Bania’s D-City: World’s First Cryptocurrency Powered Smart City Built with Cross Laminated Timber

3년 전

Hello Steemians,

I'm pleased to announce that I will be building Bania D-City from scratch on 200 hectares of land in Nigeria. Bania D-City will be a decentralized smart city built with and administered with two emerging world technologies: the Graphene blockchain and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

We will use the graphene blockchain to create a decentralized city app and an official cryptocurrency that will serve as the native currency of D-City. This currency will be used by all residents, businesses and visitors when transacting in D-City. Land purchases, leasing and every day transactions will all take place using these tokens.

D-City will also utilize the groundbreaking sustainable timber technology, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as the primary construction material for the city's residential and commerical buildings. D-City will be a decentralized smart city, as well as a creative wooden city.

When you combine blockchain tech with CLT, you have Bania D-City: The City of Creativity


This proposed project is an idea of a 19 year old steemian with no professional experience in related fields. It's an extremely big project that requires a big load of work and a big amount of money to achieve as it took a large mind to conceive. There are many reasons this project might not become a reality and it's safe to say it's a big risk to attempt this but same time, this is the type of risk I prefer to die taking than continue living with this idea in my head without a trial

Why a Decentralized Smart & Wooden City?

  • I envision a future where blockchain technology isn't just something used in smart contracts and speculation, but something we use in our everyday lives.

  • I envision a future where sustainable wood technology like CLT completely replaces conventional building materials because of its clear advantages over both steel and concrete.

  • I want to build the city I've always dreamed of living in and help shape a better future for the next generation.

The Type of City I Want to Build (Goals and Vision)

  1. I want to build Bania D-City as a human friendly, technology driven and Smart living environment. My goal is to build a city that will attract technology enthusiasts, adventurous tourists, and be a hub for the next generation of blockchain businesses and small business startups.

  2. I want to build a city that will favor cultural flourishment and empower a growing population of smart people with the opportunity to work from home, and rely on their two feet to walk to necessary places within the city so they don’t have to get hooked up in hours of traffic thereby sabotaging their own health.

  3. Build a lovable and livable city that will receive national recognition and become a road-map for future decentralized smart cities.

  4. Build and make Bania D-City a practical guide/example of how emerging world technologies such as blockchain and CLT could unfold and become applicable to daily human living in order to transform our lives.

  5. Redefine smart city - though we are going to be building a smart city, but our smart city isn’t going to be underpinned by advance data technology only but will be based on human development and good lifestyle.

  6. D-City will be built to ensure environmental sustainability, fix social inequality and empower residents with needed resources to build a life they can be proud of.

  7. Build a city that will be self-sufficient in food & energy. So residents don’t have to spend a big part of their budget buying expensive foodstuffs far away when they could actually be grown in the neighborhood.

  8. The overall goal is to build a decentralized smart city that’s 60% human centric - 30% technology driven and 10% automobile centric

How it Will Play Out

We will acquire 200 hectares of land in an infill area of a rural settlement close to a urban environment in my country Nigeria where land are relatively cheap and we can build whatever we want.

The advantages of using an infill area are that: we wouldn’t be contributing to urban sprawl, we can utilize the existing location, infrastructure and there is already a population based close to us that will make it easy for a city to get started.

What You Need To Know About Cross Laminated Timber

Example of CLT Buildings

And the interior of CLT buildings?

How do You Handle Fire Break out?

Watch CLT fire performance testing- SOFIE research project

Technological Requirements and City Features

1. D-City App: we will build a decentralized city application on the blockchain that will serve a lot of purpose among which are:

  • A platform for city residents to interact with each other, their leadership and widely share information
  • A platform for tourists to register, plan and schedule their trip to the city.
  • A open platform for residents to get fully engaged with the development of the city and propose projects that will be considered and acted upon based on upvotes of other residents, which will encourage resident participation in the governance of the city.

2. Free High Speed Wifi: we are building a smart city where everything will be internet connected, inclusive of daily micro and major transactions that will be occurring every minute in the city across the blockchain.

This will require fast internet access so we will offer free, unrestricted, high-speed Wi-Fi, fast enough to do your normal internet surfing like streaming video and uploading files to the internet. There will be a free hotspot almost everywhere you need one. This will make everyone live easier and smarter. This will entice individuals and businesses that need fast internet access to relocate to Bania D-City.

3. Smart Phones distributed to all residents: depending on what the city budget would permit, but I would love all residents to be smart without any excuse for being sluggish in a smart city. So this could be part of the packages that would be distributed to all residents and maybe tourists can lease one free during their stay. The smartphones could come pre-loaded with necessary applications such as D-City app, sensor tracking and data collections apps and more.

4. Build on the blockchain Decentralized applications that could use wireless sensor network in monitoring physical and environmental conditions. We would experiment with an open source, end to end software solution for collecting, displaying, and sharing health and environmental data using a smartphone.

