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Introducing “The AlphaOmegaEnergy Global Small Business Deal.” "The AOE GSB Deal."

This is The "Minimum Ethical Standard Plan of Global Economic Leadership" that needs to be forefront of the Agenda 21 and SDG goals and all other economic initiatives.

We CLEARLY need capitalism on steroids more than ever before. As 4 BILLION people STILL have no access to clean drinking water, even to toilets, have no hope of ever being a part of industry 2.0 let alone 4.0, a world DEAD in just 11 years from "Climate Change" Claims all centralist voices putting their careers and reputations on promise of global doom extinction event in just 11 years, we clearly need drastic measures to deliver change for people.

"Free market Capitalism" is broken, clearly. I'm not against capitalism. I'm absolutely for capitalism. The problem is we never had any capitalism. That’s the problem. Where is all the capital? People keep saying there is plenty of capital but this is an absolute lie, as 9,999 out of 10,000 global startups never get any capital deals.

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I'll give you an example. We have 10 million startups, new businesses starting every year. This is the global number. Only 20,000 of those will EVER get a VC deal. In 10 years you have a hundred million companies and only 200,000 are able to get a deal. That's less than 0.2% in 10 YEARS. And we know that 90% of those that got a VC deal they fail. So clearly the VC model is broken. But it's still making profit because the wins on the winners are bigger than the losses. So there's enough capital? Bullshit.

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What's socialism's solution? Nothing. Socialism has never funded a single startup anywhere ever in all of human history. Communism never funded a startup. Communism never does VC deals. Communism never does impact investing or social Enterprise investing. Socialism does not invest in the stock market nor in Sovereign wealth funds and then spread those profits to the people. Socialism keeps everyone in slavery, in a crap job, with no opportunity to compete in the business world, and never funds anything or anybody. Socialism destroys Capital instead of making it and never democratizes any of the profits and holdings.

Instead what they do is they only tax and they want to tax more and more and more. They want tax to 90% but they pretended they're going to reallocate those taxes but as we all have seen and all know, that never happened. They pretend that they will do something for small businesses but it's only bullshit talk at election time to scam voters and never any other time. Small businesses they're all these poor people starting them so they can get ahead and socialists lie around election time that they will get more support but again that never happens.

They can't afford to make it in this day and age without capital. You can't afford to build machines without capital or cars or electric cars or solar their buildings or build a sustainable franchise or build a new product or build new technology and get it to the market with no money. It takes about $250,000 to start a new company and get it to success. They need Capital to do that but in the Socialist model there's no capital for business, no capital for startups, so how are we going to get those 10 million businesses, 100 million businesses in ten years any funding?

So we have a Social Security System some people are using. Or we have a welfare system. But we all know some people they just need a hand up and some people are chronic users many of them are also frauds. Someone uses a hand up and goes and makes a business and they really need that help and without it their business is dead and with it they succeed. They use this help and are going to make a startup then you go make millions of dollars creating more GDP for everyone. They go on to creating tens of new jobs or thousands of new jobs.

The welfare system is a support system that supports the winners but also supports the losers to just continue endlessly. So we don't need that kind of system that supports losers endlessly but without that system those winners they would have been dead too. So we need to have at least that kind of system and make it better. In order to do that we need more capital earlier to the winners. There ARE clear distinctions as well between these winners and losers.

Now, there is 8 billion people but only a hundred million businesses in 10 years made. Thats only 1 for every 80 people. And a lot of those businesses are considered to be new, but also some they're just you know an extra company for an existing business. For example, our little start-up is making 13 companies, some even just to set aside. So when you have a successful entrepreneur he's going to have between 5 to 10 companies that he has one for his main company call it an operating company, he's got a company for a Family Foundation or trust something like that you know once he has a million dollars in assets they start doing this kind of thing. He might have one division back in the main company but it was in his interest to have a second company who gives some shares to the coders in another country to incentivize them or hang on to some really great people.

