Announcing: BABB team roadshow

3년 전

We’re excited to announce that the BABB team are on the road throughout November and December. If you want to meet these fabulous four in person, here is your chance.

Rushd, David, Dean and Adam at Bixpo

We have an action-packed few months ahead as we prepare to launch our token sale. We’re coming to destinations across the world to speak at conferences and host meetups in every city we visit.

We want to meet up with as many people as possible while we’re on the road. Please email Adam at to arrange a meeting.To follow our progress, check out our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We’ll be live streaming as much as possible, and broadcasting maximum value around the world to everyone who can’t attend in person.

Conference itinerary: November

Wednesday 1 — Friday 3
Bixpo — Seoul, South Korea
Catch us: BABB stand at the conference, Rushd’s talk on the main stage on Wednesday and pitch at the Global Startup Battle on Thursday.

Come and say hello

Tuesday 7 — Wednesday 8
Finovate ASIA — Hong Kong
Catch us: Rushd on the panel discussing P2P lending

Friday 10
2nd Annual Blockchain Conference — Hong Kong
Catch us: BABB stand, and Rushd’s keynote speech

Friday 10
2nd Annual Blockchain Conference — Hong Kong
Catch us: BABB stand, and Rushd’s keynote speech
Tickets: 11
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference — Tokyo, Japan
Catch us there.
Tickets: 13 — Friday 17
Singapore Fintech Festival, Singapore
Catch us: TBC

Meetup schedule

We will be holding meetups in each city we visit. Further details to follow

Get in touch

We’d love to hear from you. To arrange a meeting in any of the cities we’re visiting, please email Adam at You can also join our Telegram channel to keep up to date with the latest announcements and join the conversation with the BABB team and everyone interested in our project.

See you there!

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