5. Solar Powered City: we will use solar energy and other renewable energy sources to remotely power D-City without the requirement of tapping into mains electricity grid. 10% of the energy requirements of D-City would be met by solar energy and about 80% buildings will be made energy-efficient and green. Hundreds of buildings in D-City will have solar panels and we will put sensors to all the solar panels to track the energy that’s collected. So we can know immediately when a panel has stopped working because it won’t be collecting energy.

Land Use and Zoning

The 200 hectares of land when acquired will be zoned for mixed use following the five categories of Land Zoning System and each zone will have low, medium and high density area.

  • Residential: Places where people will live (I.e., housing unit, apartments, townhouses, etc... )
  • Commercial: places where people can buy things (I.e., stores, restaurants, supermarket, hotels, malls, gas station, e.t.c.)
  • Industrial: places where people will work (I.e. Companies, factories, start-up hubs, offices, e.t.c.)
  • Community Area: places where community activities will take place or community resources are stored (I.e. City conference hall, schools, libraries, parks, churches, temple, fire station, sewage treatment plants, public work garage e.t.c.)
  • Vacant Spaces: Green Places with nothing on them at all, (I.e. natural places, reserved areas, etc...)

D-City Architecture and Infrastructures

Roads and Streets: there will be variety of wide and narrow roads, but majorly the road in the central part of the city will be narrower and there will be a lot of it because we are designing a city that’s focused on being human and padenstrial friendly environment. We are trying to make walking a priority in our city to create a healthy environment.

Narrow Streets

arterial road

Public Places: Parks, plaza, recreational areas and other public places will be integrated throughout the city to keep it lively.

Wooden skyscraper: we would invest in building CLT powered skyscrapers and if possible see if we could get a spot for the tallest wooden skyscraper in the world (that will be nice for a wooden city).

Already the world has seen a wooden skyscraper as high 20 story and there is an architects ready to build a 40 story timber tower in Stockholm Sweden. And Micheal Green a Vancouver architect already building a 30 story in his city.

The most amazing is 80-story Oakwood Tower, which when completed, it would be not only be one of London’s tallest skyscrapers, but the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper at 984 feet (we might not be able to beat this).

And the interior of wooden Skyscrapers?

Residential Buildings: we will work with Planners, architects, and builders around the world to create at least 50% of D-City residential buildings using unconventional architectural design for housing type ranging from apartments, detached houses, town houses and low-rise social housing, secondary suites, garden suites, duplexes, semi-detached and other residential and mixed-use buildings. The remaining 50% of lots could be sold out as founders lots for to private developers and buyers that want to choose a pre-approved architect to design their own custom houses.

What I am trying to achieve with this is a authentic city that embrace diversity and uniqueness.

Flexibility Plan For Building Bania D-City

We will be working with a flexibility city building plan which will require us to build D-City in 4 phases and each phase to be completed in 1 quarter of the year. So if there's adequate funding and things work according to plan, the whole city could be completed in one year.

I am aware that new cities can't be fully planned before being built, either from a technology standpoint, or a socioeconomic one. So I'm thinking we could dedicate the first building phase to building "Steemit Village" as a district of D-City.

If it's going to work this way, then what I want is that, Steemit Village is first built as a prototype of Bania D-City before we do ICO and give opportunity for everyone to participate in the fund raising rounds

I really want to take this route because I conceived this idea when I joined steemit and after being motivated by many amazing projects I keep coming across on this platform. Additionally, I'm a big believer in Steemit and steem blockcain and I know this community deserves all the recognition possible.

To raise funds for building this prototype I propose an idea below in the "Raising Fund" chapter.

Estimated Cost of Building Bania D-City

This whole write up is a basic footprint drawn out of my personal knowledge and research (and as I mentioned at the beginning of this paper, I have very little experience in related fields).

I will need to work with a team of urban architects and city planners to gather more concrete data to give a reliable estimate cost.

However, I did little findings and discussed with different real estate companies across Nigeria and from that, I was able to gathered that I could get 200 hectares of land in an urban area of the country for a price ranging from ₦1. 7B to ₦3B which is calculated to be around $4.7M to $8.3M

We wouldn’t be building D-City at the center of an urban area, but we wouldn’t build it far from one either. So it's a bit safe to assume 200 hectares of land would not actually cost around our researched price if we are buying the land and building in a rural area but close to an urban environment.

Building Team

This is really a big project that requires a team of professionals in 4 different fields which are: city planning and Urban architecture, blockchain and cryptocurrency, Cloud computing and Data technology and lastly Cross Laminated Timber.

One of the major reasons I choose steemit as the first platform to publish my idea is because I believe I can reach the right people, connects and partner with them and also get mentorship quite easily here.

Already I have a team of 3 intelligent people that share same vision as me and it would be nice of the steemit community if I could see more people that can think in line with me and share their professional experience with me.