You might have an offshore company as a tax Trust that is importing goods from that country and he needs to have a company locally there just so he can get proper representation in the court. That's 4. And then he has a company in between in a shipping State like a Hong Kong or Singapore. 5. Maybe he expanded to another country where you are selling some goods in that country or providing some services and he has a local company there. 6. Maybe his investors are not in the United States but in Ireland or Singapore and those Irish investors they want to be able to get Finance in Ireland so you set up a local company in Ireland and they're making some of the portion of the business profit into the Irish company and then they can get Finance from Ireland. 7.

Maybe they have a company like a corporate social responsibility company they put money into there and then it's like a charity people can get tax receipts for that but it really needs to be separated from the business. 8. And then maybe you have another side company to protect the original company from liability for example frivolous lawsuits criminal lawsuits so people sue the company just trying to fish you get money from you hoping to get a settlement or something so sometimes you set up a side company and that side company has no interaction with public so some of the assets are shielded and that company provides some services sometime to the main company so you limit your liability like you don't have full exposure to criminals attacking you so very quickly when you have a successful business. 9. So you can have five to ten companies easily.

So I've got a hundred million companies in 10 years so I'm just going to reduce that down to 70 million. Thats only 1 for every 115 people. And you only have 200,000 fundings from VC today. That's only 1 deal in each 40,250 people over 10 years. It's nothing. Not even a drop in the bucket. What you really need is $250,000 for each company. So you have 70 million companies times $250,000 is what's needed. That's 17.5 trillion dollars. It's merely the amount of the national debt of the USA, which is just 5% of human population, and that amount can fund every new business made for the next 10 years fully and properly. Small businesses of course. Startups not finished ups. REAL Startups not million dollar corporations.

Assuming a job income of $2,000 a month you would create immediately 700 million new jobs. More than Double the population of the Usa and the population of the entire EU. This is enough jobs to support 8.75% of the human population, instantly. Everybody knows if all of those businesses have $250,000 what would happen. There would be an absolutely unprecedented amount of economic explosion all over the world.

How many of those companies would fail now with $250,000 extra capital when they had zero before? It would be a lot less. Certainly the success rate of startups would go through the roof. Obviously the amount of spending in the global economy in general would explode, obviously the amount of global growth in the global economy would explode obviously also. The VC industry would explode because what they invested in all would have an extra $250,000. Their success rates would skyrocket, drawing in millions of investors.

The amount of poverty globally would be reduced instantly by 8.75% but then you have the follow-on economic effects of that which would reduce Global poverty probably by another 5% or so. So with this program instantaneously you have a 13.75% reduction in global poverty. After five years you would probably have 50% of those companies have succeeded.

The main reason that companies fail is they don't have enough money to continue. They can't reach the success point due to not enough capital. Most businesses cannot be started without the capital. Some people try but they quickly fail because they realize that they just don't have the money, they need more money for some equipment they need more money for marketing and can't get the marketing, can't get the customers to know about it.

We can't actually manufacture the product without it in our startup. Or they can't manufacture so they've got something less than what is needed and it doesn't do well in the market so they fail. 95 times out of a hundred it's a financial issue. They cannot get the funding and if they had the funding then they can find a way to succeed.

I know a lot of people lie that that's not the case. But it is a lie. Even when you look at the statistics that the entire startup world uses to determine all of the reasons you know you got these big lists of all the reasons why startups fail, and 95% of those reasons those are financially related reasons. Or if they had more funding they could have gotten over those reasons or if they had more centralized control to the original founder with the original mission who was putting in the 80 hours a week who's passionate about it and built this who believes in sacrificing his life for it, if he had the money and the total control to eliminate all of those human risks which no one talks about that mess with his business and then the infighting and vulture BS which derails more startups than ever spoken of, then you would succeed.

You were going to succeed if have enough time to pivot and find something that works and get the word out and get customers and then grow. That's the fact. If you talk to any VC about it, they will admit this. They know it and they agree.

