is also available on the same page which shows what you did with your previous rewards, either withdraw to wallet or Restake.

By clicking on the first option which is "Withdraw Rewards", it means you want your reward from that particular validator you clicked on to go directly to your connected wallet. This will send confirmation to your wallet and once confirmed. Your reward will be sent to your wallet.

If you click on the second option which says "Stake Reward", it means you don't want to receive your reward in your wallet, rather you want to restake. This will send you 2 confirmation to your wallet, the first is to claim your reward and the second is to restake it for you.

Once you complete the restake process, after 12 confirmation, an update will show on your dashboard which must have added the new staking amount to your Matic balance and also your new reward.

Delegating Matic On Matic Network is that easy. What is stopping you from buying Matic and joining the Staking Train?

Nothing should stop you. Earn rewards from HODL. A word is enough for the wise.

This is Matic Network github link if you need to know more about Matic.
Here is a YouTube Video for you to watch.



I am Bee 🐝

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