I'm a firm believer in the saying: "team work makes the dream work" so it's an open offer.

Raising Funds

I'm scared this might be the most challenging part of this project, but i believe we can reach this goal if enough support arise at the grass root.

I'm thinking of opening a door of private investment for the building of the prototype (Steemit Village) where all private investors get a User Issued Asset or token that will pegged to the future ICO valuation of D-City similar to a convertible debt used in traditional fundraising.

So this token will be converted to ownership of D-City token/coin during ICO at a conversion preference and interest percentage agreed upon.

Basically, we could set conversion preference to a percentage say 10% and interest rate at 10% as well.

So for instance if you purchase our user issued token worth of $50k, we get the money and put it to work by first acquiring a portion of land that we will build Steemit Village on and then we begin work on building the basic infrastructures. When that's completed, we do ICO and price our coin with a real valuation.

You can then convert the User Issued Token to a worth of $50k of our ICO coin with both conversion preference and interest rate of 20%, your ICO coin investment will be worth $60k.

Of course, this is no exception just as everything written here are my personal thoughts with no professional insight yet and shouldn't be treated as the master plan or whitepaper of Bania Dcity, because everything here will be modified as we do more research, get more ideas and shape our plans.


Nothing in this world was possible until the first successful attempt. Satoshi Nakamoto only hoped bitcoin grows and become what he dreamt but he never had 100% assurance that bitcoin will become what it is today.

This is one of the reasons I am publishing my idea to the blockchain because if eventually this works (which i pretty much believes will), I will be glad to come back here to see this first pen down thought leading to it manifestation.

I seek all steemians support by way of advice, criticism, suggestions, ideas, collaboration, donation, motivation and those not mentioned here.

I will be glad if more people see this and believe in my vision, so would you please Resteem, and most importantly Upvote this post as a way to support this vision financially.

And Remember to follow my steemit blog @bania because i will continue updating this platform till the day Bania D-City opening ceremony will take place.


You can donate to this project by transferring SBD or STEEM to user steemit user @bania. Also, donations in Bitcoin and Bitshares will be much appreciated.

Bitcoin Address: 3NXcUJX4ifAAey4X5WGrwNUAW5HipRvmpc

Bitshares Address: bania19

All donations towards this project and post reward will be channelled at hiring a city planner and architectural designer that will draw the master plan of Bania D-City.

You can reach me on - bania
Discord - bania or use this link to join my private server



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Hey @bania. I confess I'm blown away. As I read this so many questions went through my mind and many were subsequently addressed by your post.

I'm not sure what Nigerian immigration law is like but one longer term prospect is to ultimately live and work here, something appealing for those around the world. I'd hope our two horses would find a home!

Raises interesting questions about animals. Livestock and productive animals would benefit a city's sustainability.

How about utilities? Power sewerage etc? This could be the kind of project I've been looking for and am keen to learn more about the fund raising, equity and ICO etc.

Great initiate and I've only scratched the surface with this reply. Please keep us up to date!


Thanks so much @nolnocluap for this wonderful contribution.

I'm not sure what Nigerian immigration law is like but one longer term prospect is to ultimately live and work here, something appealing for those around the world. I'd hope our two horses would find a home!

Yeah, my vision for this project is to actually make Nigeria a lovely place to visit and live in by foreigners and through that change the misconception the mainstream media has planted into the minds of people about my dear country. Nigeria immigration law is one of the most favorable in the world I think.

Raises interesting questions about animals. Livestock and productive animals would benefit a city's sustainability.

Once we are ready to draw our city master plan, we will prioritize and reserve green space for the grazing of animals and livestocks as much as we want to prioritize food production and energy generation.

How about utilities? Power sewerage etc?

As noted in this paper, this is not the master plan or whitepaper yet, but just a publication of my first thesis, so in the master plan or whitepaper, we hope to share the full plan on in this regard, but sure as a private developer we will be responsible for the building and construction of the major infrastructures of D-City.

This could be the kind of project I've been looking for and am keen to learn more about the fund raising, equity and ICO etc.

I promise to keep updating the steemit community as we unfold our plans and set for the fundraising.



Thank you for the comprehensive reply @bania. Almost can't sleep now waiting for more updates!



I won't sleep either


Thanks for sharing @bania
I need help can you help me @bania please.


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Hello @bania

This is a Project that is as amazing as the Mind that concieved it. In this present age, Wisdom is said to be the characteristic of old age.

But In you I have seen a young Man whose Mind carries a Wisdom that the normal Human being cannot comprehend.

Bania D-City Is an Idea whose time has Come, I am glad that you had the Courage to go along with your vision. And I admire you for It.

If the Arabs Could Build what made People come to Vacation In the Desert, then Bania D-city can be a reality.

You have my 100% support and I will help make this a reality every step of the Way.

Resteemed And Shared On Twitter.