The fact is small businesses make it to profit with much more frequency than these big change the industry style disruptive businesses. The disruptive businesses rarely make a profit. But when they do, the profit they make is huge. It's a 90% fail, 10% win and win huge numbers game. So the VCs are swinging the big bat again and again trying to hit a home-run every time. Everybody knows the VC is not investing to make a secure 10-20% in the mom and pop shop that has a 90% success rate. But that's exactly what we need the governments to be investing in and the VC to be investing in, in order to create the jobs and in order to create the development and in order to create the opportunity and the economic growth and the equality that the world needs.

So the Venture Capital industry clearly is not the answer to solving the issue. It is not the answer to solving the global poverty issue, it is not the answer for solving equality and jobs in equal opportunity or in providing an opportunity for poor people and retraining and retrenchment.

Venture Capital industry is like a pack of greedy psychopathic gamblers at the craps table trying to game the numbers with endless losses but the big winner coming in soon, who don't give a s*** about the world at all. They stand on stage they bragged and they talked that they supposedly care about the world and that they care about changing it but the fact is all of the energy innovators the Breakthrough Energy Innovators are unfunded and they don't want to fund us.

The FACT is, if they gave a s*** about the world at all, even a little bit then all of their number one investments would be Breakthrough Energy like AlphaOmegaEnergy. Energy is the number one driver of all economic growth is the number one driver of Economic Opportunity is the number one driver of clean environmental and environmental safety, in fighting the air pollution and fighting General pollution issues, in ALL SDG goals, it's the number one driver of resulting transportation which creates more Economic Opportunity, more training opportunity and more efficiency and more education, but none of them fund it. It's a clear litmus test for all to see.

The fact is not even 5% of the VCs invest in the Clean Energy business. They're not at all interested to invest in it and if they do investment in it they don't do it into new technology early stage like their other investments, they don't do the early stage they do it instead late stage they are not leaders they are followers, losers. They sit around and wait for everyone else to do it first before them so it never got done and isn't getting done, there are no fundings and it's not happening. So they're not going for the home run in CleanEnergy. When they do invest in clean energy they only do it late which is completely opposite to what they do with everything else.

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So what we really need is capitalism on steroids. We all know that socialism is never going to solve this issue. Socialism has never even presented a single talking point on how they might ever be able to solve any of this. Socialism has never come up with anything for it. At election time they all lie "we're going to do more for Business" but the only thing that they ever said is "we're going to tax all the businesses more, we're going to penalize all the businesses more, and then some of that money will trickle down after we steal it all for our own raises and projects and pork barrel spending in our private projects and handouts to get more votes... some of that money will trickle down into higher welfare benefits like Health Care." But this kind of thing was going to MEGA Pharma's pockets not into business.

Socialists they endlessly lie that people in general will have more handouts and somehow that equals they will somehow have a better life. But we know that that never actually happens. It has never happened and we've had many many socialist governments all over the world that attempted this and socialist states in the United States and this has never happened. There has never been any progress in fact the general happiness levels of socialist States has dropped significantly especially versus the capitalist States.

The socialists are merely enslaving you like a plantation of free range chicken. Instead of a cage they let you roam free in a yard of hyper supervision and control and taxation slavery. They control it all, suck all the opportunity to themselves and their elitist cabals, and refuse to fund your business.

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So can the world just up and afford to print 17.5 trillion dollars and fund all these businesses? Well yes absolutely it can. 17.5 trillion dollars is less than the United States total debt. The United States is only 5% of the world population. World GDP is 80 trillion dollars. 17.5 trillion dollars is about 20% of only one year of GDP. But we only need that one time for 10 years. So we only need 2% of annual world GDP one time to fund 10 million new businesses over the next 10 years. This is such an insignificant number in the grand scheme of things. And you and I know this is going to pay off more than two or three times.

This investment is an investment. The government gets all the shares until it's paid back. They own al the assets. They have a secure contract. The entrepreneurs get to take over once it's paid back. This isn't debt, it's an asset investment. A business investment. The one they should have been making for the last 40 years and lied through their teeth and put it on you instead just to enrich themselves and keep everything for themselves and exclude you.

