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Hello Steemians!

This is a post introducing you to another cool product of ChangeNOW.


If you are an entrepreneur who believes in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, you will at a point in time think of having all your business transactions done in crypto.

You think this either for, transparency, convenience, risk associated with receiving cash or even because of tax.

We all seek for a more convenient and decentralize financial system and this is why we ever adopted Bitcoin in the first place.

Now, I have a GOOD NEWS!!! for you.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who sell products or provide services and you love to receive your payments in any crypto coin at all.

NowPayments is all you need


NowPayments allow users(mostly merchants) receive Bitcoin, Ethereum and so many other StableCoins as payment in their businesses either for goods sold or services provided with just simple integration into their system.

Features of NowPayments

  • Auto-Coin Conversion - As a merchant, you might be worried about receiving payment in crypto and there's a dump in price, ChangeNOW takes care of price fluctuation by doing Auto-coin conversion for you. So, you should worry less.

  • Instant Withdrawal - when you receive payment via NowPayments, the funds(coin) are transferred directly to your personal wallet, a wallet only you and you alone have access to.

  • 24 hours Payment Window - After creating a payment, you can take as much as 24 hours to complete transaction. No rush in transaction to avoid mistakes.

  • Stable Coins - There's no limit to what you can do on NowPayments, it's very possible to receive your coin to a Stable Coin wallet.
  • Simple API - NowPayments API is simple, transparent and hassle-free. Very Native Integration into your system.
  • Security- This is the most important and highest feature you'd want to see. NowPayments is a complete custody-free service. All your payments are received and converted into a coin of your choice to be transferred into a wallet only you have access to.
  • Regulation Compliance - Legal team always make sure all regulatory requirements are followed in other to make sure customers funds are SAFU with zero custody service.
  • 24/7 Support - When you encounter any problem, support team are very much ready at any time to take care of you and resolve issue as fast as they can.

NOW is the time to start using NowPayments. The services are completely custody-free and would serve you better.

Go here to start or message for further enquiries.

You can also see all other NOW products if you like.



I am Bee 🐝

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