Thanks so much boss, your contributions and inspiring advice has done a lot to keep me on track, and i am glad i met you on this platform.

Sure, we can make this happen and maybe set the record and also lay the foundation for something new in our world.

I feel like we are leading a revolution in a big industry


Hello @bania

I feel like we are leading a revolution in a big industry

I don't feel it. I know It

This Race of Excellence You have Started will cause a Revolution.




:) you make me believe more in myself


Iron Sharpeneth Iron Bro.




We need more people who think outside the box.


Hello @greenrun

Bania did not think Outside the box.

He thought as if there was no Box.



The project is very much doable. It is a sustainable project that could be done.


Lol, maybe I thought beside the box, just to find out there's no box

Hi @bania this is an awesome project
I can imagine us living a reality of this awesome blockchain project. Its going to be a revolution in our country.
God bless the intelligent brain behind this.



Yeah dear, Nigeria might end up benefiting more from this project than me :)


Might you say?? Will it is.
This is going to be a transformation and a ready made blockchain experience for generations to come.
I am proud of you and proud to be a nigerian
Well done.

Cool concept!

Nice output broff. Nothing is impossible. Start firm, people will support you because we all want to be identified with success.


Please keep a Theatre pavilion and a shopping mall for me.

It's your Blockchain Entertainer @michaelcj


Thanks for those nice words, i need them more


You got them buddy



First Crypto Theatre has been confirmed


Woo in action :)


Bania loved to see that post it's really something new for me to get deep inside into the crypto currency world


I'm glad you saw this and decide to use it to get deep with cryptocurrency

Congrats dude - you've put a ton of work into this and would be great to see it pay off!


Your contributions to this project is immense boss and I shared from your enthusiasm

Thanks for being a friendly mentor

Graphene and Cross-Laminated Timber! You've outdone yourself good sir. This deserves a techblogger special report. Lets get the word out and build the prototype asap!


Thanks boss, anything that announces this project to the world is my joy, i will reach you on discord

That's a great vision @bania. I support your idea and the level of research you have done on CLT.

Great vision Bania! Bulleth let me get a sneak peak at this proposal in development stages and I was shocked and amazed how beautiful it looked. Change the world indeed! Upvoted my friend.


Thanks so much boss

I got more ideas and more mature mind when I begin relating with you guys. Hope to learn more

An exceptional in-depth whitepaper dirctly from the heart and mind of a 19 year old.

More power to you!

I think Nigeria will be a big force for steemit in the future, this project is entirely possible from what I have seen so far.


I envision that too

Thanks @bleepcoin


Yeah, we can build the future we want


Hell ya we the future really

Wow this is so amazing! You do believe in yourself like everybody should! Don't let your dreams stay dreams, that would mean you don't really believe in them.
But nothing is impossible. Go out and tell it to the world! You did - great job.


This is inspiring @cryptoleen

Thanks so much for those encouraging and inspiring words, i will keep them with me forever

Great article, amazing rendering and we'll laid out research and information provided. Can't argue that is not an amazing idea and while I would love to see something like this happen and hopefully be a catalyst for many more like it to come, without some big-time whale support as well as the support of every future community member to be apart of making this a reality, it will only ever be just an amazing idea. I could love to be 1000%wrong but unfortunately these things tend to not make it very far.

I support you for that statement alone! :)

The project sounds like something that can really change the world for many people. Looking forward to this playing out.


Lol, Just trying to be honest boss, and thanks for your support thus far

so proud of you bro! i know @tj4real @mcsamm @xpency @kwakumax @richforever and @samset will want to see this!

wow and good use of minnowbooster!

how did you raise your minnowbooster daily limit so you could be getting such AMAZING ROI you spend like $80 and you get $165 minnowbooster payout PLUS the extra money you get from getting your posts up to trending!


Thanks boss @ackza

I didn't know that I forgot to inbox you the link to this post when i published it.

Minnowbooster has a new service they called "Whitelist", which they add verified quality content writers to in order to raise their limit and give them promotion to get to trending and hot.

I will inbox you on discord straight away

@bania when I say age is just a number, I meant it. For one to think of you as 19 is an underestimation of what you truly worth. And do you know your worth? You're worth more than human can value.

I don't have enough knowledge about this stuff to contribute if not I would have written a whole book for you.

Remember that no one would believe aeroplane would fly before the Wright brothers flew one. No one would have believed you will call someone in London from Nigeria without magic some centuries ago. No one would have believed that there will be something called the internet but here we have it today.

So many may not believe in you but you don't need them. Keep hope alive. I don't believe in the word "impossible." you can do it, just believe in you. Bania's D-city is one project I wish to soon see as reality.



Thanks so much @mr-aaron

The honest truth is that, people like you are rare to meet. From the first time you dropped your first comment on my post, I have respected your motivational energy that you are always transferred to others.

I appreciate the time you took to write this comment to encourage and inspire me.