It's also going to immediately decrease Global poverty by 13 and a half percent, and even more from the sloshing economic effects. The new technology services, products that will be created will solve all of the problems that we have today.

So what are the next 10 years going to be like? Why are the global so-called leaders not doing this? Obviously they know about this. Every economist knows about this. Every Global Central Banker knows about it, every National Central Banker knows about this. Every successful entrepreneur who started from nothing and built this way up through his career he knows about this. Almost everyone in government knows about this. So why are they choosing again and again and again not to do it?

The answer is total corruption, total moral bankruptcy, these people have been corrupted. They don't care about the global economy anymore they don't care about your family they don't care about my family, they only care about themselves they care about their own special interests, getting more for themselves keeping all that opportunity for themselves and keeping other people out of it eliminating competition.

The corruption is far greater than obviously most understand or think. We are continually brainwashed by the media to trust government and the politicians. Of course them refusing this kind of funding program reveals the only answer one can ever possibly come to when everyone knows about these facts in finance and economics why they refuse to do this, It's corruption. It's not that they don't know about it, it's that they refuse to do it.

In fact these kind of programs were already used even in United States in the 1950s to 1970s but then phased out when the income taxes that used to fund university educations were also phased out. Income tax rates used to be up at 90% in the United States on the second million of income. Not the first million again, but the second million of income. At the same time they were giving many many grants for business and investing in a lot more businesses and investing a lot more in small technology companies, new ones.

They invested among the people, among the citizens not only in corporations and only in government agencies and only in universities like they're doing now. You could get grants. If you wanted to start a business you could get $20,000 or $100,000 the equivalent of almost $250,000 in today's time. But not any more and not globally. You could get $50,000 you could get a hundred thousand just a grant like as in they will just give you money.

Let's be clear I'm not advocating the government just donates money that's never how this should work. But they could be doing it if they set up the finances properly and actually invested money like everyone else does and has to do. If somebody is living under a bridge yes you need to give this man money, if someone has invented some really groundbreaking new technology like AOE has, yes you need to give this man money but you should be investing to that man not just giving your money, you should be investing.

You should have an agreement to get all the money back and at least an interest rate a good one like 8% and probably some equity in that company. I would even say that the government should get 100% of the shares of his company until it's paid back.

Once it's paid back then there's also return. You have some interest rate that needs to be paid and then a multiple like 1 times the value or two times the value and then you get the shares back and the business belongs completely to the entrepreneur after that. And maybe the state still has a 10% stake or 5% stake depending on the value of that company like the value potential growth of that company. So if it's just a mom and pop shop and there's no really long term huge growth then 10% is good. But if the company is likely to grow like 10 times 20 times 30 or 40 times then it's going to 5% stake is okay.

Why? because the government's going to get the money back and they're also going to get a lot more than that 10% so it's going to be a lot more expensive on that entrepreneur in terms of total cost . So the mom and pop shops will say "that's not fair he's growing bigger but he's giving less percent." But in fact he's actually going to give more money to the government than them and it's riskier and the mom and pop shops are much more reliable.

So if we had a global printing in currency of 17.5 trillion dollars, how would that say for example debase the currencies? Well it wouldn't. Why do I say it wouldn't? As we already saw the United States FED printed 4 trillion dollars and merely invested that into bonds not the real small business economy. They did this in a time when the global economy was in chaos and the American economy was completely shut down. 407 of 420 banks in the United States went bankrupt. I'm talking about banking chains not branches. This is tens of thousands of branches. The printing, they didn't do this printing to stimulate the economy or to invest in the economy long-term.

If the whole world did this together which is what should happen, and the money invested everywhere, then all currencies would print the same time, and this would all offset and no real change in currency would happen. Most likely the bigger markets like the US and EU and G30 would be net winners due to having more businesses in their larger populations in single markets with more experience and strength and better IT markets.

