CryptoBonds. What are you investing in? Bonds and blockchain with TwoGap platform

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More than 7 thousand billion people live on earth. About 10% of people think about investments and only 2% really invest, earn and live on these funds. One of the ancient types of investment are bonds, for more than 3 centuries they have shown themselves to be profitable. Many investors believe that bonds are a convenient and profitable tool for generating income. Nowadays, a new type of investment is becoming more widespread: this is investing in cryptocurrencies. Many have already made a fortune on altcoin and bitcoin volatility. Unfortunately, there are also significant drawbacks, both in investing in bonds and in investing in cryptocurrencies:

  • high transaction fees
  • trades can take from 1 day to 5 days
  • imperfection of privacy and security
  • errors in calculations
  • fraud actions
  • losses in the cryptocurrency world can be very high, as we have seen for the last six months

On the other hand, the potential of the world of bonds is very high and significantly higher than the stock market.
Blockchain technology is an ultra-modern technology that is already changing and improving the world. Blockchain can provide security, reliability, high speed transactions, confidentiality and the introduction of new functions and features that were previously not available.


CryptoBonds is a thoughtful stop loss product that combines all the advantages of blockchain technology, a cryptocurrency world and investment in bonds. Thanks to the TwoGap platform, legal encryption of traditional bonds in CryptoBonds became possible. The platform deals with encryption, transfer, transaction processing, brokerage operations, etc. Encryption, transaction processing, listing is carried out according to the protocol 0x.


CryptoBonds created a tool through which you can not only limit losses during the fall of the market, but also make good money.

The platform has trumped that competitors lack: a non-program graphic interface, with no commands and tokenized bonds.


The advantages that the platform provides for the bond market:

  • applied algorithm and unchanged blockchain, exclude fake information
  • streaming, due to which the transfer of funds to the next level takes place, depending on the performance of the bonds
  • the consensus algorithm eliminates the risk associated with a single failure

The platform is aimed at improving the quality of the product, providing services and is open for dialogue and communication with all interested parties. Weekly publishes important news.


The company pays special attention to TGT tokens, they are security tokens, unlike competitors who use tokens. Security tokens are not amenable to regulation by the SEC, as they are used to conduct transactions and pay for access to services. Transactions on the platform take place in seconds and their cost is two-thirds less than in traditional schemes. Cryptoinvestors who own TGT tokens platform gives a discount on transaction fees: the first-year discount is 50%, the second year is 25%, the third year is 12.5%, the fourth year is 6.25%.


The TwoGap platform will help balance the portfolio, both beginner and experienced investor. A user-friendly interface allows the user to quickly understand how the platform works. The bond market is growing steadily and significantly above the stock market, which is why TwoGap encrypts traditional bonds in CryptoBonds. The company uses security tokens, not utility tokens, which means TGT tokens are not regulated by SEC. It should be noted that the TGT tokens were checked for the Howey test and successfully passed it. I believe that tokenized bonds are a new level of development of traditional bonds and soon this will become as natural as using the Internet.


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It is very important when the community can keep abreast of the latest developments on the platform, everyone should learn the example of TwoGap.

Where the blockchain technology is not used. I love it when the blockchain improves something.

If the platform really has the tools to reduce losses during the fall of the market, then only this will bring success to the platform, not to mention other opportunities.

Tokenized bonds are something new. He invested only in traditional bonds, it is interesting to understand.