Thanks a lot


You're welcome bro.
I guess it takes less energy to be genuine and much more to fake things. You are limitless!

This is really a nice start dear! please stand firm and do not let anything discourage you...Yes circumstances will try to slow you down but just keep moving no matter how slow. You are just so amazing. Congrats already.


Thanks @prettycynthia

I will not take your words for granted and I will work hard until I become the definition of boldness + big dreams.


I believe dear! May the Lord be your strength.

i still dont know were to start from, first of all @bania you have done awesomely well. Your words are on point and i must say, brother am rightly in support of this. The word impossible is just a mere terms. I believe everything can be achieved if we put on a possible mindset like as i said earlier, am still glancing through this post and it has won my heart 100%. Our Government is bad now is the time to decentralise ourselves from them. Bania D city must stand, crypto city must stand and we must stand. The passion is already on, the dream must be achieved. thanks for this.


Thanks for your rugged belief in my vision and project bro, people like you inspire me to believe more in myself. Yes, we can do this and we will do this

Hello @BANIA, You are truly a visionary with a wide vantage of hope that welcomes limitless possibilities for this generation and many to come.

It's an honor to accidentally run across your Posting today! Cheers

P.S. Very soon many shall be calling you Boss....and I believe in the most endearing, loyal and faithful of ways. "Your" Dream will become "Our" Dream. Keep Steeming the Dreaming.


I've Up-Voted for Inspiration, Big Thinking, Encouragement, and Utter Dopeness....will continue to Follow you young Sir.


Thanks so much for your words of encouragement and inspiration.

Checked out your blog, but you've no post yet, I'm following you already

The project is big, but while dreaming why dream small? Ideas are everything, what you think you become. I'm particularly fascinated with the city plan to use renewable energy, and as a renewable/green energy fan I think it's a worthwhile project. WiFi hot-spot could help reduce the present hardship experienced on data currently in Nigeria.

Great project which I'm happy to see executed. I always tell people that cared to listen that steemit is much more than steem and SBD!



Yeah boss

Steem is a lot of things in different things, we need an open mind to see beyond SBD and STEEM.

Thanks for your support and contribution boss


If you need an amateur opinion on solar projects, do not hesitate to chat me up. I'm a green energy freak :)


I will reach out to you boss


No problem

Very smart buddie, you always amaze me with your brilliance.

Please consider using a #growth-idea and follow the community liaison @andrarchy model Crowdsourced Marketing Protocol: Ideas, Proposals, Projects of a crowdfunded project proposal, this sure seems a future oriented and a good investment for you and the Country!


Thanks for the great insight @oluwoleolaide

I will be doing that right away

This is some balls bro! Trust I am particularly positive about this massive project of yours. I am already seeing it become a reality. Can't believe someone this young can conceive such an amazing mind as this. I pray thee more grace bro. Post resteemed.


Thanks for those nice words bro


Grace fall on u bro

Hello @bania

Going through the thesis of this post, initially I thought it would be impossible to achieve this feat but you have proven that it is highly possible not only to achieve this but to surpass the set limit, if any, through providing logical arguement backed by facts and data.

This is huge, of course, but there is no limit to what a determined mind can achieve!

I have also learned something I hitherto don't know. The fact that woods can be used to construct multi story building has been unknown to me until now. Indeed, there is no other platform as much educative as steemit.

This is also my first time of visiting your page, thanks to @ogochukwu of @bluewave project who told not to miss reading this masterpiece.

I wish you success on this project.

God bless you



One of the interesting contributions on this trend @eurogee

It's amazing the numerous things we get exposed to on steemit that we might not get to know living our normal lives in the reality and on facebook.

Thanks for visiting my blog, reading this post and stopping by

Never thought I would say this, but I would definitely consider moving to this city in Africa.


I would be glad to have you on board @gniksivart

Thanks for sharing in my vision

Calling @originalworks :)
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Wow... this is amazing. And you are a genius MashaAllah. Upvoted and Resteemed.


Welcome and thanks

I love this bold idea of a Steemit village or city, and I don't want to discourage you, but I'm not sure if your country is the best place to realize such a magnificent dream. Here are some questions and comments:

(1) Climate: Most of Nigeria experiences monsoon rains (light blue area).

Nigeria map of Köppen climate classification, CC—BY-SA Ali Zifan

The tall wooden buildings you used as examples are located in much drier areas, such as Stockholm and London, where constant heat and high humidity are less of a problem. Wood is an organic material that is susceptible to infestation by other living things, such as mold and insects. True, wood can be pretreated, but such chemicals create health and environmental problems.

*(2) Energy Consumption and Storage: Wifi is currently very fashionable, but it has been linked to health problems that are underreported in the mass media (vested interests). Ethernet seems like a less energy-intensive and safer way to go. Being close to the equator, Nigeria has plenty of sunlight, but what about when there is no sunlight (at night or when it rains)? Battery manufacturing, storage capacity and environmentally-friendly disposal pose serious problems. What are your suggestions?