They only printed this money in 2008 and recapitalized a bunch of the banks and did the banks a free interest loan for a decade and bailed out the toxic mortgages and then whatever was left was in that trickle down to the people fantasy which is basically nothing. That's exactly why it took ten years for the American economy to really see any beginning of any kind of recovery and it took a guy like Trump as well obviously, and now we're just kind of really in the beginning of the Trump recovery from the complete disaster that Obama blew up.

Obama really did nothing to heal the economy or invest in the economy or invest in businesses or invest in startups at any level that should have been done. He did a couple bail out investments which were good and returned like in GM but some bad ones too in huge Solyndra which of course was going to bankrupt under his zero tariff policies and thus did. They just gave the bankers trillions of dollars of free handouts and gave absolutely nothing to the people, absolutely nothing to the innovators, and he gave absolutely nothing to the small business owners and of course you've got absolutely nothing to the startups. Socialism encapsulated as always.

VC did well during that time. But didn't get any government money. The government did not invest into the Venture Capital companies for them to take that money and invest in startups. The governments do not give them any money to start any new funds for them to invest in startups. There is no public private partnership to invest in startups. Obama did nothing to include you in the big VC boom. He could have made it bigger, he could have gotten you the piece of it that he lied that you were going to get. But of course, that's only at election time.

Even in the United States there more restrictions to invest in startups than anywhere else in the world. It's practically illegal for people to invest in startups. In fact most of the cases you're not even allowed to do it unless you're already rich. You need to be an accredited investor in order to invest in a startup otherwise you have all kinds of limits.
The democrat government has stripped your human rights to even be able to invest in your brother's startup. That's socialism. That's the result of socialism, they strip your human rights. The lied you will have more opportunity, then they police you right out of it, and on purpose every time of course.

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They want to control you they want to pyramid the opportunity only to them the controllers the elitists the leftist elitists the socialist elitist and they don't want you to get anything they want to control all opportunity they want to eliminate all opportunity and dictate opportunity they don't want opportunity spread to the masses. Their policies don't reflect anything otherwise. They don't want Capital to be spread to the masses. Their policies never have reflected that, they never do anything for small business just lies that supposedly their socialist policies will somehow result in that.

All of their socialist policies are generally directly against the interests in the financial sustainability concerns of small business. But small business as we all know is the backbone of the economy, the engine of the economy, the engine of job growth and the engine of job creation. Since that is the case since that is a fact, what the governments need to be doing is putting the most amount of money into small businesses. Not gigantic corporations, not gigantic social programs, not gigantic pork barrel spending, not raises for Congress, but funding of these new businesses.

There should be $2 to every $1 that existing corporations get. But it's like $99 to 1 to the mega corporations and insiders and nothing for Startups. Tech research is the same also. Only 3% goes to private enterprise. 99% of that goes to private megacorporations not small business. There is nothing going to where it should be going to create jobs and local jobs not centralized cabal jobs and power.

So when the government did announce quantitative easing, the United States dollar sold-off but not a lot, it did not even drop by 10% and then recovered. One of the reasons it dropped is because they're directly attacking the strength of the United States dollar without using that money to then invest into the economy causing direct growth. They were merely recapitalizing Banks they were not investing directly in resulting fast growth.

Had they taken that money that 4 trillion and distributed it in payments like Universal basic income or Universal basic income to small businesses the whole world would have found that the United States economy is going to explode and the dollar would have been very strong and the drop would have been mitigated by that. If they would have done 8 Trillion with 4 Trillion to the people like this, also it would have boomed the economy a decade earlier and the dollar with stronger price.

What if you have a program where all the new businesses are receiving money, and not only received money but receiving a big endowment of $250,000 were they will have enough money to hire staff, to do marketing, build websites, build marketing machines, build sales machines, and get the sales people that they need and get the sales help and you'd be able to do the traveling and do the trade fairs and do the exhibitions and be able to solicit the investors and be able to sell a ton of clients? The resulting economic growth is going to be like nothing you've ever seen. Everyone in result in the world is going to rush the United States border to try to get inside to make a business. Everyone is going to try to sell to that market. What if this program is global? BOOM is all you can say. A veritable success renaissance age. Couple that with 2,950 Breakthrough Clean Energy techs which can feed 10,000 new Green Industry companies for each of the 240 nations totalling 2.4 MIllion new companies from the AOE effect.

