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The world of crypto-money has changed the way to obtain money, to conserve it, to save it and to change it. The former exchange houses demanded that the user move to it to obtain the desired currency or should go to the bank. This has changed radically in recent years, as the digital exchange houses allow the user to exchange digital currencies like Steem, Ethreum or Bitcoin for other digital assets, you can even exchange them for coins or Fiat money (Dollar, Euros, others)

These platforms charge a percentage, commission, for the transactions made. These are usually very low. But a digital change house should not be reduced to a few coins, since users would have problems, For example, Jacki decides to change 700 STEEM to BTC, 50 Miota to Litecoin, but her exchange house does not own BTC or the other currencies in the that Jacki has invested her savings. The list of currencies in your current exchange house is limited, what should Jacki do? Seeing this difficulty Jacki decides to investigate. There you get an online cryptocurrency converter with OnePageX. It is a Beta version that offers Jacki an alternative, since it offers a solution to your problem by having a larger selection of cryptocurrencies.

This wide selection of cryptocurrencies offered by OnePageX allows Jacki and other users to make multiple exchanges from a single page. It is also very easy to access your website and perform the corresponding transactions. Only the withdrawal address must be entered. The OnePageX platform will generate an address where you can deposit your assets. The deposits will be defined and for each deposit or transaction to be made it will be monitored, in addition, an updated estimate is provided as the sum is entered.

Features of OnePageX

-. There is no need to register
-. It has a wide selection of coins
-. Its interface is simple and easy to use.
-. Allows the integration of the OneBox widget

How does it work?

OnePageX integrates securely and quickly with a couple of clicks your transactions.

You will need some minutes to transfer your assets. Only with your mobile device or computer can you send your money to your wallets or make payments to other users.

Do not waste time looking for a house of change OnePageX is the solution you just have to enter your account and choose the amount you want to change and that's it. Follow these simple steps:

Exchange your coins safely. All your secure transactions OnePageX are committed to the security of your personal and financial information.

OnePageX is expensive?

This platform charges 0.5% and a small network fee in all transactions. This platform shows in all the tariffs an estimate of the deductible expenditures.

How long does an exchange take?

The exchange is done immediately. However, the confirmation time of the deposit may take about 25 minutes, due to the asset, congestion of the block chain or canceled tariff.

In case of not receiving the transaction in the stipulated time the user can verify the status of his transaction in the status column. This is a way to see in real time the status of your exchange. Usually, this situation arises when the deposit has not been confirmed.

Can I integrate OnePageX to my server?

We can integrate into our OneBox website to integrate OnePageX. To do this we just have to enter your website, copy the code provided in your template. OneBox works properly with OnePageX, these are compatible with mobile devices and computers. Soon the public API will be launched, currently in development.

For more information you can visit:

OnePageX Sitio Web
OnePageX Twitter
OnePageX Reddit
OnePageX Steemit
OnePageX Correo
OnePageX Instagram
OnePageX Telegram
OnePageX Telegram




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