Religious and Ethnic map of Nigeria, CC—BY-SA Khiram

(3) Political Problems: Based on my limited knowledge of recent Nigerian history (the sad story of Biafra [] and the even sadder story of Boko Haram []), Northern Nigeria is a very improbable place for a Steemit village. Thus, the small Igbo area is most likely to accept such a bold new idea. Is this where you hope to build your village?

Wow this is elaborate. You have a very intelligent and brilliant mind. So proud to see my fellow Nigerian making waves. Well done.


Welcome and thank you @yomibolo

  ·  3년 전

Not only a beautiful project but a useful one too.

This is an absolutely amazing concept you have here my brother!

As someone who has been in the Home Building trade for 15 years and also in the Crypto-Currency world for around 6 years, I would LOVE to be a part of this!

I was planning a backpacking tour this summer of 2018 but I will totally throw that away to have the opertunety to work with you on this project Even as a volunteer.


Wow, I'm glad to hear this sir @spreadthetruth. Could you contact me privately over discord so we could discuss how we will work together?

If you are yet to join discord, use this invite link to get on board

i appreciate your imaginations.every picture of D-city is representing your hard work.To build such a wonderful city you need a good team of builders. You had made a good planning for the D -city.i hope that many people are interested in your plan.


I hope so too

Thanks for your nice words @ansari222


Looks great! The concept is


Yeah, let's hope we can do this

What an idea Sir ji. Very beautiful structures made with wood timber. Doing great buddy. Love Freedom Love Blockchain


Yeah man, blockchain is freedom and freedom is blockchain :)

Thanks to post

“In god we trust” 👎

“In math we trust” 👍

Keep striving! All the hard work and dedication will pay off! You have full community support 😄 resteemed and upvoted 🙌🏼

Hi @bania, i hope your planning to study architecture! Such ambition! Good luck with the project!


Lol, I've got too much interest and there are many things I would love to study in school but I study more with google and youtube than any schoool can teach me and it's free and flexible :)

je vous suait une bonne continuation

Wow good post

an interesting idea

My god is this a beauty... One day, I might talk to you in the main city square. I want to ask you, what about waste and wastewater management? I think you should look into permacultural solutions (the problem is the solution). Keep steeming, keep building! <3


Oh, I gladly wait for that day when we can both scroll down in one of D-City skyscraper and discuss this day and this paricular comment.

Waste and water management will have a part (like a subtitle) in the master plan of D-City so we can dedicate that to discussing our solutions

Jesus! Did i just read right? Its like nothing i ever heard before, my! This is big, i cant even begin to comprehend.


:) It takes time to comprehend for everyone with no previous experience in all these jargon stuff I mentioned

Thanks for reading bro


Its not Jargon bro, you have realistic dreams i may not be able to help financially because im still little or less irrelevant. But in which ever way i can help dont forget to mention. You have been of help to me in the past. And believe me i will crowdsource your dreams, naija dont give up we thrive we surge ahead


No, you're not little or less irrelevant bro and there are many ways you can help with not only this project but also the world.

I will be reaching out to you later on discord

Thanks for stopping by


Of course @bania i will gladly help out if need be. And time comes, and as for discord i will be expectant.
Thank you for the audience

Super cool idea! I love the concept of startup cities and hope your dream comes to pass. Do be careful about the need for legibility in your city as you don't want a pretty city no one wants to live in (for reference on legibility see the book Seeing Like A State)


Thanks for your suggestion and recommendation, i will look into it

Amazing vision revealing much thought and research. Many look forward to living in this type environment. Thank you for sharing.

You have thought this out for sure. Have you considered integrating hempcrete into the project? Very sustainable and has many uses. I am a small contractor in the USA South Dakota would be interested in this project in some capacity.


Hello @andre-ager

Thanks for your contribution, I wasn't thinking and don't even know anything about "hempcrete" but as you mentioned it, I did some quick research and I was amazed at how it could compliment CLT as a building material and seeing that just like CLT, hemp absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere as it grows, retaining the carbon and releasing the oxygen.

Thanks for reaching out to me, and please how can I reach out to you?

Great initiate. Please keep us up to date. Thanks for sharing @bania


I will bro, thanks for your support

Great post! Hope you will follow me back @annenolte :)

  ·  3년 전

Let's not pretend you posted this on steemit and not elsewhere (medium) for all the good attention and connection that steemit brings. As far as connections go, I think you couldn't have posted it to a worse place. You posted this on steemit because of the money. No need to go around that.

I find the idea interesting. Undoable by you and now, but interesting. Are the images of the buildings real? I suppose not?