Paris accord claims 24 million new jobs can be made in 30-50 years in the green economy as a result of their radically punitive unfair and totally incompetent lack of leadership program. They refuse absolutely to fund finance facilitate nor do anything about the Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovators. They are frauds outright. Litmus tests all failed. They have the biggest platform in the world and refuse to use it to get AlphaOmegaEnergy funded. They just ignore us & hide us instead. With the AOE program we can create 700 MILLION new jobs immediately not 24 million MAYBE in 30-50 years by communism destroying the developed world and ignoring all the innovators for 50 more years. The Paris accord is a disgrace on all levels. What kind of trash cartel refuses to help the Breakthrough Innovators? A fully corrupt one only and obviously.

Of course you need to have some regulations to make sure that people don't just use the system and buck the system, cheat the system. For example existing businesses that already have like $300,000 in asset value probably they should not be able to get this money. However if they're really struggling but that extra $250,000 is what means that they get into the big growth situation then you need to approve it. There are a lot of businesses that you know maybe they need a $300,000 piece of equipment just to begin so you need to support them.

A declined approval example is you have a $1,000,000 company and you know this guy he can fund his sister's business but he's not going to do that and his sister just makes the company so she can get $250,000 and really not do anything and she doesn't know how to make a business and she never made one before dang that's pretty risky I think probably you don't approve that unless she has a contract from NASA to supply them with her new little robo gadget then you fund her.

The little entrepreneurs that have made a business before the innovators with technology products, the MBA's coming out of University right now, all of the registered start ups right now that are grinding trying to make it and they don't have the money, all those kind of businesses you need to approve immediately.

People that are going to school for a basket weaving degree or degree in transsexual studies or how to be a loser 101 or liberal studies or psychology or something like that I don't think you give people like that money to go and make a business. Maybe some of the psychologists though they're going to go make their own sole practice in psychology who are dealing with the incredibly high suicide rate and combating the high drug addict and opiate and violence rates and high depression rates of people living in California or Los Angeles or San Francisco due to the dystopian Society that the socialists created there, then probably okay you give them the funds. Maybe they do need some human feces and needles pick up services. Someone will make a "Needle-buddy" Startup with drones or something and you fund that cause boy is it needed in San fransico and demand is skyrocketing.


Also you got to have a governance program. You got to have centralized spending, centralized accounting, centralized purchasing, you don't just hand out $250,000 checks. Experienced grinding startups that have already been grinding at this for quite some time and if you know it's pretty obvious that they can handle money okay you can do that. But for everybody else, no. They need to find all the goods up front receipted, they need a business plan they need receipts for everything sending the receipts in and uploading them to the system and you have somebody in the central system that's going over that to make sure what are the prices that they're paying for things actually Is proper.

The government has a supplier for chairs and if the chair is $15 but the startup wants to blow $250 on a chair the guy gets declined straight out and is given that $15 supply list chair. So it's going to be that the $250,000 needs to supply the bare-bones things that you need to make a business and you have pre-approved costs for everything.

You don't want this money to just be gone. It needs to go to the proper places, it needs to be spent in a proper way. So if you have the proper governance system in place, you can change the world instantaneously just by one decision. So this is called the "AOE global small business New Deal". We are actually running this system online for our investors now for over a year already.

The amount of global trade from this will Skyrocket. The amount of cross-border business will Skyrocket, the amount of low end hard to help income classification startup businesses will Skyrocket. And this is a policy that helps every part of every country not just rich city locations. This also helps the rural areas as well.

This helps women in business. Women in business get far fewer deals they men. This would not be based on either of the two biological genders so it wouldn't be discriminatory. It should be completely neutral for that, just based on their quality and then they have their business. So women would get much more funding than before. Women would get much more support than before. They would finally have equality. With 17 trillion dollars of new money in the economy that means there's going to be a lot more demand a lot more money available to buy the products and services of women business people. So women are going to succeed with this kind of policy.

I think you could even have some boosters like for social Enterprise or impact startups that are doing social good you can even give them $300,000. But now you have about 20 trillion dollars with the cost to set up all the management, and run the management for 10 years and beyond also.

So right now in the United States the GDP is about twenty trillion dollars. So you would increase the GDP I would say about 10% per year due to this since it's one GDP shot of the 10 years. But then you will increase it even more from the growth. So you will get 12-15% GDP per year increase. This money you are investing into the economy, In the long-term you're going to grow it over the next 10 years. The GDP is going to go up about 10% just from that growth, It might go up a lot higher than that. So you might end up with a total GDP per year increase of 12-18% per year after 5 years. The Economists can calculate exactly what they think it will result in. It will obviously make the "Paris accord" gains look like a joke. They are a joke, the whole program even if you could call it one, is a joke.

All of this money is going to be paid back, so in effect it pays for itself, it's "free". So, the Socialists should love that because they're talking about this all the time. They're always talking about how if you give out a free mobile phone that somehow that pays for itself and the government is going to get that money back. Of course because they never invested into business and never invested into startups they never get the money back.

Some businesses will lose, but you have programs to make sure the loss is less. If Some people are just being lazy slobs, they don't get to continue. The $250,000 is a draw it's spread out over months. Like $15,000 a month for 18 months. If they aren't building their business after 3 months it's stops. So you lose less when it's clear the system is being used. There is a lot you can build in. So you have a lot of rules you have policies you have procedures you have governance. So the loss of these funds is going to be limited. And sure there's going to be some Financial losses here or there but those can be minimized in many ways.

But there's also going to be a lot of gain. Not only profit in the shares of these companies, but gain in the general overall economy from all of this additional spending everywhere. You suddenly have a boost of 20 trillion dollars in spending. And that's going to be spending again and again and again. And there is Tax every time it's spent. VAT, fees surcharges and those 50% of taxes the government sneaks in everywhere. 10% of that 20 Trillion is going direct to Sales taxes and VAT taxes back to the government anyway. Then they whittle it down further. So the real cost to the coffers is far less even in the first year. Governments can also have local content requirements for the purchases of those goods. And then it creates even more domestic growth.

So look at the situation we have now. The next 10 years this program won't happen. We will not see these incredible results. But imagine if the government did this what would happen. They aren't going to do it. We all need them to do it and we all want them to do it. But they are not going to do the "AOE Global Small Business Deal." So we will all suffer the consequences.

They owe us this leadership. The owe you this leadership. That's their f****** job. But they're not going to do their job. They're just going to lie through their teeth just like they always do instead. In 10 years from today I'll be writing this same article again reviewing the last 10 years saying look I wrote this article 10 years ago. And there's not a single reason that they could ever come up with why they shouldn't do this.

We need Super capitalism on steroids like we have never had before and this is the way it has to be done. They can also have a program where they groom and they take many of these companies to the stock market immediately on a new Global decentralized exchange that the whole world can invest in. Right now unless you're an American citizen you cannot even invest in these companies it is really difficult for a foreign citizen to invest in American companies. It should be no more difficult than just going on to a Goddamn website signing up with some arbitrary information no need to know who the hell you are, just investing your money to those start ups who need it so that they can build their products and services and create jobs and grow the economy to change the world.

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But they eliminated deliberately this opportunity to eliminate competition to eliminate the opportunity deliberately for anyone else to get any capital. That's not capitalism that's crime ism. That's cartel ism. That's criminal ism. That's corruption ism. We don't need corruption ism. We need radical capitalism.

That does not equal unmanaged retard free market. That means completely engineered to perfection in Juiced up with the biggest steroids and super fuel that you could ever imagine fashion. In the minimum first minimum step of that is funding the startups and funding the innovators. And still they're not doing it. I'm not aware of a single country that has a sovereign wealth fund invested into their own startups. I don't think there's one in the entire world. This level of incompetence is far beyond anything anyone could ever possibly imagine economically.