  • What's your time-frame on this. Do you've any?
  • How do you plan to keep people in the city, suggest them to work remotely?
  • You mentioned that smartphones would have "data collecting apps". What does that mean? You'll become data hungry, such as google/facebook, and sell that data to earn a profit to put back in the city? Could you talk a bit more on this please?

Hello @odd1

He posted it on Steemit because it is a place that houses a lot of great minds that can give him advice and you are clearly not one of them.

If you believe that the buildings are not real open Google and type "CLT" and hit enter.

If you believe that he made the post just to make money then make yours and make Money.




Epic reply, nothing more to say

  ·  3년 전

Thank you for not answering any of my questions.

What? Are you sure this is 19 @bania you're blowing my mind. You're way ahead of that age.

No wonder they say age is a number.

Your mind is bigger than you think @bania. Keep it up


Thanks bro @samstickkz

I believe reading books as helped a lot to reshape my mind

OMG I can't describe how it is awesome! I think Steem community would manage to do the same in the future)


Thanks, I hope so

Ein genialer und gut durchdachter Plan / gutes Projekt !
ob es wirklich so kommt ???
das Kann extrem gut oder auch in die Hose gehen!!

Wow, I'm just amazed by the reach of this idea, it hadn't occurred to me that a city could be ICO'ed it's amazing, I'm gonna keep track of this.


Yeah, pretty much, anything can happen with blockchain and cryptocurrency

Digital money semakin dicari

  ·  3년 전

beautiful buildings and amazing ! like your post , so great !



I really love this concept. Wishing you success.

Thank you for your information.
I found really awesome room and This is no ordinary pumping room.
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All this happened in one month. You'll see at


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This is really awesome...great idea!.. ..more grace to you!!!



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Hey @bania you rock for this post! I would like to start working on a similar aspect and I have a few connections in some of the necessary fields. Your idea indeed can become reality as there are many people across the world who would love a chance to take part in this sort of endeavor.

Id like to help you build the group that will build your dream.


Welcome @masterroshi

Would be nice to work with you, how can I reach you?


My telegram is @masterroshi991, That's the quickest way to reach me


I sent you a message on telegram already, do check it out

That's great

@heart0048 just upvoted & comment on your post. I think you will be back soon.

Good job

Very interesting post. I'm curious how the city's cryptocurrency will maintain value and/or be valued?


Through demand and supply

Live your dream, Bania :-). And if you manage, don't ignore the negative comments but use them as a resource of questions and remarks that when answered for, can only make your project stronger!
A lot to say, too much to read... So I limit myself to 3 remarks :) :

  • love the attention for sustainable (and so wonderful) materials like LTC;
  • you can contribute even more...and I think it fits in your use only legally harvested wood... of which the supply chain is monitored through blockchain :-). I'm currently gathering information on this issue. Let me know if you're interested!
  • maybe worth checking out: - dr. TIA Kansara has expertise on designing future cities. Who knows you may get her tempted to share you some advise :)

[Edit: added a third point]

wow...this is great news... :)
Hope its a huge success :)


I love the wood - the wood is very nice. Make sure the city is a sponge! Sponge cities take in water rather than just have the water hit the hard surface. Put plants on the roofs and in the streets, make pathways that direct water toward your parks, all of that! I love narrow streets too :)


Great input and ideas @bcvault, we will be looking into all that

Thanks a lot

a very good future project, hopefully be a reality in the next few years

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Hi Bania,
Interesting project !
Do you have enough sustainable forestry in the country ?


Yeah we do and why do you ask? Maybe you have idea or a better offer for us?


Hi Bania,

Sorry for coming back late on this but Steemit does unfortunately not provide notifications, so we have to check the account manually ...

I asked, because at the moment the avantgarde in city planning is discussing mainly about sustainability and best is to use mostly materials which are local and sustainable managed. CLT is using - toxic - glue which is made from petrochemicals which is not a very good idea. There are other traditional methods of using timber which are not harming the environment and human and other beings health.

I, myself @ThomasUK work in sustainable timber and city planning business with the following companies: and

Have a read and let me know if you have further questions - happy to help with your initiative.

this is glad to follow you


Thanks and welcome


good to see you share more love with us here on steemit

This is an outstanding project. I pray it sees the light of day.


They aint no doubt bout it "krypto" is the future


This is how we should think.

@bania well done


Thanks for those nice description of me @tojukaka

I appreciate

What an amazing project. It thrills me to see young people thinking outside the box and going with the attitude go big or go home. This incorporates so much and what a wonderful opportunity for your country. I wish you well and will support you as I am able. Upvoted and Resteemed


Thanks and welcome @gardengirlcanada

Yeah, it's either this project becomes a success or end up very successful, i can't imagine any other option again :)


Share that positivity, the World Needs more of it.

I have never doubted your Boldness and Courage Boss......Feel free to get me engaged when all this start to materialize. I Will always be on ground.


Thanks sir, I appreciate your support from day one

This is super amazing. Your visions, ideas and plans are not just awesome but challenging. Nigeria has got great people in it.