I've been watching the investment markets for 20-plus years as a small innovator and entrepreneur. The governments have all been lying to your face the entire time telling you you need to save for your retirement you need to invest money but then they never did that for you they knew you needed it they knew you needed the help they knew you needed an Investment Portfolio and the loan for that but they refused to give it to you. They not only never made any public funds on your behalf or on the Public's behalf to invest in the market that they knew was going up and they knew they could manage they knew who could manage it on your behalf they had all the money all the power all the finance all the opportunity to make this happen for you but instead they stole it from your future they stole it from your life they stole it from your family and still today they haven't done this and they're not doing it and they're not going to do it.


I want to hear from you how does that make you feel. I want to hear from you what do you think about that. I want to hear from you what you're going to demand to have happen. You need to start speaking up. . You need to start using your f****** voice you need to start demanding capitalism from these evil satanic socialists. Capitalism equals Capital given to the Startups. Capitalism is not just free markets like a pack of f****** retards where you do no protections, where there's no help, where there's no Capital, where there's no investment, there's no Finance, there's no governance, there's no guidance, it's just only rich pyramid elitist control everything and f*** everybody and eliminate all competition, No! that's not capitalism that's corruption ism. We don't need corruption ISM we need the full power of CAPITAL INFUSED capitalism and that means capital for the startups and the innovators at earliest stage to launch the human future. We needed it 30 years ago not next year.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.58.48 PM.png

And if you want to talk about change the world the first requirement of that equals capital for the startups in the undeveloped World and capital for the startups and innovators in the undeveloped world. You don't have any right to talk about change the world if you're not involved in that. You don't have any right to talk about it if your policies are not pushing that direction and supporting that and delivering that For Humanity. You don't get to talk about change the world if you're not fighting to make this happen and if you're not contributing to make that happen. You don't get to talk and talk and talk about change the world when you're ignoring them and you're making sure that that change never happens.

Flyer_3 (3) copy.jpg

If you want to see real capitalism deployed, real capitalism enacted, real capitalism succeed, you need to start right here with the number one demands need product Market fit in human history and that's Alpha Omega Energy. If your talk is not fake about development about SDG about sustainability about environment about change the world, if your talk is not completely fake, then, of course, then Alpha Omega Energy is what you will be heavily invested in, period.

The world doesn't need talkers. The world needs do-ers, investors, changers, Fighters for the human development future potential not political bullshit. Real investment funding action to the innovators who made it happen like AOE.
Support Alpha Omega Energy now with your investment, either just $5, or $500, or light the rocket with $500,000. Every bit matters.

Thomas AOE.png

We are paying 300% fixed return in a Debt Note which is the same amount a venture capitalist gets. Anyone can get it now even if you aren't one. We back this up with 100% of the shares of the company. We have governance. We have walked the walk. We have proved ourselves over years. We went out into the undeveloped world to build and fight for humanity unlike the others do. We sacrificed it all we gave it all and we made it happen and we achieved miracles. We are the kind of companies that you should be supporting that all Humanity should be supporting. Don't talk on stages like fakes about change the world when you refused to support these kind of people in these kind of missions. You haven't earned it yet.

Contact us to support now. The world never changed itself, the innovator's did it with your support.

"We Changed The World!!"

Article 100% Original spoken from the mouth of AOE Founder, no credits due to anyone.
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AlphaOmegaEnergy (aoecoin) the World's #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Startup is going on the Blockchain this year with 2,949 new techs.

  • We are doing a Seedround on Blockchain
  • Paying 300% Fixed Return Minimum to our Investors as a debt note.
  • Pre-sales are open now DM to invest.
  • We will be building power plants with our world leading technology, as an asset backed Blockchain. We are mining with the power we make, and building an electric plane and several scalable social enterprise divisions as well.
  • We are securing the Seedround chain also with 100% collateral in shares of the company and a debt note. We have every receipt practically in triplicate.
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