Yeah, sure the tasks ahead is challenging.

Thanks for reading and stopping by am dreaming..for real?..this is super beautiful @bania

I am a new Steemian. Thank you for the information!

Congratulations @bania!
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this is so intelligent, big and i dont even know what to say....conceiving this is a whole lot to start with but to conceive it in nigeria is!!! truth is you would face a lot of challenges, with the nigerian government, with the people's mentality, so many different things to frustrate you but i am confident that a mind that has conceived this can go through any of the challenges and scale through!!!


Thanks for this great and inspiring input @tolarnee

Yeah, the challenges ahead are enormous, but the good part of it is that, I'm married to this game and there's no room for divorce


And thats the spirit!!

best of luck

w o w ..g r e a t - p o s t... a m a z i n g - i n f o r m a t i o n...
w e l l - d o n e....


Que arquitectura tan esplendida, gracias por compartir este gran post , me dejo asombrado todos eso edificios tan espectaculares. Saludos!!

a great program
bania i am very amazed with your program i like theme. i am happy with you.

I like your post, I have followed you, Please follow me about heart expression poem, @teukurahmatpolem

  ·  3년 전

This is very interesting! I will follow for more updates and good luck.


Welcome and thanks

This is awesome. Nice work @bania

This is a huge project @bania. I must also add that you have a genius' mind. I cant think of the right adjective to classify you with. Hold on to this dream. I will follow you know and share this on twitter and other social media.


Thanks so much @hendeca8 for your support and contribution, I will be checking out your blog too and give you a follow

an impressive post and vision. Waiting to see the day you post "I built the Bania-D city and it's now fully operational" ...


My God

You make me visualizing the ending from the beginning.

Thanks for that encouraging contribution @roji.abraham

If we follow you, will you follow and support us too ? :)

This article is so loaded, i pray this idea comes to reality...
@bania, i wanna be one of the first dwellers of D-city


Hello @yanga

Thanks for your good wishes and prayer for me and my project, it will surely be nice to have you around much early when the D-City is LIVE

Great thinking @bania, and here i was thinking africans did not believe in the impossible. Boy have you proved me wrong. This is the kind of thinking the world needs today and i praise you for taking that chance. If you can think it , then you can do it. I will resteem this to my followers so they too can get to see the onset of this amazing world class project.

P.s i would like to take a screenshot of this initiative and share it on my IG and Fb account as part of a small initiative towards promoting steemit to my school. I know its not as big as Dcity but everyone has to do something right.
Thanks for sharing this info with us.


Hello @kwakumax

I'm so glad to see you say those nice words to me and already promoting my project in some unique ways. Do let me know about how your steemit promotional project goes and if there's any support i could help with.


I will surely let you know and i will also do my best to promote Bania Dcity

Hi @bania, this is an awesome and amazing idea which I believe with supports from other Nigerians, it will become a reality...



Hello @bekky

Yeah, with the support of everyone, it will become reality

This is wow!
You did a magnificent job dude, I'm proud of you.

Bania’s D-City: World’s First Cryptocurrency Powered Smart City Built with Cross Laminated Timber

All the way...


Welcome and thanks for stopping by @masterwriter

Honestly speaking this proposed project has me wow.. what a great and wise plan its will be possible @bania I know lot of resources will be needed to accomplish this but project.. it will be possible God grace.. proud of you.


Thanks bro,

I believe we will be doing this soon, very soon

very well thought out post with lots of detail. I can see that you have given a lot of thought and research on this. I have many questions about the project- but will not ask them all right now - I will read through the comments to see what you have already addressed first. Congrats on taking those first scary steps - but now you have proposed it to the universe and it can now manifest - if anyplace can make it happen - it will be a community like Steemit. Best of luck to you.!!


Thanks @jorlauski

It's already seven days since I made this plan known to the steemit community and we are planning another update today. Yeah, you are right that I have taken the first scary step and no regret so far, so believe with people like you support and we can both do this together

Such an amazing idea... Your work and dedication will pay off... Best wishes!

hi @bania, I like it this post

You have some awesome ideas andhave thought them through well. Ive bookmarked this post and am looking forward to following yourprogress


Thanks @ligayagardener

I'm glad you discovered and like my project, and thanks for following

hy @bania plz help me to grow my account


You really want to grow your account?

Nice post, nice project

What a fine post! Building an entire city out of would will be a tremendous achievement. Not only is it environmentally sustainable, but wood is always so beautiful, whether it's inside or outside.

Best of luck!

I cannot even begin to imagine, your idea is just awesome and as a person who is keen on sustainability it can be a reality not just a dream or concept, we will resteem it until it gets noticed by the right people, we gotch u bro!

GREAT IDEA something similar is our idea too - but consider the down side.... see my posts on why we should be awake to the underlying results of all this -

Good post i like it